November 21, 2011

Rewrite the Ending Writing Prompt

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Writingprompt_bookWrite On! Change the End of Your Favorite Book

This week’s Write On! Writing Prompt is a good one. It comes to us from Robyn who asks:

If you had to change the end of your favorite book, how would you change it?

Wow, right? Mostly, I wouldn’t. I love how my faves end – Harry Potter, Twilight (for ages 12 and up), The Hunger Games (for ages 12 and up), Diary of a Wimpy Kid. But if I had to . . . (Twist my arm, Robyn!) I might change The Hunger Games series.

SPOILER ALERT!! Do not read the rest of this post unless you have finished reading Mockingjay!

I would not let Prim die. I wouldn’t turn Gale into such a villain, so the choice between Gale and Peeta would be harder.

But that’s just me! Drop a line, and let Robyn know how you would change the ending of your favorite book.

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. bookwormgirl45

    Well i wouldn’t change the ending of any book but i’d like to add on a bit in the ending of the son of neptune it ends a bit too soon so i’ll end it only when they have landed and then after the reaction of campers is over and they are about to make plans for the quest

  2. werewolfcat5

    I wouldn’t change any endings to books.That would just,well,authors did a lot of work to make a book so I wouldn’t want to change any endings.

  3. lightsong1

    I would have let Sirus and Dumbledore live.

  4. bluebanana100

    In the name of this book is secret, Cass and max Ernest get a letter from the magincan. WHY DID HE USE HIS INNITALS?! I thought is was the author!
    by the way, when is the secret series going to became a movie?

  5. dolphinbrain37


  6. Ley56

    I wouldn’t leave it at Tobias and Rachel kissing. What fun would that be? It needs more action and yes this is going to be mean but Tobias needs to almost die just one more time. So I would have it that they were flying and Tobias got attacked by a red-tailed hawk and dun dun dun it was David! That would make a good cliffhanger and a good next book!

  7. Onyxfairy5

    In eclipse i wouldnt let her kiss jacob and in breaking dawn i wouldnt want jacob to b with renesme

  8. catchingopal3

    I would have Prim live to smile another day…
    I would have Gale learn that there are times when you have to let go of the people you love…
    I would have Haymitch have a second chance at life…
    I would give Finnick Odair another chance to hold Annie Cresta and see his only son…
    I would give Katniss’s father another chance to roam the woods…
    I would have Snow’s grand-daughter in the Games.
    Because until Panem learns that children shouldn’t be blamed for their fore-fathers’ crimes, they’ll find themselves deeper in the deception.
    That’s me being deep :)

  9. Ley56

    We flew the two of us. Together two birds of prey. The edvents of before excaped my mind. As I flew as free as ever. Me, Rachel and the sky.
    Animorphs 33 The Illusion

  10. cookie love turky

    I would want voldomort to give up when Harry found the Diadem so no one dies.. Poor Fred. (Harry potter)

  11. Hayley

    My favorite book is The Frost Bite. Don’t get me wrong but it is a good book. But there is a lot that I would change about it. Like if I were able to change something in it I would make it to where there is more vampires in the book. But other wise I would make it to where they would describe all of the vampires more.

  12. aquabrownie115

    i dont know why but i am very fond of Captain Underpants series and all those other is awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. Amandapanda2001

    In Allie Finkle, I would make all of her enemies move to the same school as her and see how it would turn out.

  14. HPFRK4LF!

    OMG yes! I wud so let fred lupin sirius lavendar brown tonks live. and i could even make the exception of letting snape live. But i all wouldve wanted them to live!!!! I also wanted Dumbledore to live!!! i totally love fred and george weasley!!!

  15. Robyn

    Lord of the Rings– Frodo wouldn’t leave and one of Sam’s kids would grow up and go on an adventure. Of course, LOTR is very long as it is.

  16. whirlwindblue2

    In the book “Mockingjay” I would have let Prim live and even though it was in the middle and not the end, have never let Peeta get hijacked by the tracker jackers! I love Peeta!

  17. Striksette

    I think in Mockingjay, the whole capitol deal was a little out of hand, but the first two are my all tme favorite books! I would have Katniss choose Gale instead of Peeta because Gale has been her friend all along, and if it weren’t for the Hunger Games, Peeta and Katniss probably wouldn’t know each other.

  18. purplefashion22

    well, what i would do first is to rewrite it over .the second thing i would do is to figure out what i would for the end.

  19. nikeria

    What i wolud do to change the end of my book to make it more fantsy or more likely spice i would spice it up with words that i Know people would love such as “extrodinary” so that when they finish reading they can tell their other friends that, “that was a good book you should read it somtimes” Thats how i would spice my boo up.

  20. Silverstormhermioneannabethkatniss

    I would definitely not let Prim die and I would like to see some Gale action to know what exactly happened to him. I would also not have wanted Finnick to die. He was so sweet!! Not that I would’ve wanted Katniss to marry him, that just seems so wrong!!!!! My friends think The Hunger Games is sooooooooooo violent!!!! And I suppose it is. I’m only in 5th grade and my grades are very good. But anyway, HAPPY ENDINGS!!!!!!

  21. soccermvp

    I would not have let Dumbledore die. I also would have made Voldemort appear in that scene too.

  22. BlackBlack1877

    There is this girl and she is mean.This the stuff she says “Loser,ugley,talk to the hand,and cuss words wat do i do?

  23. Fulafuj

    Hello! Anybody going to comment about writing prompts. Well if you are going to comment about writing prompts please start now.

  24. Aubrey

    My favorite books are the Diary of a Wimpy Kid. But I like them so much, I wouldn’t change a thing. But, I just finished the new one, Cabin Fever, and I wish they would tell what happens after he catches the bad guy (its himself, he did it for the publicity.).Like,did he get a reward? What happened? I don’t wanna waste it to the people who haven’t read it so, thanks!

  25. Gohper111

    I would allow Cato from The Hunger Games to live. He seemed to me like a pretty decent guy. And I would’ve let Thresh live. He was cool :p

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