April 23, 2014

Reading Bingo Book Clue 14

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Reading BingoReading Bingo Day 3 Continues!

Today’s game of Reading Bingo continues with another book clue. Did you get the H-shape on your bingo card filled in?

Book clue 14 is . . . .
Holes book cover

Holes by Louis Sachar

If you have read this book, then choose the Bingo square it fits in and write in the title.

Remember, book clues 123456789, 101112, and 13 count for today’s game, so you can fill those in plus today’s new book clue. There will be one more book clue hidden on the Stack Back Message Board today. Go see if you can find it!

If you got it, then yell BINGO! in the Comments. If not, come back for more book clues and a new way to win tomorrow morning.

image from kids.scholastic.com— Sonja, STACKS Staffer