July 2, 2012

Planet Earth Writing Prompt

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Today’s Writing Prompt comes from DarkAngel314 on the Save the Planet Message Board.

Why do you love planet Earth?

There are some beautiful responses like this one from DolphinAqua944.
I love the earth because of all the cool and exotic animals and awesome places.

And this one from ApolloJunior2.
It gives us a place to live. It gives us all kinds of things to learn about. It gives us all kinds of beautiful things to look at. It gives us natural resources. It gives us land to build on and much more, and we never give back to the earth. That’s why I love the earth!

What about you? Why do YOU love the Earth? Tell us in the Comments.

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. Witchunicorn5

    i love the earth because it is my home and its natuaral beauty awe me.i love it because of the blue waves crashing against the rock and the field of grass bathed in sunlight.i love because it gives us life and achivements mankind can’t imagane.
    this is our home i’m taljing about.

  2. Maggie

    I love the earth because it is warm around my friends and family and all of my life time I look around me and I say thank you god for this world amonng me.

  3. Akire

    I love Earth because how beautiful the natural islands are. The whole earth is beautiful so we need to work together to keep it clean! :)

  4. eaglenebula3

    i love the world because 1.god made it.2.its a blessing that god lets me live on it,and 3.i get to be blessing on the world to show gods word and be a light to people on this earth.

  5. Hannah

    I love the earth because it’s safe.
    I love the earth because it’s my place.
    I love the earth for its sky.
    I love the earth because it’s mine.
    No money, metal or substance can show me it’s true worth.
    But let me say that I like it because it’s the Earth.

  6. moonlightdragon15

    I love the earth because it has everything we need and without it we wouldn’t be alive! Let’s save the earth!

  7. sillygeegee

    i love earth because earth is what we live on and without earth we would not be alive right?



  9. Tuna G

    it is hard to put my love ino words, but with out the world we would have no where to live.

  10. Gabriela

    I love the earth because it is our only home and we should take care of it. It gives us life and tons of things to do and to experience. It also gives us time to make mistakes and to learn from them. We can also have tons of ideas and inspiration from it.

  11. celebratingbanana10

    I love Earth because it is a very beautiful place that we live on. It also has things that help us live.

  12. TurquoisePanda37

    I love the earth beacause of the amazing animal. The resorses &n the beautiful places

  13. astonishingmaroon3

    I love the Earth because it is the only planet made just right for human beings. It has everything we need, air, water, food, and tons of interesting animals that help us.

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