May 28, 2014

Rescue Princess Basics

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Rescue Princesses book 5Ever wonder what it’s like to be a Rescue Princess? Here are the basics you need to know!

To be a Rescue Princess . . .  Make a secret promise with your fellow princesses to always help animals in trouble. Animal lovers and good secret keepers are the two most important qualities in a Rescue Princess!

Necessary Bling: Heart-Shaped Rings
Invented by Princess Jaminta when the Rescue Princesses were founded, each Rescue Princess wears a sparkling jewel that enables her to call another princess for help! Jaminta shaped the jewels perfectly to bring out the magic inside them. Here’s a quick guide to who wears each stone from the start:

Now Announcing, The Mistberg Grand Ball!
The royal event of the year! The purpose is for young princes and princesses, age nine or older, to present themselves to the twenty royal families from around the world. Advice from Princess Emily’s mother from Book #1: The Secret Promise: “The point is to arrive in royal style.” And don’t forget, “All young princesses must know the correct manners for the Grand Ball!” Don’t forget to practice your best dance moves!

Ninja Training 101
Rescue Princesses don’t sit around all day – they’re right in the middle of the action! Here are some key pointers on Rescue Princess ninja training from Book #2: The Wishing Pearl:

  • Blend in with your surroundings.
  • Wait for the right time to move.
  • Practice your balance and acrobatics.
  • Be ready for anything.
  • Remember that there is always so much more to learn!

Royal Academy for Princesses
Even Rescue Princesses go to school, and sometimes they pass the torch onto other girls who are brave and kind enough to fulfill their duties! The princesses grow and often even change, but the adventures are just as dangerous and magical as ever. Thanks to little sisters, new friends, and determination, the Rescue Princesses live on and continue to save animals all over the world, from snow leopards to koalas!

Other important things to remember:

  • Avoid royalty that disapproves of “inappropriate princess behavior” like chasing, jumping, swinging. . .  the list goes on. After all, adventure calls!
  • Be nice to Princes named Olaf, like Princess Lulu learns the hard way in Book #3: The Moonlight Mystery.
  • Pick a favorite tiara to wear in case you have to attend a royal banquet.
  • Sometimes you have to get competitive – even with other Rescue Princesses! Start practicing for the Royal Regatta, a sailboat race that all twenty royal families from around the world take part in. Read more about it in Book #2: The Wishing Pearl.
  • If you need just a little powerful magic (not enough to turn a frog into a prince or a pumpkin into a carriage), visit the Silver River at sunrise in the kingdom of Onica like in Book #4: The Stolen Crystals.
  • Be sure to include new friends along the way, like Princess Freya from Northernland in Book #5: The Snow Jewel.

Read ALL the Rescue Princesses books for the full rundown on life as a Rescue Princess — and SHHH! Remember to keep it a secret!

  1. Kristal

    I don’t know how to start reading the books, I’m confused and do I have to pay to read or what? HELP PLEASE!!!

  2. JANEL

    Hi, i part of the summer challenge, but I don’t know how to start reading a book or timing. Please help Do I have to pay?

  3. Taylor

    This book is okay. It has it’s good and bad parts about it. The good parts are about the princesses. Even though I’m not the princess type, my six-year-old sister is. When I read the book to her, she loved it. But I’m eleven-years-old so I don’t really think it’s the best book for my age-group. Anyway, it’s a good book, and I’m not about to go on and on about some princess baby book.

  4. Jennie S

    I never read the book but i see the front of the book and it is really cute and adorable and i like the front of it.

  5. chihuahuablue820

    OMG its a very intrasting book but im not good saving secrets just kidding cool book ever read want to read moooooore

  6. PurpleBird1225

    I have all the books except that one maybe my friend appleCupid12 told you that i dont know?

  7. Kalin

    Will somebody tell me how I work on scholastic STACKS? Should I get an account?

  8. Kalin

    I really want to read this series. I am thankful for it because I have already read all the books in the library. :)

  9. Joyce

    I have no idea what I’m suppose to do on this. What do u get anyway. Oh well I’ll just do what whatever I can but can anyone help me out? Thanks!

  10. pinkmermaid645

    Yeah sure new person. Since i do NOT know wut u need help with I will tell u random stuff about scholastic. Scholastic is a thing for 8,,9,10,11&12 year olds 2 play. 2 do other stuff all u gotta do is click on stuff & soon u will know how a lot of stuff works on scholastic

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    you should make an american girl doll so i can have one for my self please and thank you for reading this comment i really aprishiate it thank you .

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