December 5, 2009

Questions for Anthony Horowitz

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Anthony_horowitz If you could meet Anthony Horowitz, the author of the Alex Rider spy mystery series and The Gatekeepers supernatural thriller series, what questions would you ask him?

Well, we had that chance, but instead of asking him the standard author questions he probably gets asked every day, we thought we would have some fun. So I now give you. . . an interview with Anthony Horowitz STACKS style!

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So now you know if you ever meet Anthony Horowitz, you should bring him a fruit pie with chocolate ice cream on top. Or a slice of Four Seasons pizza and some hummus in a paper bag. And pay attention if you ever meet any butlers it might be Anthony Horowitz in disguise!

Sonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. Emily

    Shouldn’t MI6 be convicted of using Alex? That’ll be the day! Alex doesn’t really have a lot of choice but to continue with these ‘requests’ from MI6. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the characters evolves as he heads into his later teen years. How will he be as a man? But will the stories reach that far!! I adore Anthony’s work. I think he is one of the most gifted writers of today. Bravo!!

  2. Chrisya

    Me too. I think he’s a strange person.wkwkwkw.I hope he’s a good man. Is his story a horror?? I HATE HORROR!!!

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