August 6, 2013

Record-Breaking Trivia Quiz

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Record-Breaking Trivia Quiz

Biggest, smallest, tallest, fastest. For today’s Trivia Tuesday we are taking a look at some of the world’s top record holders. Can you guess the answers to our Record-Breaking Trivia Quiz? Ready? Go!

  1. The tallest building in the world is the Burj Khalifa. What country is it in?
  2. The world’s oldest living man is how old? A) 103 years B) 112 years C) 118 years
  3. What’s the fastest someone has ever run 1 mile?
  4. Which is the longest river in the world? A) Nile B) Amazon C) Mississippi D) Yangtze
  5. The world’s shortest person is about how tall? A) 30 cm (1 foot tall) B) 54 cm (just under 2 feet) C) 98 cm
  6. Where is the world’s largest swimming pool? A) Disney World B) Chile C) Australia
  7. Where is the world’s tallest roller coaster? A) Disney World B) Busch Gardens, Virginia C) Nagasima Spa Land, Japan D) Six Flags Great Adventure, New Jersey
  8. Which city has the most skyscrapers over 500 feet tall? A) New York B) Hong Kong C) Chicago D) Tokyo

Let us know your guesses in the Comments below, and check back next week for answers!

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

  1. basketballmaster8

    1. united arab something
    2. 112 years
    3. 3 min. 43 sec
    4. A The Nile
    5. B
    6. Chile
    7. Six Flags
    8. New York

  2. bluearms268

    the fastest someone can run is 2 miles
    the longest river mississppi
    the worlds smallest person is 1 foot tall
    the worlds biggest pool is at disney world
    the city that has most sckyscrappes is chicago

  3. magentalavender27

    1 united arab emirates
    2 112 yrs old
    3 3:40.11
    4 Nile river
    5 54 cm
    6 chile
    7 nagasima spa land, japan
    8 hong kong

  4. Danielle

    pretty sure you looked these up… unless you are some kind of freak android person… COOL. just kidding i know ur not and android… maybe

  5. Danielle

    1.UAE (United Arab Emirates)
    3. 3 min 46sec?
    4. Nile
    5. B) 54 cm
    6. Chile (thx iFunny)
    7. C. Japan?
    8. Hong Kong?

  6. boredpanda11

    1 United Arab Emirates
    2 118 years old
    3 3:43.13
    4 Nile
    5 54cm
    6 Australia
    7 Nagasima Spa Land, Japan
    8 Hong Kong

  7. First Name Only or STACKS username

    united Arab emirates
    118 years old
    Hong Kong

  8. butterflybreeze78

    WHOA! your getting wild but I think the longest river is the Nile river is the longest Ha Ha Ha guessed it!

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