May 18, 2012

Rachel Crow Interview

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Did you see Rachel Crow on X Factor last season? She was only 13 years old but she blew Simon Cowell away. Now she’s 14 and is working on her very own album with Columbia Records, and she has a guest starring role on Fred: The Show on Nickelodeon. Read on to find out more about this amazing talent!

Q: Tell us about your role on Fred.

Rachel: It is hilarious. It’s so much fun to film with Lucas [Cruikshank who plays Fred] so it was just an amazing experience. My character’s name is Starr and she’s awesome. She’s very outgoing and very crazy. There’s no other word for her. She’s very theatrical, very over the top. If your shoe’s untied, it’s freaked out, “Oh my gosh, my shoe has been untied!” She’s just crazy and I love it.

Q: Are you anything like your character at all?
Rachel: Actually I am in a funny way. We both sing, and we’re both very precocious. Our fashion is a lot alike because she wears a different outfit every scene, and I like to mix my outfits up. It’s always crazy, or, you know, way over the top.

Q: Would you be friends with your character in real life?
Rachel: Most definitely. I think we’d be two peas in a pod. Fred

Q: What are your Fred cast mates like?
Rachel: My cast mates are absolutely amazing and they’re all so talented and hilarious. It’s hard to believe that they’re real because . . . you know, they’re just like me. We all get along really well, and when we’re in that moment and we’re filming a scene, it’s just so much fun to see their characters unfold just like I do. And, you know, it’s fun offset. We’re just best friends as well, and we all just have an amazing time filming the show. So I couldn’t have asked for any better cast mates. They’re all just phenomenal.

Q: How is acting in a TV series different from your past performing experiences?
Rachel: Acting is different because you get many takes. Like on X Factor if I messed up, it was right there for everybody to see, and if I mess up here they’re just like, “Oh, it’s ok. You can do that again.” So it’s pretty cool that way. And it’s similar in how you have to learn lines and also you have to learn lyrics for songs, so I always thought that was pretty cool. Singing is definitely my number one but I love acting as well.

Q: What’s the best part of being a performer?
Rachel: The best part of being a performer is the crowd’s reaction. It’s like when you hear them shouting your name it’s surreal and it makes you so happy and feel so loved. And I just think singing for millions of people and trying to share my art with the world is the most cool thing ever.

Q: Where would you want to go most in the world and why?
Rachel: I want to go to Jerusalem. I want to get baptized there.

Q: What’s the most embarrassing thing that happened to you recently?
Rachel: There’s so many. I recently had a photo shoot, and they decided they wanted a candle on the desk. So I’m taking my tutu off and I put it over the candle and a fire starts and all you hear is, “Beep! Beep!” and me going, “Heeeelp!” in the other room. And so the stylist walks in. She goes, “Oh my gosh,” and my mom, she can’t even move – she’s freaking out – and I’m ducked behind the table like freaking out. They put out the fire. It was terrible. It was a Rachel moment times a million. Everything was fine but the tutu. [Laughter]

Q: What’s your favorite book?
Rachel: My favorite books are the Diaries of a Wimpy Kid series. I read them all and I love them. You were expecting Twilight though, weren’t ya? [Laughter] Have you ever heard of the Dork Diaries as well? I love those books too. That’s kind of a girl going through, you know, school with troubles as well. Diary of a Wimpy Kid is about a boy, but that was about a girl, and it’s really the troubles of being bullied and stuff, and it reveals it in a funny way.

Q: What’s the best advice that Simon Cowell ever gave you?
Rachel: The best advice he ever gave me was stay true to who I am. He always said he looked into my eyes and he saw zeal, and he said keep that because that’s going to do me really well in the future.

Q: What has been your best middle school experience?
Rachel: O-M-G. I did the “National Anthem” for the Easter Egg Roll at the White House. The President was amazing. He’s a spaz actually. He has eyes of steel and you could see that he is just a good person, and he was hilarious. We were talking before we went out, and he was telling us all how he was going to beat a 3-year-old at the Easter Egg Roll. It was amazing.

Q: How do your friends react to your stardom?
Rachel: They’re very supportive of me, and it’s really cool, but sometimes they can act different around me and it’s a little weird. It’s like, “Yo, guys, I’m still Rachel. Don’t worry about it.”

Q: What’s a food you could not live without?
Rachel: Chocolate. I loooove me some chocolate.

Ooh I love chocolate too! I have a feeling that if I ever met Rachel, we would be very good friends!

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  1. Adriana

    I luvv Rachel Crow when she got voted off i stopped watchin that show! yu shuld have won!! i new someone wuld have yu sing for them!!!!!

  2. chattycoloring12

    You are an amazing singer, and actress. Kepp doing whatcha doing! You Go GIRL!!!!! :)

  3. acrobaticsdrawing6

    omg i think that rachel would be awesome on FRED!!!!
    peace out home dogs and ps i read 52 minutes aren’t u guys out there proud of me and bye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. turquoisecat51

    Rachel Crowe is so cute and I totally LUV the hair.She had and still does have a beautiful voice.I love Rachel Crowe and I wish she won on Xfactor.

  5. ykat

    i felt bad to see her go.but i still loved how she performed. i also agree that she blew simon away because she did with mine. it was sad to see her reaction when she left.

  6. wrestlingtrickster2

    I saw you on the X-Factor and loved. When you got sent home I was so mad, you should have won!! :)

  7. meggy

    you are an amazing singer.I also loooooove fred the show.It is sooooo hilarious…anyways i thought the x factor was awesome when you were on it

  8. violetpie3

    I’m a big fan!! If you saw my last post you would see that I LOVED you on The X-factor!!!

  9. artbutterfly231

    I love you so much Rachel! I watched you on X-Factor but I have not yet seen you on Fred: The Show but I will as soon as I can! C=

  10. writingnecklace2

    i have to say i felt sooo bad for rachel on the x factor when she was voted off i had tears in m eyes but i defenitly voted for her she is fourteen thirteen at the time and i bet that was hard on her u are awesome

  11. detectivebird2

    I love chocolate too but I am not going to read diaries of a wimpy kid any day just pass me a chapter book and I’ll be just fine!

  12. detectivebird2

    You rock I love love LOVE x factor of all you are my most favorite!!!!! I hope you are having fun were ever you are!!!

  13. natalie

    x factor is awsomne watch tv love when you are on the show you are always so so funny!!!:-)
    by natalie

  14. stormseal6

    I thought you funny and did very good on the show hope to see you next time ion the show love ya by and goodluck:by by

  15. violetpie3

    I saw you on the X-factor and routed for you until you left!! You are a great singer!!

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    i love you sooooo much
    {i just about CRIED when you got sent home}
    [I think you earned your own bathroom:P]

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    hi i am a huge fan of u. i saw u on fred the show the other day u was funny.

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