March 23, 2014

Reading Bingo

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Reading BingoAnnouncing Reading Bingo!

I’m sure you all know the game Bingo, where you have a card and someone yells out numbers like, “B-53!” If you have that number on your card, you get to cross it off. Well, beginning Monday, April 21 through Friday, April 25, you can participate in STACKS Reading Bingo. Instead of numbers, we will be calling out book titles. If you have read that book, then you can cross it off your card. Keep reading for the instructions that tell you how to play . . . 

 How to Play
Reading Bingo card

  • Print out the STACKS Reading Bingo card.
  • If you have read a book that fits in a space, then write the title of the book in that space on your card.
  • When you have marked five spaces in a row, you get to shout, “BINGO!!”  in the Comments.

The key to winning STACKS Reading Bingo is to read as many books as possible. You can find book suggestions in the Books of the Month book word clouds. You can get a head start by reading those books!

To sign up for Reading Bingo, visit the Reading Buzz Board and enter your screen name. (You need to be a STACKS member to sign up, but it’s free and easy to join. If you are not already a STACKS member, SIGN UP now!)

  1. kayanna

    i would really like to the play this game it has two of my favorite things bingo and reading LOL

  2. What?????????????????/

    what the heck I thought it was a game but instead it`s a reading thing

  3. morganne

    i think playing bingo is fun and i like reading so it would be fun if there were a reading bingo.

  4. dolphinyellow186


  5. dolphinyellow186


  6. dolphinfairy896

    I’m going to do it but I’m not allowed to go on the message boards. So I’ll sign up right here! I’m going to do it!

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