April 29, 2010

R.L. Stine vs. Iceland Volcano

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RlstineYou know I love writing scary stories. But I don’t like it when the scary stories happen to ME!

My wife Jane and I went to London for a short vacation that turned out to be longer than we planned. Yes, the Iceland volcano erupted, the airports all closed, and we were stranded in London for days.
Not a bad place to be stranded. But the idea of not being able to go home when we wanted was very scary.

So, now I’m finally home and getting excited about the Summer Challenge Ultimate Author Showdown Webcast. Having faced down a spewing volcano, I’m ready to face down the other contestants. I’m ready to face the unexpected and unpredictable. Bring it on!

WHEN: Friday, April 30th, 2010 at 1:00pm (ET)/10:00am (PT)

  • Christopher Paul Curtis, author of Elijah of Buxton, Bud Not Buddy, and The Watsons Go to Birmingham.
  • Gordon Korman, author of The 39 Clues: One False Note, Swindle, and Zoobreak
  • Lisa Yee, author of Millicent Min, Girl Genius, and Stanford Wong Flunks Big Time
  • and me, R.L. Stine

I’ll be there. Will you?

— R. L. Stine, Goosebumps Author

  1. blake m


  2. eunice

    this story was letting your imagination work out…the ending was totally far from what you expected it to be…i really like most the vampire breath bcoz who would ever thought that freddy was also a vampire and the vampire is his grandfather itself..hahaha.i really love it.hope to have more power to GOOSEBUMPS STORIES AND TO MR.ROBERT LAWRENCE STINE..HAHA

  3. nh

    whoah..!!this story was really amazing..it was like i was part or i am one of the character on the story…totally awesome..keep it up!!

  4. codfan12

    ok goosebumps are a great book but somtime u should read somthing else like alex rider

  5. camoshark896

    i like goosebumps.I saw the iceland volcano on t.v.it had a lot f smoke.p.s.im wearing my TAPOUT UFC (rated T) shirt!

  6. gooberninja

    my baseball coach was stuck in Paris for a week and we were all like; “Oh no, you were stuck in Paris, u really suffered”

  7. one step closer

    beep beep beep
    rick this is crazy
    its like habbo without
    people and avarts
    its awesome and cool rick

  8. scaryperson


  9. YGN!

    I IS DA NUMBA UNO FAN! O’ GOOSEBUMPS! so there. i would very much enjoy if the television series came back to the schedule more often. big fan no doubt.

  10. Jules

    I luv Goosebumps! I read all of them. Will u keep riting them? I hope u will. my class wached the Ultimate Summer Showdown. Hope 2 C U Nxt year!

  11. Jules

    I luv Goosebumps! I read all of them. Will u keep on writing more? I hope u do. My school watched the Ultimate summer smackdown. It was great. Hope to c u nxt year!

  12. devsworld

    OMG R.L.Stine you are amazing I read all your Goosebumps Horrorland books I would say their better than the origanal books

  13. eduardop

    i just cant wait to see it i heard it is sooooooooooooooooo awesoooooome i will be the judge of that!

  14. Pinky Gigglepants

    I think his books are funny, and sometimes, they give me the shills. My brother “likes” the one with the rabbit that has the red eyes. At least, I think that’s what it is… But anyway, it says it gives him nightmares. So we make fun of him, by putting it on his bed at night, and scaring him when he wakes up in the morning.

  15. liz22101

    OMG! U had the vlcano xpirence?! thas so awesom! (and sad) glad ur okay thou! keep riting.

  16. LibrarianVei

    I liked the webcast. You authors are awesome READERS as well as writers! I can’t BELIEVE you pulled such a mean trick on Lisa Yee. You are the best and she is a great sport. The audience and classroom safety lines were fabuloso!!
    Do another trivia!!!!

  17. jjssgg12

    wow i love your books im A VERRY BIG FAN OF YOU that is scary being not where you wanna be my favorite book of yours is the midnight scarecrow one its so scary all of them are i have the mummy movie of yours

  18. shaquita

    i feel really bad that you where stuck in loden when that valcano arupted well im glad you are back so mae some more books and keep on wrighting

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