September 26, 2016

Random Weirdness Writing Prompt

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This is totally true. In my lifetime, I have swum in an underground cave. I have eaten fried crickets. I have walked through a park filled with hundreds and hundreds of stray cats. And I have watched a movie with the Queen of England. (Well, she was in the balcony and I was down below with the secret service agents, but we were in the same theater!)

Now we want to hear from you. Tell us about the weird and wonderful things you have done in your lifetime! The only rules are:

  • No inappropriate stuff.
  • No personal information about who you are or where you live.
  • Have fun!

Please leave a Comment sharing your wonderful weirdness with the world!

Sonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. Anonymous

    I have survived a tornado. I have had Britt Nicole stare into my soul. I have gotten a standing ovation. I’ve hugged my flame (synonym for crush-seriously, look it up in a thesaurus). I’ve nearly drowned. I’ve played the comic relief in a school play. Embrace the weirdness, because weirdness=wonderful!

  2. Loie

    I was going trick-or-treating with my friend and I kept forgetting to say trick-or-treat. She continually reminded me of this, and by and by I started saying ‘trick or treat” after “thank you!” It was so weird, and after that I started to say “merry christmas” or “happy new year!” So weird, so weird, they say. Well, I am. Agreed wholeheartedly, mister.

  3. Awesome_236

    In my lifetime( so far) I have walked around my school singing the mickey mouse clubhouse theme song and everyone was looking at me like i was a 2 year old. I have also dabbed 54 times in a row. I have also done the death drop 18 times in a row( it rlly hurts ur back!)

  4. Scarlatte

    In my life time I have get a standing ovation. have been a lead character in 17 plays. And i just told my crush i liked him. (only a little about me)

  5. Catgymnastics173

    In my lifetime, I have gotten my wand chosen at the Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I have fed and petted alpacas. I have washed a mini horse. I have gotten a standing ovation. I have also cooked my own doughnuts!

  6. Emma

    I went to an amusement park and rode the big body slide I also went to a family fun center and played mini golf.

  7. Katya

    For some reason, I like bands which practically no one knows about, such as OneRepublic and Train, and the only other person who likes them is my best friend. Whenever I try to rave about their music or say things like, “OneRepublic just dropped their new album!” (which is true, they did) the person I’m talking to will be like, “What’s wrong with you, and who is OneRepublic?”

  8. werewolfcat5

    Well,when I go to my cousin’s house we usually play tennis.We aren’t prefessionals or anything.We can’t even hit back to eachother.We just keep hitting the thing that you use to hit with the tennis racket (I don’t know what it’s called!).And there’s this time I kept hitting to the left instead hitting straight so I accidentally hit the thing into one of those garbage cans my cousin has in her backyard.

  9. anonymous

    when i went to geekgirlcon last year i CORRECTED a PANELIST!!!!!!!! (note: this is weird because i am a harry potter nut and i can’t stand anyone getting something hp related wrong)(also it was a harry potter talk)

  10. 51dotfeg

    Oh I got one!
    I watched this on America’s Funniest Videos! This dude had a egg in the microwave then they took it out and he held it in his hand. All of the sudden “BOOM”. The egg blew up and it was everywhere. I was cracking up.

  11. musicalgleek1199

    Well… like every day at school, there’s this pole…and every day I see someone walk into it.

  12. rhue

    ok i went around school and to everyone i saw i said oooollloooo it was soo much fun then my freinds started doin it now every on thinks were weird (i wonder why that is):}

  13. Hannah P

    Well, one time I was with my best friend And it had snowed the night before. We got up and put on two pairs of pants, two pairs of socks, boots, two shirts, heavy jacket, and well a hat and scarf and gloves. We went outside, and jumped the ditch to get to the others yards. We had a pretend sword and were slicing it through the air, and sticking it into the ice. We were running around, trying to walk of the frozen over ditch and all of a sudden Kelly fell into the ditch and broke the ice. OH NOES ! And I helped her out with the sword :D All done.

  14. macie

    one time me and my baby sis was outside and i was on my phone next thing u no she say” whats that” i looked over and i saw a cobra it flared up and hissed at her i called mom and she came out with the golf cart and started to run over it and finally i sprayed it with water.

  15. Brianne

    i have done many crazy things that are random and weird some of those would be….. NUMBER ONE-me and two of my friends went to a rec center and we were doing crazy stuff, we crawled through giant pipes and rolled down the hill on the golf corse and rode on a toy spaceship!! NUMBER TWO-me and three of my best friends were sitting together in the cafeteria at our school.Then one of our classes had to leave so we stood up to give each other hugs and ended up pretty much wrestling in the middle of our school cafeteria.NUMBER 3-im in school right now and i just asked my teacher if i could sniff her lunch…..AND SHE LET ME and there are so many more things i cant even think so yea u could say im pretty crazy

  16. Juliet

    Something I’m about to do is stand up in front of everyone and give a report i scared to death!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  17. hallie

    justin bieber rocks!……. ill like my friends no matter what even if they don’t like justin bieber and i really lake my friends everybody should love their friend but seriosly i love u justin bieber!!! and if ur reading this then i love u!!!!

  18. BellaB

    Last winter I found a huge pile of snow. My mom, brother, and I carved our faces, and decorated it with rocks, sticks, and leaves! We called it Mount Mushmore

  19. tatiana

    me and my friends made up a whole lot of words such as…bubaluba,bloosebloose,and beef the weaf then later that day we went to the station and started screaming them out…wierdo!!!

  20. sequoiaXIV

    Hmm, I once saw a picture of military airplanes taking down a flying T-Rex wearing a top hat and breathing fire.

  21. des-tes

    i used to play the guitar. i quit some how! i don’t. i guess i was too lazy. who wouldn’t be?! i was only in third grade!

  22. camoshark896

    one time i put on a big huge winter coat on and when i got outside people were swimming and started laughing at me.I hope you only laugh for 1 minute!

  23. lol-bookworm-lol

    once during the winter my friends and i were really bored so we just walked around town wearing our bathing suits

  24. pinksummer2313

    When I was little, I used to spell everything I said. For example, my mom would ask, Do you want green beans? And I would say: Y-e-s! Ha ha lol!

  25. stuffedninja10111

    Well im very random and wierd. My friends thing im the wierdest person on earth. I am not as funny as most people though to tell you the truth. Well hmm lets see… one time I went to a boys desk while the class was gone and hugged it. And my friend was with me so we started laughing like crazy! UGGGSS so much to tell! not fair!

  26. Sasgirl201

    Once I was clearing out my guitar corner then I was like MY ARMS HURT! and then said I’M A DOG I DON’T HAVE TO DO WORK!
    (Funny huh?)

  27. Chocolate Goosebumps

    Oh, dear, I have a lot … hmm … Oh! I know!
    My friends and I were at the playground of my old elementary school, and for some reason we were filming ourselves talking about random stuff. I’ll use fake names here – say my name is Aladdin, one girl was named Jasmine, and the other was named Ariel (I have a Disney brain today). Well, I was walking backwards filming them walking forwards towards me, talking about stuff. Here’s what Ariel said:
    “… we were doing this play, and I have to play a MERMAID, and I have a solo! And – ALADDIN, LOOK OUT!”
    BAM! The camera shakes up and down violently as I slam into something. I turn around and see that I walked into a giant metal pole. It HURT! And then suddenly my brain was thinking the most random things, and Jasmine told me later that I said a few. I ended up uttering things like “salad dressing”, “Christopher Columbus”, “high school prom”, “chariot”, “artifical bacon”, “Macchu Piccu”, and a few others I can’t think of right now. It was really weird.

  28. Emma

    ummmm…..i got it i was a lake and there were these 3 guys there they came over to us in tubes, we started talking when all of a sudden they flipped over and water went every where!! one of they was stuck so we had to help him up, their faces were soooooooooooo red=-)!!!
    P.S. This is no joke!!!!!!

  29. Giantking

    A weird thing I do to my brother is that I do the creepy,evil,mad scientist laugh. Muwaghaghagh!!!!!!!!

  30. bibliomania123

    so i was at my friends lake house with a bunch of other friends and we decided to have a random pirates of the carribean marathon with all the movies. so the next day my friends phone rang and her ring tone was the i’ve got a jar of dirt remix. we had that stuck in our heads for like days afterword so when we went to this water park we sang it when we were going down all the slides. people thought we were really weirdo. it became out like secret song and was very random. XD

  31. Clarissa

    It was exam eve and my best friend and I were quizzing each other. We suddenly looked at each other and started laughing and we couldn’t stop, her sister who came in to check what was happening joined. We didn’t stop until 20 minutes later when we realised it was 20 minutes before we were late for exam and we still haven’t studied anything. We rushed to school. And! We scored well.

  32. Bailee

    The wierdest thing i ever did i was at school. I was walking around stickin my tounge out at everybody that looked at It was funny.

  33. taylorswiftfan13

    I dunno. um…. one time i was putting a book back into my bookbag (it was paperback..) and just started waving it in front of myself and dancing. Then, i heard one of my classmates say my name. I’m like “what?! i was dancing!!” lolz

  34. rheannon

    ummmm……ok i got it! once my friend and i were studying in the hallway at school and we started singing call me by blondie when patrick, our crush, walked up and stared at us for like a minute while we were singing and not noticing him. as he walked away we heard “weird…….” LOL true story P.S. he still wont talk to us :) GO WEIRDNESS!!!!!!! WE WERE ALSO DOING THE DISCO WHILE SITTING SI IT WAS PRETTY AWKWARD :D

  35. ICEDEMON96

    One time my cat got sick, and the only way he would take his medicine, was if it was crushed up in the juice from a can of tuna. So everyday we fed him tuna juice with his meds in it out of a dropper. It was definitly weird!

  36. greenkoala39

    Everytime someone said my name, I said my name. So when I said my name, I had to say it over and over and over and over and over again. It was an endless loop of my name! It was funny, until my mom told me to stop saying my name.

  37. s.snape2000

    Hmmm, im a very weird person so this will be hard…um……
    GOT IT!So my friend and I were in the halls after hours at school during our musical practice, and we just randomly start dancing.Doing some disco,dance it was sooo awkward!!

  38. Katelyn

    When I went trick or treating with my friends last year we each said thank-you in a different language and sang Christmas carols.

  39. Cooly 11

    Okay. Here’s a pretty WEIRD thing:
    We were driving and the city, and I made this big, creepy smile at a stranger and waved. He waved back.

  40. bmw3bug

    congrats jojods39 4 getting ur post on ink splot!!! i remember when u posted that message too! and trust me i can think of way too many weird things to name just one…

  41. rickriordanfan

    lol! Well once me and my cousin had a dance competition on the beach to see who could dry the fastest. The way we were dancing WAS pretty hilarious… lolz!

  42. gylfie97

    Once my friend was having a party and we were playing around the pond near her house and one of our friends found a random canoe in the water, so we pulled it on shore and named it Sparky.
    Yay randomness!!!

  43. Josephine

    One time in the Summer I walked outside in a thick, winter coat singing ‘Frosty the Snowman’ and handing out candy canes to everyone I saw.
    Note: I never did this but I saw someone in the street do this once. lol!

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