June 26, 2009

10 Things I Hate About You and Selena Gomez!

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Tasty tidbits on your celebrity faves!


Lindsey, Ethan, Meaghan You’re sure to recognize the two stars of the new ABC Family series 10 Things I Hate About YouLindsey Shaw was Moze in Ned’s Declassified School Survival Guide, and Meaghan Jette Martin played Tess in Camp Rock. Now they’re playing very different sisters Kat (Katerina) and Bianca Stratford in the TV adaptation of the movie 10 Things I Hate About You, which was itself based on Shakespeare’s play The Taming of the Shrew. Meaghan has been reading the original play, and says, “It’s interesting to see how Shakespeare portrayed the characters because they’re so similar to the movie and TV show. It’s the same plotline and a great structure to build on.”

Kat, the older sister, “is tough and independent and has an outside view on things, always kind of looking in,” describes Lindsey. “She often gets caught up in her strive for justice and fairness and misses the small things that are going on around her in high school.” Lindsey relates to Kat a lot, even though she has no siblings in real life. “I was always on the outside looking in at things I thought were silly, or I did not fit into, or wanted to fit into so badly but didn’t,” adds Lindsey, who thinks Kat is a great role model. “She gives girls the opportunity to see somebody who is completely independent, intelligent, and speaks her mind. I hope they see somebody they want to be.”

After Camp Rock, Meaghan is thrilled to play a sweet, though popularity-obsessed, girl. “Finally I get to be nice and intelligent and a good human being,” she laughs. “The popularity shallowness isn’t so great, but it’s okay because she’s learning from her mistakes.” As the team mascot, “I get to wear a penguin suit a lot on the show,” says Meaghan, who was a “drama nerd” when she was in high school. She has one older sister who’s in medical school, and like Kat and Bianca, they fight. “But in the end we love each other,” confides Meaghan, who’ll film Camp Rock 2 at the end of the summer.

Ethan Peck, the grandson of Hollywood legend Gregory Peck, plays bad boy Patrick Verona, who has a love-hate relationship with Kat. In his high school days, Ethan claims he was “a dork, really shy and insecure and nervous, and on the outside because of that.” Also in the cast is Nicholas Braun as Cameron, who has a crush on Bianca — he’s a veteran of the Disney Channel movies Minutemen and the new Princess Protection Program.


Demi & Selena-premiere Yesterday, in an exclusive interview with Scholastic, Selena Gomez talked about her new movie Princess Protection Program and working on it with BFF Demi Lovato. I got the chance to catch up with Selena, and got a few more tasty scoops for you!

Selena thinks she “looked 12″ in the movie, but had fun working on it with Demi. Selena’s favorite scene? The montage when they tried on lots of fancy dresses. Her character Carter’s dad owns a bait shop, but Selena didn’t mind working with the slimy-looking bait. “It was fake,” she reveals. “It smelled more like plastic than anything. It was no big deal.”

Selena recently  went to Puerto Rico to shoot the Wizards of Waverly Place Movie. ”I think you’re going to see a lot of more serious sides to all of our characters in it,” she says.

Selena loves to get lost in books. “I love that you can kind of just put yourself into that place for a moment and nothing else around matters,” she explains. She’s thrilled about starring in the movie version of Ramona and Beezus because she read Beverly Cleary’s books in the third grade. “What’s really neat is kids are now reading it over again or for the first time because of the movie,” she says.


Brooke Shields and Cody Linley guest star on a new episode of Hannah Montana on July 5th at 8 p.m. on Disney Channel, following a Hannah Montana marathon starting at 1 p.m. Every day between June 29th and July 3rd, a new video from the Season 3 soundtrack of Hannah Montana will premiere, and all five vids will air after the 8 p.m. episode on July 5th. The soundtrack hits stores July 7th. Miley is currently in Savannah, Georgia, shooting the movie The Last Song.

American Idol winner and runner-up Kris Allen and Adam Lambert both signed record deals with 19 Entertainment and will release albums this fall. You can catch them on the American Idol summer tour.

— Gerri Miller, for the Ink Splot 26 Celeb Beat

Lindsey, Ethan, Meghan © ABC/ADAM LARKEY
Demi & Selena at premiere © DISNEY CHANNEL/JOHN MEDLAND

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    I have heard that Demi is not Selenas friend because she said “I dont know . . .Ask Taylor” So i dont like demi anymore. :(

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    I think that Selena Gomez and Demi Lovato are very pretty. And I have a friend that really likes them a lot and I mean a lot, she have thousands of picture of them in her room.

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    I really liked “Poppy” by Avi. Ocax was no good so I was glad he died. Ragweed was a good guy too. 2bad Ocax got him.

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