September 8, 2013

Resue Princesses: The Moonlight Mystery

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Rescue Princesses: The Moonlight Mystery book coverRescue Princesses: The Moonlight Mystery

Time for Rescue Princesses outtakes! In this scene from The Moonlight Mystery, exclusively here on Inksplot, Princess Lulu plays with her lion cub, Tufty, for the first time.

My First Morning With Tufty

When I woke up this morning something was tickling my nose. I could see golden fur lying next to me on my pillow and for a second I wondered if I was still dreaming. Then I remembered who it was: Tufty! I’d found him all alone in the grasslands yesterday. He’s the cutest little lion cub I’ve ever seen.

I gently moved him sideways so that I could sit up. I couldn’t help grinning. I’d never had a sleepover with a lion cub before! Tufty was wide awake. He jumped on to my lap and nuzzled my hand, so I scratched him between the ears to make him purr. Then I told him all about the other princesses.

Tufty scrambled away to explore the rest of my room. I was so excited about having him here that I did a forward roll along my bed. That made Tufty excited, too! He tried to climb up the curtains and I had to run over to catch him. Then there was a knock at the door and my mom asked me why there was so much noise. Luckily she believed me when I said it was just me doing gymnastics again. I can’t wait until the other girls meet Tufty!

Want to meet the other Rescue Princesses and their pets? Meet Jaminta from The Stolen Crystals, Clarabel from The Wishing Pearl, and Emily from The Secret Promise.

  1. bernilys

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  2. the one eyed reader

    what kind of stuff do you read and do you read to someone in bed like a bed time storey

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