November 28, 2011

Pokemon or Percy Jackson Writing Prompt

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Writingprompt_bookThis week’s Write On! Writing Prompt presents choices. Pokemon or Percy Jackson? Both heroes, both residing in a magical world, both taking part in awesome battles . . . and of course, both starting with the letter “P.” So check out this week’s 2 Writing Prompts.

The first one was submitted by Corey:
What would you do if you found yourself in the Unova Region of Pokemon?

And the second one by moth821:
You are in the world of Percy Jackson. Who is your godly parent and how do you contribute to the series?

The choice is in your hands. Percy? Or Pokemon? Or dare I say both? Leave your answers in the Comments below!

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. Erin L.

    My godly parent would either be Posieden, Athena, or Apollo. I would probably be a character that they would meet on a quest or something. If I met Percy Jackson I would probably help him. Just like Percy, though, I would turn down the offer of immortality that Zeus made. I don’t want to outlive my loved ones and see them die. You would just keep making friends and watching them die.

  2. horseart

    1. look around to get out but if I could not get out I would have fun
    2. Poseidon and try to be the best

  3. PERCY FANS ARE=10000000000000000000000 BETTER,GO DIMIGODS


  4. dragonhawk2587

    Totally Percy. If I was a demi-god, I would hope to have Poseidon or Hermes for/on my godly side

  5. bulldogchatty65

    I’d probably have my parent be Athena or Apollo, and I’d help by being smart to guide everyone around.

  6. bookwormfairy31

    1. i would go to whatever the big city in it is called
    2.Athena or apollo. I would be friends with annabeth.


    I love all of the gods and goddesses so much! Its hard to decide! My dad would be Poseidon and my mom would be Athena. I say that because I’m smart like Athena and I love water like Poseidon. I would trick the monsters if my mom was Athena and shot them with water if my dad was Poseidon.

  8. commanderkitten25

    My dad is Poseidon and since he lived with me for a year I have better powers. Like I can turn into water and if I’m on a flat surface instead of seeing your reflection in the water you see my face. I have long black hair with blue streaks. I have brown eyes. I will reveal all secrets. Percy Jackson and Annabeth and everyone else, they don’t exist. Every story in HoO and PJatO is real just with different characters. I am the first of the 7 in the prophecy. Instead there are these 2 boys, sons of Pluto named Ricky, Sammy, and Max. They have red hair but even so you never see them in a crowd. Then there is Mia, Hephaestus’s daughter and my brother, Benjamin who is Neptunes son. Last but not least there is Alex son of Zeus and Zara daughter of Minerva. Please spread the word about the fake characters. Thank you.

  9. guitarrolling9

    My godly parent would be Athena and I am one of Artemis’ hunters. I would be Annabeth’s best friend and one of the seven in the great prophecy. They met me in the middle of their journey.

  10. MIMI

    Go Man! I ❤ percy jackson more than Pokemon… and personally I think Pokemon is the most boring thing ever!!!

  11. Diane

    PJ I am your sister so I say happy B-day to u
    BTW To celebrate my B-day meet me at camp half blood so no one else knows!

  12. MIMI

    The truth: I am Poseidon’s daughter. I entered the series just after the house of hades came out. I defeated Gaea with Jason and Percy!

  13. MIMI

    Poseidon or Hades or Athena or Aphrodite because I love to swim and water soothes me and I can just slink into the shadows and no one notices me and I am a book nerd and I love architechure and all my friends agree with me all the time and say I’m so beautiful.

  14. Percy Jackson

    Poseidon because that is who my dad really is! Yeah I know I have dyslexia but Rachel Dare told me I was famous and I told her what to write. Anyway, Poseidon is my dad, Olympian gods are real.

  15. athenaisis86

    My godly parent would totally have to be athena. My attributes to the book would be that i am alot likeannabeth i haveboth a sensitive side and a tough girl side so i believe i am alot like annabeth chase and she also happens to be my favorite character

  16. Hunter

    Both. I would be a child of Hades, probably introduced in the HoO series, maybe TLH, and I’d kinda be that awkward n00b who’s tagging along more out of boredom, lack of people to be around, and feeling of being needed than any prophecy-induced reason. And then, Gaia’s minions drop-kick us into the next dimension, which so happens to be the wonderful world of Pokémon. “Okay, team, plan defeat-Gaia-and-save-the-world is temporarily postponed.”

  17. bookwormgirl45

    I guess I’ll go along with ash and group and help him win the badges and i’ll take part in contests and stuff
    Percy Jackson
    I’ll be athena’s daughter. I’ll replace Hazel in the prophecy of 7 as she can’t come and i’ll be the strategic planner and not annabeth and i’ll lead everyone to victory and then become a goddess myself!!!!

  18. anubisathena18

    My godly parent would be Athena (who is AWESOME) and I would fight in the war with them and survive.I would have red hair with gray eyes.No matter how stange it sounds.

  19. anonymous

    if i were in unova i would faint from excitement and then start training pokemon. my first would be…on the tv show ash is in unova right? so snivey

  20. athenathoth3

    The truth: I am the grand- daughter of a son of Hades and a daughter of the egyptian god of wisdom Thoth. My mom is Athena and I lived with Hades until he put me in the casino where I met Annabeth at the 3-D design station. Because I had egyptian god blood I was not that affected so I was able to follow Annabeth out but I had originally gotten lost. I found them right when Percy came back to camp Hlf blood from Camp Jupiter.

  21. dragonangel106

    My mom would be athena, grandchild of a son of posiodon and i was put in the casino by my grandfather who had also been trapped there. I was put there because in school I was drawing to much attention to myself as an architecht and had built a whole maodel city. I would contribute to the series because the casino is where I met Annabeth at the virtual reality station and followed them out secretly. I have short black hair and greenish grey eyes.

  22. dolphinbrain37


  23. ivoryathena10

    That’s easy for me to answer… I’d be the daughter of Athena (because Athena is awesome!!!)and I would be…. hmm… I would be like the ship’s main hand in THE MARK OF ATHENA and I would also be the co-counselor of the Athena cabin along with Annabeth.

  24. Natalie

    my mother is Artemis and i am a hunter with green eyes and shoking bright red hair that falls to the back of my knees loose, though i usually braid it and wrap it around the top of my head. i contribute to the series by becoming biancas best friend and seeking revenge on knronos out of rage when bianca is found dead.

  25. Reilly

    I would be a daughter of Poseidon because than i would be Percy’s half sister!
    my name would be Catrina and i would have long black hair that went down to my waist. my hair would have different colored streaks compared with my a mood ring but with hair streaks.i would have eyes that are the color of the ocean.i would be locked up in the underworld while Hades is threating to have me eaten by Cerberus. I yell and I scream until Chrion came and saved me. i was then taken to camp half blood where i was claimed by Poseidon and put in the Poseidon cabin. i later joined Percy and Annabeth on their adventures.

  26. Onyxfairy5

    I would be a daughter of Zeus and i would b part of the prophecy in finding Percy and i’ll have super dark black hair (almost purple) and a silver streak through my bangs then i would be thin yet muscled and have a piercing in the crown of my ear and bean introvert and have pale skin with lavender eyes and have the power to bring in storm clouds!

  27. Claire

    My Godly parent would be Athena/Minerva and I would be an Amazon. I would help out Percy, Hazel, and Frank and would visit both camp Jupiter and Halfblood to train the girls that are daughters of Athena/Minerva to fight once a year. I would also take part in a quest. I would lead the Amazons into battle and be a leader

  28. Forevergirl

    Me, my mom would be Athena, and I would be a Hunter. I would be on of the girls who stayed behind in the camp

  29. Athenabird20

    I love both Pokemon and the Percy Jackson series….
    Here’s what Role I would play in th Percy Jackson series:
    I would be a child of Athena. Not just to be on the quest but because I like Athena and I think me and Athena have a lot of things in common. I would assist in The greek camps because I personally think that the Romans are a little complicated.
    So I would assist Annebeth
    <3 Annebeth she is stubbern
    But Awesome! I don’t know what I would do but I know I would be an important part of the mission.

  30. LokiConstellation3

    My mythological parent would be Iris.My name would be Elisabeth, ginger hair,brown eyes. I could be in the prophecy about the 7 heroes.

  31. PurpleArtemis25

    Or, I’d be Percy’s twin sister. I was raised in Poseidon’s palace and go to the mortal world to find Percy. I was taught in swords by the best trainers in the whole ocean and was taught how to make weapons by Tyson himself. My father kept me a secret because he knew that Zeus would try to kill me and Percy but mom insisted on keeping Percy with her. Me and Percy fight side by side and defeat Gaea. Then I’d return to the sea to never be seen again.

  32. PurpleArtemis25

    My name would be Evelynn and I would be a daughter of Hades and one of Artemis’s hunters. I would be the 7th demigod from the prophecy that no know even though of. My BFFs would be Thalia,Annabeth,Percy,Grover,Amy( A spirit assigned by my dad to protect me although it’s usually vice versa)and of course my brother Nico and my sister Hazel. I have the same powers as Nico. In the end, I leave Artemis’s hunters and go to Camp Half Blood,where I start dating Travis Stoll. Oh, and did I mention that I”m the one who told Nico and Hazel how to close the Doors of Death?

  33. bluehawk42

    pokemon or percy jackson…
    hmmm.. if pokemon,i would find a pokemon, capture it and battle ash with my penguin hat on. but if percy jackson, my parent would be hecate and i would curse every demigod

  34. midnightphoenix18

    I would be a Hunter of Artemis yay! I would be traveling the world and helping the Hunters!

  35. mysterysilver5

    i <3 pokemon! so i would catch pokemon, become the best pokemon trainer EVER… and tie a rope to something in the pokemon world and to something in our world so i can always go back. POKEMON FOREVER!!!

  36. cerberusdog3

    I would be a daughter of apollo and i would be very powerful because i would have the the powers of titains and gods

  37. kyjk

    My godly parent would be Athena or Poseidon, can’t make up my mind, or it could be Apollo I love music, or Hestia you can never go wrong with family! PERCY JACKSON AND HEROES OF OLYMPUS RULE!!!!!!!!

  38. kyjk

    My godly parent would be Athena or Poseidon, can’t make up my mind,or it may be Apollo I love music or Hestia you can never wrong with family. PERCY JACKSON BOOKS, AND HEROES OF OLYMPUS RULE!!!!!!!!!!!

  39. redwolf31

    Pokemon’s OK. But Percy Jackson’s more awesome! Even if the movie wasn’t that great and left out a lot of important events from the story. My goddess mother would either by Athena or Artemis (Minerva/Diana[Roman!]). I would contribute to the story by going along with Percy, Annabeth, and Grover on adventures and help out with my advices and skills.

  40. Adrionna

    I choose Pokemon. They are all just so cute! I want to be a Meowth. My favorite Pokemon is a Pikachu.

  41. ALAN


  42. haymaze44

    i am already a child of athena and i’d just like to stay at camp with no major role and play capture the flag. oh yeah!

  43. mermaidaqua62

    I would probably pick percy jacksn over pokemon any day because percy jackson is more adventurist thats why i would pick percy jackson as my godly protecter and my savior out of any one in the whole entire world

  44. Janddy

    Athena would be my mom because wisdom is passed on :) also, I’d help Percy and Annabeth fight the enemies >:)

  45. Alyss

    My godly parent would be Posideon, my grandmother Minerva, & I’m an ex Hunter.
    I would contribute much knowledge, because my character has lived for millineas, ever since the beginning of Greece.

  46. Gregory

    My dad would be Posedion and i could be a part of the prophecy that Racheal Elizabeth Dare saied in the last Percy Jackson book

  47. Cutedramatic

    My godly parent would be Aprhodite. I would help Annabeth and Percy fall in love. I’d be the demi-goddess, of love, that is!

  48. demeterelf1

    Posiden, duh! My name would by Heather and I have shoulder-lengeth blonde hair with icey blue eyes. I was trapped Loctus Casino when I was 13 in 1906, until the two months before Percy went missing.I was put in the Loctus Casino by my dad after the 1906 San Fransisco Earthquake. My mom had died and there was no one to take care of me. I met my best friend Bianca in there. When I’m reasled Percy already missing and I contribute to the Heros of Olympus series by becoming Nico’s love interest and the most worthy ship’s hand (besides Percy, of course!) on the ship to Greece in the upcoming book, Mark of Athena!
    Next week’s writing promt idea hmmmm…
    If you could bring a book character to life or back to life who would it be and why?

  49. Starrninjarawr

    My godly parent would be Athena or Minerva in Roman form and I would help Percy get his memory back.

  50. 44maplesyrup

    my dad would be apollo, and i could be part of the prophecy about the 7 heroes in the heroes of the olympians.

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