January 29, 2013

Reader Personality Quiz Results

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Trivia_quiz1Personality Quiz Results: What type of reader are you?

Last week, we asked you a bunch of random questions to find out what type of reader you are. This week the results will reveal your reader personality! Count up all your answers and see where you fit.

Mostly A’s: OMNIVORE
You read everything! Like the scientific Latin word (eating all things plants and animals to survive), you are a literary omnivore. From sci-fi to fantasy, drama to historical fiction, trendy series to offbeat authors, if it’s got a good hook, you’ll read it! You may go in spurts of reading one genre, and then take a break to read another. You may read several books simultaneously, and you may be caught late at night reading with a flashlight under the covers. You are the person everyone turns to for book recommendations, so wear your badge proudly: a true Book Omnivore.

Mostly B’s: FAN READER
You love the latest popular series! You have your finger on the pulse of what’s hot now. You pick an author or series and become a fan follower. You follow the latest trends and when you find one you like, you are fiercely loyal. Camp out at midnight for the latest book release? Check. Dress like your favorite character? Check. See the movie version the day it comes out? Check. You might like Harry Potter, The Hunger Games, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, The Baby-sitters Club, Percy Jackson, and other popular series. Wear your badge proudly: you’re a true Fan Reader.

You read the same books over and over again! Once you find a good thing, you stick with it — because a good book never gets old. You treat your books with loyalty and care. You can quote memorable lines from your favorite books. You will probably pass down your favorite books to your kids! So wear your badge proudly: a respectable Repeat Reader.

You like to experiment with different types of books! After all, variety is the spice of life! You are not afraid to wander away from the norm. You seek out new and cool books – maybe based on a review you read, an off-the-beaten path bookstore you discovered, or a book you saw someone reading at school. You like books that surprise you . . . and sometimes make you cry. You might like books like The GiverWhen You Reach Me, The Graveyard Book, or The Underneath. So wear your badge proudly: an exciting Experimental Reader.

A book better impress you . . . or it gets shelved! You are a very selective reader. You put a lot of thought into the books you pick. You can’t be bothered with a mediocre book – it’s a waste of your valuable time! If a book turns boring, you’ll shelve it. You only read books you know are great. People know if you recommend a book, it must be good. So wear your badge for the world to see: you are a proud Picky Reader.

Did this quiz accurately describe your reading personality? Leave a Comment and tell us your results.

— Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. Anonymous

    this is awesome!! I’m a repeat reader and it makes sense now! My parents take me to the library to get new books, and sometimes I take the same books as before. and when they see me reading, they say something like, “Didn’t you already read that book?”

  2. Jessica

    I knew it was going to be experimental because once I start a new book I switch books

  3. BookLover23

    It said I was a repeat reader, but I’m not that at ALL. I’m actually a picky reader! I am a VERY PICKY READER!!
    1. C
    2. C
    3. E
    4. B
    6. C
    7 ??? B
    8. E
    9. B and D

    I am a fan of Erin Hunter and Raina Telgemeier.

  4. emeraldjad345

    I’m a tie btween an omnivore & a fan reader. But I like fan reader more. I ♥ harry potter!!!!!!!

  5. Vanessa

    I am B and proud. They got it totally right because it says Harry Potter as one, and I am now reading the Harry Potter series. I am on book six.

  6. snowsailing17

    i’m a B but more of an A an E, it depends on if I feel like reading it or have to read it.

  7. Kaitlyn

    I’m A and I hold that place proudly. People really know my style even of I didn’t know how to explain it, and plenty of people have turned to me for recommendations so I know my books. ;)

  8. Anonymous

    I totally agree with you. I got repeated reader as well even though it isn’t true. I am more like a fan reader, experimental reader, and a picky eater combined.

  9. midwinterdancing16

    I have mostly a’s but I’m more like a experimental reader and picky reader.

  10. Kelsey

    My Personality style is repeat reader. I think this accurately describes me, I can read the same book every week instead of experimenting with an unknown book. It gets hard when there are so many new books coming into the classroom and I worry that they won’t be good.

  11. selah

    i am a fan reader and i never have known!!!!! and i do like books like harry potter and diary of a wimpy kid. i have even read the whole series of diary of a wimpy kid!!!!! i am into good books you know,

  12. clare

    i got a but i am a b. if you look at my books and listen into my conversations with friends i steer stuff to PERCY JACKSON!!

  13. maddie

    there right I am picky everything I chose depends on the color, looks ,taste, and everything else you can discribe

  14. Jessica <3

    1. C
    2. C
    3. A
    4. C
    5. D
    6. C
    7. C
    8. E
    9. D
    Kinda but not really. It said that I’m a REPEAT READER, but I don’t like reading books over and over. I personally think that I’m a EXPERIMENTAL READER or an OMNIVORE.

  15. Mckayla, gods girl

    I love this website so much
    So fun, exciting, and LAUGHABUL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. AmeliaSweetHeart

    I got E. It’s true, I am very picky about books. I only like books that are outrageous, fun, creative, and make you gasp. One of my favourite books that are outrageous, fun, creative, but not make you gasp are the sophie books like sophie the awesome or sophie the sweetheart. The other books that are my favourite are Rainbow Magic books.

  17. FashionCupcake48

    C & B for me!!!!!!!!!! LOVE IT!!! I like all Harry Potter, Hunger Games, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, the BSC and THe Percy Jackson series. Maybe Im more of a B than a c!! After all, all these books are at the TOP of my list!!!! But I also love The Giver(such a sweet story), Gathering Blue, The Kane Chronicles, and a thousand other books. But……….. why are all of my MOST favourite books together???? Ah well. Guess that will always be a mystery!!!!! This is the BEST quiz yet!!!!!!!!!

  18. Adventurepegasus10

    I’m a reading omnivore.
    I guess it’s true because i like reading lots of different books. However, I mostly like fantasy.

  19. elfheroine1

    Haha, this is what I got,
    I’m nothing! :) Two of everything except e.
    But, I would say I tend to shy away from really popular books, cause then everyone knows about and you can’t recommend it, so whats even the point?
    I read mostly Star Wars books, and I am fiercely loyal to Tolkien, so I refuse to read Narnia. So I love Tolkien’s books (The Lord Of The Rings, The Hobbit, The Silmarilion, The Children of Hurin). If I’m not reading SW, or LOTR, then I’ll pick a fantasy or sci-fi, I do love adventure as well. I don’t like chick-lit, I’ve only read three books that are, not too in the historical. I love drama, because (if you’ve read Oliver Twist) I’m a natural crier, like Oliver. I love to cry over sad books, and have yet to meet anyone who gets into books as much as I do. But it does have to be good. And fast paced, because I have ADHD, and can’t focus if it’s not good. Anyway cool quiz do another one like it again sometime!
    S’il vous plaît?

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