August 4, 2009

Pet Trouble Continued

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Tuisutherland And now, the
continuation of Tui T. Sutherland’s hilarious story about her dog who hates his
flea medicine. If you haven’t read Part 1, do that first and then come
back here to read the rest of the story. . .

. . . But the most important lesson we learned was a few years
ago, when we had just moved into a tiny apartment in NYC with a little garden
out the back. The “garden” was really more of a patio, but it had a five-foot
circle of dirt in the middle where we could plant flowers, so it was cute, and
Sunshine liked it, and everything was great.

Then one night I gave her her medicine as usual — it’s the
kind where she’s supposed to have it once a month, so this was the first time
we’d used it in this apartment. 

And like I said . . . it was a REALLY small apartment. So there
was nowhere for her to run! She tried dashing up and down the tiny hall, but it
was very unsatisfying. She tried rolling on the couch, but we were sitting on
it, and it wasn’t big enough for us and a crazy rolling dog. She tried leaping
all over the bed, but that wasn’t enough. She wanted to go out! Out into the

So I figured, sure, why not? It’s all fenced in; she can run
in circles around it until she tires herself out and comes back.

Twenty minutes later, I was like, WHAT is she DOING out
there? So I went out to get her…and found THIS:


My perfect angel had discovered that DIRT was the MOST
DIGGING and RRRRRRRRROLLING and BURYING HERSELF in our little dirt patch until

We put her straight in the bathtub, which probably meant
washing off the medicine, which was no doubt her sinister plan all along.


So we’ve definitely learned THAT lesson: Sunshine does not
get to go outside or anywhere near dirt after we put on her flea & tick
medicine, until at least four hours later (or preferably a whole night later),
when she’s finally calmed down.

Pettroublefan Other than that,
though, she really is pretty perfect . . . most of the time . . .

What about you guys? What kind of hilarious trouble have
your dogs (or cats or gerbils or birds or fish) gotten into? (OK, I’d be very
amused to hear a badly-behaved fish story.) Now it’s your turn. Join the Pet
Trouble Message Board
and share a funny pet story! Sunshine and I can’t
wait to read them! :)

— Tui T. Sutherland, Pet Trouble author

Dog photos courtesy of Tui T. Sutherland

  1. sarah

    OMG! ILY “how 2 be a girly girl in just ten days” best story lol nikki plz add me bye lol <3333

  2. Blue Fox

    My dog Boots LOVES to chew on stuff EVEN STUFFED ANIMALS! at Christmas awhile ago my dad gave me a CUTE bear that lighted up when you pressed a button. I think my dad thought that Boots wouldn’t attack it HE WAS REALLY WRONG when i woke up the next morning I heard arguing between my dad and my step mom he was blaming her for something Icouldn’t hear and she for the same thing! When I went into the kitchen my dad looked at me said,”I’m so sorryPrincess ,but boots chewed up your toy” he then took out from behind him A WET ,SOGGY ,WIRE CUT, BEAR.Bots was busy chewing on abone to notice I was giving him THE LOOK well ikept the bear an got anew toy that was ALMOST eaten by boots it is a moose so what about you has you pet ever chewed up something of yours?

  3. cookiem1225

    That is so GORGEOUS!!! It sounds just like my cat, Nikki.I just fell in love with that story when i read it!!!LOL!

  4. Abby127

    One time my family had company over. We were talking in the living room. my dog got into my parents room, the hamper was in there she grabed my moms underware and ran around the house including the living room and showed the company.My mom was so embarrassed:(

  5. epiphanypinkstand

    my cat loves being rubbed. he sometimes cover his face or eyes.i try to keep him out my room.cause my room is just like a tornado.sometimes he scratches me. sometimes he jumps on me

  6. shayshaypink

    My cat loves being rubbed. She rubs herself against the walls, and everywhere! She is so attached to me she spends most of her time lying around on my bed lazily(because she knows where my room is!). If I don’t pet her while I am sleeping, then she will scratch me! She is so hard and outrageous if her litter box isn’t cleaned because my room already looks like it got hit by a tornado and doesn’t need to have extra brown and yellow spots!!!!

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