August 11, 2014

Reader's Bill of Rights

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Writing Prompt: Fight for Your Reader Rights!

Reading is one of your passions. You could get lost in a good book for hours, or finish a series within days. You are a bona-fide, certified, qualified READER. But sometimes you run into problems . . . like the library is not open on Sundays in the summer . . . or it’s always too noisy with siblings running around your house. Well, we are writing a Reader’s Bill of Rights, so now’s your chance to state your demands to make it easier for you to be a reader.readerrights

  • Article 1: Quiet time
  • Article 2: Free access to any library in the world
  • Article 3: Libraries open on Sundays

What rights do you think readers should have? Tell us your list of rights in the Comments below, and we will create a complete STACKS Reader’s Bill of Rights for you.

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

  1. courtney

    That is so true people should value the treasured literature tthey have. I can’t read a book on an ebook or nook just can’t. Love books and respect the ones who don’t like to read. We all have different hobbies.

  2. AwesomeGoddess

    I think that they should never stop having real books. I hate it when they replace a real book with an ebook or nook.

  3. purplecrest34

    OMG! Please create one that you can print out! Umm. The ability for full access to the pantry when reading, It makes you hungry. Also, if anyone bothers you then they have go outside and scream I love books!

  4. cj

    Libraries should have all the books. Also, they should let people check out e-reade, kindles, and nooks.

  5. laney c

    ihave just read the aricle1 and i learne…..that reader’s bill of rights is a articrle and it said that BY………….,.

  6. First Name Only or STACKS username

    i have a cute dog just like it but my hase the same coler as this one but cuter then this

  7. Holli

    i think readers should enjoy any book they like there is alot of people out there that like reading and enjoy alot of books.

  8. kaelyn l

    the library should have more new book beause if we did not have book`s what would we do with out them we would not be here today so library`s should have more book than ever beause book can teach u things like math, science an reading that is alot of thing that can help us stay smart in school schools are grate i love school so much beause it has books beause books seem not cool but they leran u alot of things but we shoud bee happy about it some of them are cool book`s yeah they are cool book`s

  9. kelli

    books can teach us good life leasons im so glad people read some book teach you stuff like science, math, reading,and writting some book’s are scary,funny,mystery

  10. dramaqueen56

    I think that the following should be in the reader’s rights
    1. A kid can have as many books as she /he wants.
    2.parents have to buy the kids as many books as they want.
    3.Every school should have a book club.

  11. Daniel C

    Readers should have rights of writing their own book for an inspireation for other books.Its illegal to copy somebodys book but some people wants to.It would be cool if you guys would make something to make a story about your favorite book but has some different stuff then the ornigal book.My favorite book is Holes so I wanna make a kindave like a different version of the book.One day

  12. kayse

    i agree with that i have the same problom and i am working on the nosie but i just cant find out what to do with that every year i do a summer reading program i always try to improve my goal and every year i get better and better a lirbrary is one of the best places i know to read but i am not in ove with reading it is a goal or project to do when your bored or just insane about reading

  13. Callie R

    In my opinon i think good readers should have quiet time to there selfs because,when you read you are most likely to get more information into your brain . So you learn things you don’t know and you also refresh your brain.Also my opinon is little or older siblings should stay out of the persons room or at least be quiet in the area I am reading.It is very rude for someone to make a nosie that bothers you.Thank you that is my opinon!

  14. Davis J

    Reading is my favorite subject. Reading makes your vocabulary expand and it makes you smarter.

  15. savannah m

    i think that i t was a good article
    i loves reading books exept when my parents say that i have to go to bed when i am in my favorite part of the book

  16. anthony

    I think people shoued read a book that they like at first then look for more like that so that way that there more people come evey day

  17. lefog

    i think everyone should have the right to read books so they can learn more and do better in school and reading books give you a better chance of passing school

  18. chattyindigo41 (Julia)

    Same, here! My Mom is strict and makes me read more than i need to. But when i show up at breakfast with a book, my Grandma tries to pull the book out of my hands, and i try to dodge. Then she yells “NO!”. And it usually turns into a war, and i get i trouble.
    Oh!-i am with you too!!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. camden

    some rights we should have are:free school all kids get to go to school free lunches at school free library checkouts librarys open longer

  20. Cade

    Readers should have the right to have acess to any library, I think it will be better because it will allow people to get many books making them happy.

  21. danielle

    Reader should have the rights to have access to every library in the world. i think that anybody could go to a library and get books.

  22. Racoonwave4

    I feel that if you are in the middle of a really good book, you should be left undisturbed until you either finish it or have a need to get up. Also, us readers should be allowed to choose out own books for school reading assignments.

  23. chattyindigo41

    Same, here, athenaconfident50! Whenever i show up for breakfast with a book, my Grandma always tries to take away my book by pulling it out of my hands, and i try to dodge her and then she yells “NO!” And it usually turns into a war.

  24. flynose19

    Of you WANT to stay up all night reading, your parents should let you! At least your not staying up all night watching TV and read make you smarter! WHO’S WITH ME!?!?!?!?!?

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