September 8, 2013

Rescue Princesses: The Stolen Crystals

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Wonder what happens to Princess Jaminta and her panda cub after the story ends? Read on to find out how they found one another again!

Class Trip to Cloud Mountain

I was so happy when our teacher told us we were going on a trip up Cloud Mountain today. We’re going to study the different animals that live there. I knew who I was going to look for—Lucky, the baby panda!

When we got to the mountain, we walked up the mountain in pairs. I was the near the back, chatting with my friends. We all jumped as a bamboo tree right next to us started to shake. The teacher hurried over and we saw a large panda sitting under the tree, chewing on bamboo.

After a few minutes, the big panda lumbered away. We were just about to continue climbing up the mountain. Then something amazing happened—Lucky came galloping through the trees. He skipped right up to me and I knelt down to let him sniff my hand. He’s such a friendly little guy!

As I pet Lucky, I told my class all about him and how I’d been watching him grow up since the springtime. They think it’s awesome that I know him so well. They joked that I should be the one called Lucky! At last it was time to go back to school. I stroked Lucky’s soft ears as I said goodbye. I’ll go back up the mountainside to see him really soon!

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  1. citythoutful13

    Well of course thall have a mission I know because I read the other books that I got from the book fair last year there was three in a pack and there’s 4 in a season and there’s like 50 seasons they allways have a misson together even thow they live in different catsels they allways find a way to get to gether

  2. citythoutful13

    Luckys a panda in the pitcher she’s holding a panda not a dog and it seys lucky climed down from the tree and sniffed jementas hand. I know your brobaly think I’m being mean but I’m just tring to give you advise and telling you what the answer to your qwashton sorry if I was mean to you wink;)

  3. milanie

    will they have a mison and come back here to rescue the princesses and their pets

  4. athleteafternoon19

    This book looks really inturesting. But I don’t know how to read it on stacks. Can you read it on stacks? If you can please tell me how. If you can’t read it on stacks please tell me.

  5. artcake474

    this was a great stoy when they went on a field trip she saw a panda inthe summer she went and saw it again

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  8. danielle


  9. jaminta,and the teacher,and her friends.

    This story is about jaminta and jaminta was happy because her teacher say will go to the trlp up cloud mauntain today and say the teacher study of different taps of animals will study and the teacher go up of the mauntain and the students go up equal the teacher
    and in the story say something was amazing in the trip and in the story say when is time to go to the school and she say goodbye.

  10. kittycat 04

    really the same thing happened to me .
    I don’t like fantasy anymore but I do like realistic fiction. But one question can’t you just do it and read it

  11. lily

    cant you tell us more about the story and also give us a summery of the story.
    I really liked what you did but you should really add some more

  12. LS

    The cover looks good. I would read it but it looks like a book i would have read in 2nd grade. I would like to read it but I cant read that type of book they just don’t make me want to read more. I used to like fantasy now i only like realistic fiction. :) :0

  13. venusmystery7

    sounds pretty good not my type but i am ready to read any book i can read. it is getting pretty boring at home sitting on MY computer playing stuff. I need my books.Literally,I NEED MY BOOKS!

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