May 20, 2014

Random Quiz for Fun and Randomness

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Peep says Hi.A Random Quiz!

Poking around the Reading Buzz Message Board, I found this very random post from the very awesome-tastic ForeverElephant. If you are feeling random, leave your answers to these questions in the Comments.

Hello everyone!  I hope you are having a nice day today. Here is a random quiz for you:

  1. What is your favorite piece of furniture?STACKS Avatar picture
  2. If you could swap places with anyone for a day, whom would it be?
  3. Quick! You have three seconds to pick a random word!
  4. Okay, now do eleven jumping jacks.
  5. What is your favorite kind of cheese?
  6. If you could change your birthday, what date would you choose?
  7. What is your least favorite season?
  8. What is your least favorite insect?
  9. What is your least favorite song?
  10. What is your least favorite question on this quiz? (You can finish the quiz before answering!)
  11. What is your favorite emoticon?
  12. Did you really do the eleven jumping jacks?
  13. Black or white?
  14. Sand or snow?
  15. Freezing cold or scorching heat?
  16. Tea or coffee?
  17. Pick any of the following words: duck, ocean, gravity, or electricity.
  18. Say something random:
  19. What is your favorite smell?
  20. What is your favorite name?
  21. Do you like the color pink?
  22. Pick a random number. (No decimals, please.)
  23. If you could make up a random rule, what would it be?
  24. Please ask and answer a random question.
  25. Favorite STACKS board?
  26. Favorite shout-out option?

Thanks, guys!#shelfie

Thank YOU, ForeverElephantfor your terrific quiz! Everyone, go to the Reading Buzz Board and say HI!!

But first, let me take a shelfie.

image from— Sonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. chloe

    Another love
    What is your least favourite question on this test
    Scorching hot
    Be fancy

  2. clare

    (1) recliner
    (2) Dove Cammron
    (3) HIPPOPOTOMOS!!!!!!!
    (4) done I did them in my head:D
    (5) Mexican
    (6) DECEMBER 25!!!!!:3
    (7)fall bug bites
    (9)ALL JB
    (10)least fave song
    (11) :3
    (15) hot……coca!!!!!
    (16)frapachino count my mom lets me get those?
    (17) DUCK!
    (23)eaveryday is bring a pet to school day and it is agaist the law for a school to leave out there squirrel on a moped!!!!!!
    (25)I dunno
    (26)Willy the Whale is my new best friend
    that a lot of qestions

  3. Talia

    This quiz is amazing!!! i love that they asked for my favorite cheese! that is totally right up my alley! this quiz describes me in every possible way! it is totally random,quirky, but fun, and cool! i love this so much!!! ;-) (thats my fav. emoticon!)

  4. Snuggles

    2.(Weird question) Abi
    4.hold on….in my head or in REALITY :)
    6.Trick or TREAT (because I would get cake,candy,and ice cream!)
    9.ALL OF JUSTIN BIEBER’S SONGS I HATE!!!!!!!!!!!!!>:) you like the color pink?
    11. :{
    12.Yes (in my head and in reality)
    15.Freezziinngg ssnnooww
    19.The smell of COOKIES!!!!!
    20.Snuggles! (DUHHH!)
    21.NNNOOOOOOOO! (And yes I’m a girl)
    23.If you don’t like pickles you will PERISH!!!!!!
    24.Do I like pickles? Yes I do!

  5. amethystautumn34

    1 My bed
    2 My friend Michelea
    3 um… pineapple
    4 okay… done
    5 Cheddar
    6 July 27th (Random)
    7 Winter
    8 Ants!!!!!!!!
    9 Let It Go
    10 What date would I change my birthday to if i could
    11 What is your favorite emoticon? :D
    12 Did you really do the eleven jumping jacks? Heck yea!
    13 White
    14 Sand
    15 Freezing cold
    16 Coffee!
    17 Gravity
    18 your face smells like cheese
    19 Just-baked cookies
    20 Nikki
    21 Pastel pink-no. Hot pink-yes
    22 948258044385532016549422640226
    23 Don’t annoy me or you will pay me $1000
    24 Can you eat macaroni using only your lips to chew? Strangely, yes…
    25 Save The Planet
    26 What?

  6. cerberusathena162

    1. A bed
    2. Iggy Azalea
    3. Pizza
    4. Done
    5. Cheddar
    6. October 13th (no apparent reason….)
    7. Winter
    8. Spiders (all of them)
    9. Hello Kitty (Avril Lavigne)
    11. :3
    12. Yes
    13. White
    14. Snow
    15. Scorching heat
    16. Coffee
    17. Gravity
    18. Done
    19. Roses
    20. Sky
    21. No
    22. 5
    23. You always have to sing something random when you win something
    24. What boy band do I like most? Big Time Rush or One Direction? 1D!!!
    25. Dunno
    26. I HAVE NO IDEA

  7. shrewddreamtime11

    1 bed
    2 arianna grande
    3 mississipi
    4 done
    5 does strawberry cream count?
    6 may 16 (no apparent reason)
    7 wring or sinter
    8 stink bug
    9 baby baby by Justin beiber
    10 12 I don’t lie so you don’t need to confirm it
    11 the smiley face with $$$$ for eyeballs
    12 yeah
    13 white
    14 snow
    15 freezing cold sweating from heat ruins my makeup
    16 coffee if it’s mocha
    17 gravity
    18 suzie sticked a sock up her nose
    19 frozen oranges
    20 ranna layne zara (my name)
    21 yes but hot pink
    22 35
    23 no farting on the slides
    24 who would win in a singing contest arianna or jusin b ARIANNA
    25 ehh I like all of them
    26 I don’t do shout outs
    that is a lot of questions girl

  8. Anonymous

    1. The couch.
    2. Zendaya, she is awesome!
    3. hippopotamonstrosesquippedaliophobia. (That IS a real word. Just look it up. It means “Fear of long words.” Makes sense, doesnt it?
    4. Not gonna… soooo tired.
    5. Swiss.
    6. September 1st.
    7. Winter.
    8. Bees
    9. What does the fox say? (It doesnt make sense!)
    10. #4
    11. Smiley face
    12. Nooo i said i was so tired!
    13. Black
    14. Sand
    15. Scorching heat.
    16. Tea
    17. ocean
    18. Disney.
    19. Peppermint
    20. Kiki
    21. Yes!
    22. 16
    23. Ummm, i have no idea xD
    24. What does hippopotamonstrosesquippedaliophobia mean? I told you, it was the fear of long words.
    25. Save the earth.
    26. Ummm, whats a shout-out??

  9. quietdiving8

    6.July 3rd
    10.#15-freezing cold or scorching heat?
    15.scorching hot
    23.pets allowed at school as long as no one is allergic to them
    24.why are words words and hats hats? Because someone said so the planet board

  10. Lauren

    My favorite type of furniture is a table it would be the Olympic athlete, Missy Franklin.My random word is poop.OK that was random but I am not doing jumping jacks because I hurt my ankle! My favorite cheese is american.I would choose May 9 because I love May!!!!!!!!!!My least favorite season is summer because it is so hot.My least favorite is insect if a cockroach because they just creep me out!My least favorite song is gumdonstyle! My least favorite question is when you ask what is your least favorite song because I spelled it wrong.I already said NO I DIDN’T DO THEM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!White.Snow and sand, ha ha ha ha ha!scorching hot.Even though I an just 9 years old l actually like coffee. 7.Ocean. l said ”This is such a waste of time!”My favorite smell is vanilla! My favorite name is Jessica.Yes I like pink.14000000.No dum people in schools. What is a STACKS BOARD?You are so welcome!

  11. sidney

    I have been reading the warrior books and I truly love them so much that i am on book 13 the power of three Outcast and each time I go to get the next book my mom says ”Sidney aren’t you tired of reading the Warriors books?”and I say”Nope!”

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