March 13, 2012

Random Bacon Trivia Quiz Answers

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Bacon is gooooood!

Hi! I hope you liked my Bacon Trivia Quiz last week. I know it was random, so thanks for indulging me and playing along. Here are my answers. . .

  1. Who would win? Bacon vs. Cheese
    Argh! This is impossible! Please don't make me choose! I want both!!
  2. Who would win? Bacon vs. SPAM
    Bacon. Sorry, Hawaii. I am not a fan of "Hawaiian Steak."
  3. Who would win? Bacon vs. One Direction
    Bacon. Although . . . eating bacon WITH One Direction would be awesome!
  4. Who would win? Bacon vs. Harry Potter
    Ooh, I think Harry wins this one. It's hard to compete with magic.
  5. Who would win? Bacon vs. Disney World
    Bacon. I loved Disney when I was a kid, but my love affair with bacon has stood the test of time.
  6. When was bacon invented?
    According to The Bacon Cookbook by James Villas, bacon dates back to China in 1,500 B.C.E.
  7. What part of the pig does bacon come from?
    Sometimes from the belly, and sometimes from the back. Wikipedia says the word bacon comes from the Old German word for "buttock," so. . . um. . . yeah.
  8. What is a rasher of bacon? (Hint: This question will be much easier for readers outside the U.S.)
    A rasher is a slice of bacon. As in, "Oi, Mum! Pass me a few rashers of bacon, please!"
  9. What does the expression "bring home the bacon" mean?
    It means to bring home money for your family. As in, "With all these baby-sitting jobs, I will really be able to bring home the bacon!"
  10. What is your favorite way to eat bacon?
    Bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich with avocado on 7-grain bread. Yum!!

I'm hungry. What are some of your random favorite things, either food-related or not? Let me know in the Comments. Maybe I'll make a random trivia quiz about some of YOUR favorites!

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  1. em

    dude. there should be a law that adults can not eat bacon! why? because it`s much too good for adults! Just kidding. and in the words of my dad`s friend`s dad i should`ve raised pigs at least i`d have some bacon.

  2. PianoGirl6

    ROFL… this was awesome! Oh,and no one has truly lived until he or she has eaten chocolate. Can you do something like this for chocolate? ;-)

  3. Cupcakes9889

    HAHAHA!!!!Bacon vs.Harry Potter…….”Ohh,I think Harry wins this one. It’s hard to compete with magic.” LOL

  4. But I thought you were going to eat that...

    I can’t have pork, because it’s against my religon, and I’m a vegetarian, but it’s cool what you answered for these guestions.

  5. chattyangel42


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