August 23, 2011

Percy Jackson Trivia Answers

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Lightningthief_130 Last Thursday was Percy Jackson’s birthday and we asked you how well you know the world famous demi-god (those of you who haven’t been living on another planet for the last 10 years, anyway). Here are the answers to last week’s Percy Jackson Trivia Quiz!

And ArtemisHunting4 asked a good question: How old is Percy? Does anyone know?

  1. Who is Annabeth’s mother? Athena
  2. Who is Clarisse’s father? Ares
  3. What sort of creature is Mr. Brunner? Centaur
  4. What sort of creature is Grover? Satyr
  5. Two words: What is the name of Percy’s boarding school? Yancy Academy
  6. How many Olympian gods are there? 12
  7. What type of tree is on top of Half-Blood Hill? Pine
  8. What is Mr. D’s full name? Dionysus
  9. What sort of animal head hangs above Ares’ cabin? Boar
  10. Name one thing that Hermes is the god of. Travelers, thieves, merchants, and roads
  11. Who is the wife of Zeus? Hera
  12. What is the pattern on Mr. D’s shirt? Tiger
  13. Where do Percy and his mother like to go on vacation? Montauk
  14. Three words: according to Percy’s mom, how did his dad disappear? Lost at sea
  15. Who is Dionysus’ father? Zeus
  16. What is Dionysus restricted from? Wine, alcohol
  17. What part of the Big House seems mysterious to Percy? Attic
  18. What does Percy use to defeat Clarisse when she tries to bully him? Toilets, plumbing
  19. What lives in the canoe lake? Naiads
  20. Aside from pinochle, what is another game Dionysus considers the greatest human achievement? Gladiator fighting or Pacman
  21. What is Smelly Gabe’s last name? Ugliano
  22. What sort of creature tried to attack young Percy when he was taking a nap in daycare? Snake
  23. Who was Zeus’ mother, who hid him from Kronos? Rhea
  24. Chiron says there is a statue of what Greek mythological figure in Rockefeller Center? Prometheus
  25. Who is the Greek lord of the dead? Hades

I’m kind of sad that no one from another planet commented, but I understand if you’re just shy. If you have an answer for how old Percy is, leave it in the Comments!

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Questions and answers courtesy of Disney Hyperion

  1. jonah

    Percy is actually18 right now in the trials of a Apollos and is about to go to college in new Rome

  2. Anonymous

    Well I thought Mr.D has leopard patterns on his shirt and not Tiger. Correct me if i am wrong.

  3. mermaidcupcake105

    no Rick Riordan started a new series. It is called the heroes of Olympus (age 10 and up)

  4. Jason

    Actually he’s 16 because in the heroes of Olympus it takes place in June and July. His birthday is in August but in the book

  5. bulldogchatty65

    It depends on which book you are talking about. In the LIghtning theif he is 12, and in the last olympian he is 16. Then in the next series, all the books are equal to one year, so he is seventeen in the last series.

  6. sarah

    What does the scene in the throne room tell you about each of the three friends annabeth, grover and percy

  7. snowtechnology9

    He’s 16, because all of the Heroes of Olympus books take place in the same year, and he was 16 in The Last Olympian.

  8. The word Yolo is used by people that haven't watched supernatural tv shows.

    He actually did have a tiger print shirt thing i have the book beside me right now………..

  9. Delena

    I totally love Rick Riordan books because I love Greek mythology and Roman mythology!!He writes awesome twists in reality and fantasy.

  10. Jeane

    I have read all the books of Percy Jackson and I cannot wait until the house of hades comes out. I love these series.

  11. Jeane

    I wouldn’t barge in Annabeth’s and Percy’s relationship, I look up to Percy as a role model, like a older brother.

  12. purpledance104

    ok i so love percy jackson he is so cool but grover is so funny how he eats furniture when hes sad or nervous and i so wish camp half blood is real!

  13. aphroditedolphin6

    Oh my goodness!!!! I LOVE the percy jackson series!!!! I also LOVE the follow-up series, The heroes of Olympus!!!!!! Rick Riordan is definetly my favorite author!!!!!

  14. adventurehawk4

    Percy was 16 n The Last Olympian. The Prophecy stated that the downfall or saving of Olympus would come when the child of the Big Three turned 16.

  15. Christine

    I just love the Rick Riordan books!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I want more of them!!!
    I find Greek myths facinating!!!!!!!!!!!!

  16. fashionfairy20

    i luv that book so much when the movie came out i had to whatch it. but i think the book is way better cuz i can picture it in my mine better than the movie maybe i should have not readed the book.

  17. stanma85

    Percy is 18 this year because in book 6 which was published in 2009, Percy was 16. Add two years and you’ve got 18.

  18. GNoletsgoe1

    Percy actually isn’t 18. He’s still 16,as Rick Riordan said what’s great about the book world is that characters don’t have to age or something.

  19. LynxLaunching2

    Percy’s twelve at the beginning and sixteen at the end. In The Lost Hero, three months after The Last Olympian, I think he’s still sixteen.

  20. Rachel

    If we’re going by publishing year (i.e., he was 12 in 2005), he would be 18. But in the timeline of the books (as far as we know), he’s still 16 because he hasn’t had a birthday yet.

  21. Jada

    Percy jackson and the lightning thief is my favorite book and my favorite movie is the same, but i like the book better than the movie because it makes you seem like your acctually there in the story with him

  22. kamea

    i just looked in book and it says :He wore a tiger-pattern shirt……. so i guess they were right i really did think it was leopard though… anyway he starts out 12 and in the last Olympian he’s 16!!!

  23. shoppingipod1

    i am in lovvvvvve with percy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! pssh, annabeth. move out of my way!!!!!

  24. AG

    Percy Jackson is AMAZING!! I can’t wait for the second book in the Heroes of Olympus series: The Son of Neptune (which btw is Percy!!) but it comes out in October…. too far away!!! I love Percy Jackson and Annabeth and Grover way more than the new Heroes of Olympus characters. I am so happy that the old characters come back too!!!!

  25. ivan

    i have already read one book of Percy Jackson and that is The Titans Curse and now i am reading The Sea Monsters i know that is going backwards and the titans curse is the third book but look i watched the movie the lightning thief and the books are better but when i am done with book 2 i will read book 1 and then book 4 and ten book 5.Percy Jackson is A-W-E-S-O-M-E!!!!!!!!!!!! :) :) :)

  26. Amber

    i got them all right! Except the bit about the tiger print, cuz this quiz is basically about book one, and in later books he wears leopard print. I only had to look up 2 answers from my book! Go PJO!!!!

  27. Bailey

    i have all the Percy Jackson books and The Lost Hero by Rick Riordan. Nothin’s cooler than Percy Jackson!!!! Best books ever!!!!!!!!!!

  28. Abby

    Percy turned 16 in Last Olympian, and it`s been 2 years since that was published. So now, Percy is… 18!!!!!

  29. SilverFairy1

    i swear that the print on Mr.d’s jakcet is leopard! Oh well. you guys are prob. right. This was really fun btw!

  30. miniartemis

    We aliens like our discretion. But, we got so excited over this Percy Jackson demi-human that we took the unanimous vote to send you humans (or demi-humans!) a rare message : GOBBLEDEROOKABLEUKEHWOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Thousands of excuses, we have forgotten to use the transalation app. Here’s what it means : OMG WE SO TOTALLY LOVE PERCY JACKSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Yes, there are a few teenagers in this room.

  31. cutie3500

    Percy Jackson is 16 years old. And my Percy Jackson handbook said that the pattern on Mr. D’s shirt was Leopard, so I don’t know about Tiger.

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