November 28, 2009

Percy Jackson Movie vs. Book

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Pjato_130 The Lightning Thief movie is coming out February 12, 2010. Of course we are all super-excited, but the big question for fans of the book is: Will it be a lot different than the book?

Here are 3 different answers from 3 key people who are very close to the book and the movie. . .

Brandon T. Jackson, the actor who plays Grover, has this to say:
“Of course you can go into more detail, but it’s already two and a half hours. And it’s not long in a bad way but there’s only so much you can put in it. I think that they got all the major points of the story. That’s what makes it really cool. Chris [Columbus] is such a great director because he had to do it in a way where it really is entertaining and is also — you can’t take everything from the book. You’ll get some flak from a lot of the kids who will say, “I didn’t expect Grover to look like this.” “I didn’t expect Alexander to look like this.” But when you take it for the entertainment value I think the movie comes out to be really really cool from what I saw. It sticks pretty close to the book with the characters and everything the way they are. It balances out well for entertainment value for people who haven’t read the book, and for people who have read the book you can go back and draw your own conclusions and have your own magical experiences.”

Logan Lerman, the actor who plays Percy, also weighs in:
“With portraying Percy I tried to keep it — I didn’t want to change that that much. Except for the fact that I’m a little bit older than the written character. But the truth is we changed a lot of the book. We changed a lot of things around to make the movie work because you have to make things a little bit different so it can be its own film and work on screen. We changed a lot of the things though. But I’m pretty sure that fans of the book will be able to appreciate Rick’s writing, and will still accept this as a different medium from the book that adds a whole different take on the book from another person’s eyes, from Chris Columbus’ vision and even makes it more grand, even more unique. It’s really cool.”

Rick_riordan And finally, Rick Riordan, the author himself offers his opinion of the movie on his blog:
“Will the movie be exactly like the book? Well to start with, I have never seen a movie that was exactly like the book it came from, so I think it’s safe to say no. Movies are a totally different medium. What you’ll be seeing is not The Lightning Thief book copied page for page onto the screen. What you’ll be seeing is Chris Columbus’ interpretation of The Lightning Thief story. . . Let the movie be the movie, and the books be the books, and try to enjoy the story without getting too worked up about any differences.”

So there you have it. What do you think? Will the movie be as good as the book? Let me know what you think in the Comments.

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Brandon T. Jackson and Logan Lerman interviews by Marie Morreale

UPDATE January 29, 2010:
Check it out! We’ve got more Lightning Thief cast interviews!

  1. Spideypool

    Well, to be fair I liked the movie. Then I read the books. Now I hate the movie. :-) *sigh* The Percy Jackson series weren’t written to be able to adapt into movies because… well, the only result you can get is CHEESY. However, the books are very able to be formed into an animated series, either movies or TV shows. It definitely can have a Big Hero 6 and Rise of the Guardians vibe. It would totally do the books justice, not to mention children and adults alike would love it.

  2. bulldogchatty65

    Well, I have to say, the movie isn’t exactly like the book so much,(most of the time they aren’t) but the movie period was awesome. I love in the end when Gabe turns to stone. (giggle, giggle)

  3. Jackie

    the movie was different from the book in a lot of ways, but it was still good. of course, the book was better, but we all knew it would be anyway…

  4. Awesome

    I loved the books, and I’m sorry but the film really did not live up to expectations; I’m not saying it should have followed the book exactly but the plot totally strayed from the book. And it wasn’t even that good a plot.

  5. alexander slick.

    ok first off i hated how different the movie and book were to each other, im writin my own book and i swear, it gets published nd someone wants to make it a movie ill let em but they are stickin to the book as close as possible

  6. Julia

    omg im so angry i hated the movie compared to the book it was terible they left out alot of characters, main events, and they got the ages wrong logan wats his face already looks 16 so how is he spoused to turn 16 in the movie?? and annabeth is spoused to have blonde hair and they left out the scene with ares and omg i could say so much more but i wont the movie stunk they could at least take out the parts that didnt happen i mean come on they put in parts they never happened in the book that was the worst movie i had ever scene in my whole life!!!!!!

  7. Lex 666

    I love Percy Jackson and Logan Lerman very much! I hope he will be very good actor in his films. Good luck!!!
    P.S. I READ ALL 5 BOOKS WITHIN 2 DAYS! It wasn’t difficult for me. Ric Riordan is a very good writer! Thank you!

  8. Emanual

    I was really ticked off with the movie mostly because of the chase for the three orbs. There was no chase in the book period. Also i thought Percy’s mom stayed with Hades, not Grover. And didnt Ares give Percy the sheild, not Luke. AND SINCE WHEN COULD GROVER DRIVE!! The ending I can understand because they could just end a movie with him fainting from a scorpion sting, but everything else was just terrible. There’s a whole lot more I can complain about in this movie like for example, they didnt fight a hydra(5 headed-dragon) until book 2 or 3 (cant remember completely)

  9. carlie

    ok, so ive read all of the comments, and i think the people that said the movie was nothing like the book are right. the movie was soooo different and i would be really mad if i were rick, and i think he should really do something about the sea of monsters, especially if the creators are going to skim over everything like the lightning theif!!!

  10. Mary

    I hated the movie i’m a fan of the books i’ll list some of the folts in the movie.
    1. wrong story
    the story was wrong they don’t go looking for the perls but get givn them.
    2. missing charicters
    they missed all the importen’t charicters like kronos and tharlia and the bules,the list gose on and on.
    3. age
    the charicters are 12 in the first book not 16.
    annabeth is a blond not a bronet. grover is white and has no strenth at all.
    add vise
    If the derector of percy jackson is reading this then I’ll tell you to chuse so diffrent acters deffently for annabeth chuse someone that has blond hair and is 12.

  11. haley

    i have seen it and it is realy good story and thecast he picked the wist and the ones how play the part the best

  12. Devin

    Dear Rick Riordan,
    My name is Devin I am Jillian’s nephew. She is 10 I am 4 almost 5. Jillian read parts of the book and they were really good. I really wanted to see the movie ,but it would be to scary. Devin

  13. Jillian

    Hi. I just adored your books they are sooooooooo good. I hope you right more Percy Jackson books. P.S The kids who werein my last year’s class picked a Greek God or Demigod,nd was that person for the rest of the year. That was half way through the school year. P.SS We had 10 people read your books in my class including me.Also We had a girl in my class read you P.J books 4 times before School ended. I am on my second time. Jillian.

  14. Chris

    I absolutely loved the books and believe me, I understand that movie versions are always going to be a little different… BUT…this movie was so completely different that it was a whole other story in itself. Other than character names, the movie didn’t resemble the book even a little bit. Some VERY key characters and scenes were completely ignored. It was a horrible adaptation and I was so disappointed that I wanted to return the dvd and get my money back. If the series is to be continued on screen, I sincerely hope they do some serious work in salvaging the rest of the books.

  15. Percy

    Yo the only thing I really missed was the fight with ares other then that it as a great movie.

  16. pinksummer2313

    For the guy that just went to the Titan’s curse, YOU CAN’T!!!! Believe me, you’d miss a whole lot!!!

  17. pinksummer2313

    Eh. They could have a least gotten like Dakota Fanning to do Annabeth or something.

  18. Carolyn

    Personally, i have to agree with many of the comments above. When i first started reading the series, i was OBSSESED.I bought every single book in the series, and I gobbled them up (figureatively, of course). I’m presently re-reading the series, and I’m wating for my younger sister to finish the first book so we can watch the movie together.
    At first, I was really dissapointed with the cast choice. I watched Bridge to Terrabithia(sorry if i spelled that wrong),ani a agree with many of my friends that the kids who play leslie and jessie would be perfect for annabeth. I also think the little kid, Maxx, from wizards of waverly place would make a good grover. (emma watson for thalia?)but after reading the article above, I have to agree with the, too. No movie will ever be perfect, and no matter how the actors/actresses look, if they portray the charecter well, i’m happy.
    In all, im excited to see the movie, and I hope that chris columbus at least did a decent job with the storyline.

  19. dylan

    ok i am soooooooooo disipointed with the movie but i MUST say the book was the BESTEST book i have read and i hav read over 1,000 in 2 years. but Logan Lerman was CUTE

  20. Cari

    I still think that the movie should have stay true to the book! The movie was ok and all but the book as better and staying true to the book could have made the movie better. As a future film producer i honestly think the movie could have gotten better ratings,acknowlegement and publicity. Never the less Good Luck with the sea of monsters.

  21. Iggy

    I didnt really like the movie.. Opposition view now… I feel the way they made the movie is without foresight, as it does not pave the way well for the next few installments. On top of that, the removed ideas were too avid.. If it were a 4 hour movie, and it were about the same as the book, I would have rated it waaay higher.

  22. Percy Jackson Lover (BOOKS ONLY!)

    The movie is NOTHING like the book! They totally ruined it!! and Worse of all, THEY LEFT OUT CLARISSE AND ARES! DO THEY KNOW HOW IMPORTANT CLARISSE IS????!!!!
    AND I MAJORLY HATE THAT ANNABETH IS OLD ENOUGH TO BE A MOM! I MEAN, FOR GOD SAKE, WHAT WILL YOU DO WHEN SHE TURNS THIRTY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    GO TO TARTARUS!!!!!!

  23. erin

    the moive left a lot of partes out that i would of loved to see. so i hope in the next movie it more like the book. Also i would of liked some 6 garder play the part but it ok.

  24. random person

    i love percy jackson soooooo much!i have read all the books at least twice and i still don’t find them the least bit boring. the movie is good but you know waht really sucks in the movie the drive. THEY ARE SUPPOSED TO BE TWELVE YEAR OLDS plus they completely changed the story line and left out Kronos

  25. songcritic101

    I cant believe the book is so different. i can name 10 things different, easy.
    1. Mr. D
    2. Clarisse
    3. Hades’s Helm
    4. Ares
    5. He new his dad was Posiden before capture the flag
    6. Annabeth was described as blonde and tan. in the movie, she’s white and brown haired.
    7. They didn’t ride with a zebra.
    8. they took out the giant chiwawa
    9. Kronos
    10. Oracle of Delphi
    sooooooooooooo mad.

  26. Abraham

    I have read all 5 of the Percy Jackson and the Olympians books and they were GREAT!!! I loved each and every one of them! And when the movie cam out i was so excited to see it…..but it turned out it stunk!!!! They left so many good parts from the book that needed to be included and also changed the story completly to make it more entertaining!! What is wrong with HollyWood?!? They totaly messed up on the movie. Let me show some examples….first off they did not all of a sudden know who Percy’s dad was, second the never got in a fight with Anabeth, third they NEVER included Ares daughter, fourth they didnt show ARES, fith the lightning bolt wasnt in a shield and Percy and Luke never fought on little flying shoes!! Sixth the Lotus Casino wasnt like that, they didnt eat any flower cookie things tht made them stay there. Seventh they started off with three pearls. Eigth there was never a HYDRA in the book!!! Ninth they totaly messed up the look of the gods, especially Posideon and Hades. And then the most important thing in the book, THEY NEVER INCLUDED THE BLUE CANDY!!!! THIS MOVIE STUNK AND IT RUINED THE BOOKS IMAGE!!!

  27. John W

    I feel that Rick has sold his audience out… The movie was absolutely terrible. No chemistry of characters; completely changed characters (i.e Grover and Annaberth); poor story line – different to the book…
    Whilst I understand he didn’t write the script, he should have made an effort to keep the movie to fit the book. The changes were to noticeable.

  28. poseidon fan

    iv read the book and iv seen the movie.Movie wise i think that it is pretty good.Book wise it doesn’t show alot of deitals inbetween locations and they used alot of key fraises, not that it isn’t good but i would of followd the book more like there age, the acters did a great job i think

  29. you

    they took out the poodle and killer chihuahua. and most of all CLARRISE and the whole camp half blood was changed from the buildings to the activities they play. isn’t annabeth supposed to be on percy’s team in capter the flag. and isn’t luke supposed to call a hellhound into the camp not Hadese they changed the whole capture the flag game from people on whose team to how the people positioned eachother.

  30. bobthebuilder

    they changed the whole purpose of the movie. they completely left Kronos out of the movie. Therefore Lukes purpose was completely changed. Going from wanting to bring the gods to war to bring Kronos back to power. To wanting the demi-gods to come to power. There were very few similarities, and I have to write a compare and contrast paper between the book and the movie because my teacher paid for me to go see it. I am having a very hard time determining the important differences to the ones that don’t matter. It is taking me forever to find some similarities please help me thank you

  31. Icebreather101

    Hey guys! The movie was WAY different from the book series. Firstoff, the characters were different looking and the characters in the movie are older than they should have in the book. THE PROHACY!!! Second, it didnt show much detail and the only action part was with Medusa and the Minutaur. The director really should have foucused on the main plot on the book, which was finding the bolt, but he didnt give a big headline to it. Cal, i agree with you too! The books were fantastic and you would expext the same with me movie but sadly it didnt work out right. I spent my whole allowence just to see the movie but in the end, being a little dissapointed. I the movie, they jump to conclusions just to make it BOOM get it? WEll, thanks! ^_^

  32. Sydney

    Annabeth is supposed to have a crush on Luke! But i still Luv the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  33. percyj99

    I saw the movie, although it was absolutely NOTHING like the book, it still rocked. At the end, I almost thought that Annabeth and Percy would kiss, but I was SO relieved when they didn’t.
    The Kane Chronicles aren’t sounding as appealing as PERCY JACKSON, but then again, I may be surprised.

  34. ahlam

    i think that the movie was better than the book. Anyways if you seen the movie, i figured why they said not to look into Madosa’s eyes because if you do the people in the theaters might think that they will turn into stone by her.

  35. writersrule101

    i am probably never watching the movie,even though i read the book and it was awesome. it seems like every time i watch the movie of something i read it takes the imagination out of it!!! they always leave out tons of important stuff and make it way different!!! i like how when u read a book u can guess how every1 and everything looks and envision it the way that suits u. thats why i like 2 read.

  36. Famkas20

    I haven’t seen the movie yet,but lots of my friends who saw it say they didn’t like it. They said it missed some really important stuff. I am already finished with the first so i don’t think i’ll be seeing the movie. At least till i forget the whole book then there’s a possibility.

  37. short_ninja

    i LOVED the book it was sooo awesome but the movie missed so much good stuff! they even forgot ares and his shield at the waterpark and hades totally didnt look how i imagined.they didnt even introduce kronos, and he’s like the main villan! and you’re right annabeth is supposed to like luke! plus, annabeth is supposed to be blond and she and percy are supposed to be twelve. its not that hard! the movie wouldve been good for someone who didnt read the book, but since i did, i hated the movie

  38. Marytonga

    Without Clarisse, Thalia, Grover’s searcher’s licence, and the Oracle, how can you make Sea of Monsters?

  39. ihatethemovie

    A list of what they missed in the movie:
    Thalia(How theire going to make the sea of monsters??),
    Kronos(How theire gonna make number 5?),
    Annabeth’s blond hair,
    where did theyget the ideas for he pearls???,
    Charon’s pay rise,
    Mr.D!!! (Dyonysus),
    Annabeth is suposed to like Luke!,
    They weren’t suposed to use the bolt.,
    Oh ya, they forgot the Oracle(How theire gonna make Rachel???),
    Grover is suposed to get searchers licence(How theire going to make the sea of monsters??),
    Can you hear me out there Rick?? Re-make the movie!!PLZ!!!!
    P.S. I hated the movie and loved all books, I cant wait for book 6 (next series).

  40. Rachel

    First off,the movie was AWESOME but completely different from the books.Sure,it still had the loose “kid finds out that he’s the son of Poseidon,goes on a quest to get Zeus’s lightning bolt back.” plot,but almost EVERYTHING else was different!I was so mad with the writers of the movie!I’m glad they put the “Gabe gets turned into a statue by Medusa’s head” scene,though.That was awesome.In the movie theater where I saw it with my 3 friends,pretty much everyone were teens or adults.Almost no kids in there.Does that say something about the target audience?The movie was definitely not for little kids,more for teens.All in all,it was a surreal experience seeing an awesome book come to life,even if it failed in book-movie transitioning.My opinion: Stand-alone movie:100 stars! Book-to-movie:1 star.I hope they make the sequel at all,and if they do,make it at least a little more accurate than this one.

  41. Carrie

    This is NOT Percy Jackson. Hydra (not in this book)? No Kronos? Luke being talked to over the computer, where is the Iris message? Basics are laking like Percy is 12 and Annabeth has blond hair. How hard it that to stick to? Totally disappointed. Why change such a great thing?

  42. demigod fan

    The movie was ok…if you haven’t read the books. If you have, then by the end you, like me, will be disgusted and wondering how they could dare call this movie the same name. Change everything (almost) about the the book- then call it a different name because it is not AT ALL the same thing. The book is involved and makes sense, and the movie skims everything and eliminated all the best parts of the book! Don’t tell me you couldn’t get that involved in the storyline- Harry Potter manages to stay fairly true to story, and no one cares that they are 3 hours long, because they WANT to see the story they love on the big screen. Badly done, Riordan, you should have insisted they did things the right way or not at all. Take a lesson and do SEA OF MONSTERS right.

  43. gylfie97

    where’s clarisse? where’s echidna? what’s up with the character’s ages? They left out some of my favorite things!!!!!!!!!! the movie is awesome in it’s own, non-booky way though…

  44. A.J.

    Yo wass up!yea dude i totally agree
    they changed so much in the movie. Annabeth-brown hair?!
    Pearls-Lotus casino,medusa’s lair, Parthenon?! The parthenon wasn’t even in the book! and pj’s mom stays, not grover!? persephone- not in book!? arch in St.louis wasn’t in the movie! procrustes wasn’t either! is Riordan happy ?! I wouldnt be

  45. evb6

    The movie was waaaaaaaaaay better than the book. The movie was awesome and I did’nt expect them to go to the Underworld. And I did’nt expect the whole movie to be about them going to the Underworld. I hate that Luke is the Lightning Thief.

  46. Mrs. C

    OMG! Nothing like the book. I am a teacher and a mother of a teen boy. I read the series at the recommendation of my son. I loved the whole series and I was soooooo looking forward to seeing the movie. It was a fun movie for kids who have never read the book, but those kids (and their parents) that actually read the book were disappointed. From the aging process and the change of venue and key players…I feel (and my kid) betrayed. A quote I read from a young fan…. “not sticking completely to a Potter book…understandable, the books are 1,000 pages each…Not coming close on a book 350 pages long…not forgivable.” I feel the same! :-(

  47. Abbey

    I expected luke to look like my friend blake but with a scar beneth hi eye he didn’t even have a scar

  48. jake


  49. sarah


  50. nnndsjhcjbksddqoipoejcnlz

    what the heck. i thought that the pearls were gived to him by his daddio. and whats up with all the differences? clarrise was my fav person in the books and shes not even in the movie! and what bout the river of love? and duznt percy give the flying shoes to grover? i am so upset i will never live again. i hope they do a re-make of it.

  51. chase

    i did not like the movie compared to the book. i think you should eathier read the book or watch the movie or else you will be upset.

  52. Kendyl

    I saw the movie and was very dissapointed.. :( they completely changed the plot the acting is horrible, the special effects were like a disney channel movie. i know that movies arent exactly like the books but COME ON!! the movie should be re-named percy jackson and the olympians the search for persiphones pearls (wich isnt in the book) and ares and clarrise are not even in it and there is a battle with luke?!?!

  53. Bonnie

    I hated to movie. The didn’t just make teensy changes, they left out major point. It was Aries who stole to lightning, where was clarisa, the orical, and this kid was not 12. Loved the books.

  54. Maddie

    I watched the movie the first day it came out. I have to admit I was disapointed because it was SO different. But what good would it be if you were just seeing the same things from the book. If you have read the books then it would be a bit boring. I expected I would know everything that was coming but I didn’t. What good would it be if you knew what was going to happen. I give it 5 stars!!

  55. s

    i already read the first and the second book.. and im so excited to watch the movie but its turns out to be different… yeah we can say that its different from movie and books but, why they change some major part of the book… like the pearls and everything…. im kinda disappointed about it…
    the director change everything what the writer portrays in the book.

  56. FantasyReader07

    I saw it. I thought the movie was okay, but some of the things could have TOTALLY been changed. I mean, the kids didn’t sneak out, they went to Hades as a quest. They thought he had the lightning bolt. And there was never a duel to the death between Luke and Percy, it was Ares! And at the end, Grover went off in a search for Pan. Plus, he had horns through the whole thing, and was getting his searchers license. Really kind of disappointed as far as being true to the book. But it was a good movie if you disregard being true to the book.

  57. harryisthebest

    i saw the movie friday and it still had a lot of the same themes of the book. i didn’t expect them to change so much. the pearls werent that bi g a deal in the book, but a lot of the same things still happened. i was pretty happy with it. :)

  58. BlackMouth182

    I went to see the Lightning Theif movie, and well…lets just say its only like half the book. I cant wait `till “The Sea of Monsters” movie.

  59. jittery7

    Man, I was so exited when I went to go see this that when the movie started, I accidently snorked a peice of popceorn up my nose!!! I thought that it was really a good movie compared to the book which was really good too. Even so, the movie was really funny!They were both equally good, in my opinion.

  60. lee

    i love the book and im so exited to see the movie and Rick Riordan is my fav auther but he spends a whole page describing Anabeths hair and in the movie shes brunette!!!!!!

  61. Katie

    I saw the movie opening day (*squeals*) and it was COMPLETELY different than the movie. I won’t give anything away, but they completely cut out major parts in understanding the next few books. (SPOILER ALERT: there was no scene with Ares and Kronos was never even mentioned) I still thought the movie was amazing!

  62. Jess

    It’s not even close. They left out MAJOR MAJOR plot points and characters. I’m not even sure how they’d make a second movie since they have nowhere to start from. I don’t want to give spoilers but the two main villians aren’t even characters in the movie. The whole reason behind the lightening bolt being stolen is changed. Even the characters they do have aren’t the same. There is so much missing from the movie. I certainly didn’t expect it to be exact. I understand that it is a movie, not a book and things need to be changed. The age thing, for instance, is minor. But they didn’t even get close. Huge stuff is changed or missing. It’s not like they couldn’t make the movie with that stuff in there either. They just didn’t feel like it I guess. It’s not a bad movie. I just don’t see why it even pretends to be from the book. The names are right. That’s about it.

  63. cee cee

    There were major differences. Ares and Clarisse were’nt in the movie at all. That changed the plot and switched the main antagonist. The personalities of characters were noticeably different in the movie than the book.The movie has Annabeth all warrior, rather than mostly brainiac. Grover was a take charge, confident, cool, ladies man in the movie,barely recognizable from his literary counterpart. This difference was so dramatic, it was distracting. I suppose these differences were made to main characters by director Chris Columbus in an effort to limit the inevitable comparisons to Harry Potter. But why change the person who sets Percy up from Ares to Luke?

  64. camp half blood

    Yhe movie was sooo different and it skipped a lot of parts in the book, but it was one of the best moviues ever.Cant wait till sea of monsters.

  65. leslie

    I was very disappointed in the movie and not because it was so different from the book, but because of the use of language. My 8 year old loves the books and has been so excited about the movie coming out and i had explained to him that movies are never true to the book but this movie was way off. Percy and his friend are 12 in the first book not teenagers. Shame on the people who took a beloved book for young childern and made it into this. We will not be seeing any more of the Percy Jackson movies if they come out.

  66. jl456

    The movie’s missed out on some major characters and plot lines from the book. It was extremely disappointing. I know that movies cannot be the same as the book but this movie really changes the story. The Harry Potter movies stay closer to the book. For example the Percy Jackson movie is missing:
    The Oracle
    The God of Wine – the camp director
    anything about the Mist
    any distinct character about Olympus – the chairs are supposed to be different for each god!
    These are integral parts of the book that could have been addressed instead of spending time making up a whole new story!

  67. David

    After seeing the movie, I feel a little disappointed. The lack of mist, Ares, Dionysus and Kronos really make me worry that if more movies are made, they will be totally different.

  68. Michelle

    My son loves the whole Percy Jackson series and could not wait to see the film version. We went to see the movie today and he left so upset and wishes we never went. The only thing the same in this movie were the kids names. I can’t see there being a second movie unless Chris Columbus just rewrites the book (which is basically what he did to this one!) VERY SAD this had the potential to be great, but sadly this will go down in flames with Eragon and The Golden Compass:(

  69. Zach

    I was very disappointed in the movie. I understand that you can’t fit all the detail of a book into a movie, but a lot of the main details were left out. Clarisse is one of the main characters when it comes to the later books, and it didn’t even introduce her in this movie. There are also many other important characters that weren’t even mentioned and i thought the whole point of the gods not being able to talk to their kids (especially the Big Three) was because of the Oracle and the kid turning 16. They didn’t even mention the Oracle in this!
    It is a very good movie for someone who has not read the book. But being I have read all 5 books numerous times, I was very disappointed. I am hoping for a movie for every book, but I hope they step the next ones up and add more of the main detail.

  70. kk

    I apsolutly love the first book and i am in the middle of the second book.
    I really hope the movie is mostl like the book……. bt have you ever had that. I cant wait to see this movie

  71. sam

    I just saw the movie, and wow, soo different. Story plot, details, enemies, the list could go on and on. The part where he meets the greek gods is pretty much on target. It shouldn’t be related to the book in anyway. Whole new story line.

  72. K

    Just to let you guys know. One of the reasons that the actors are so much older than the characters is because they changed the ages of the characters for the movie. (they will be 18 or 16 I forget which)
    The reason the characters ages are changed is that they can’t have 12 year olds running around with swords and shooting arrows. So they decided to make Percy and Annabeth be in High School.

  73. Jane

    When I first saw the teaser trailer I was like, this percy is too cool-looking! This Annabeth looks too soft and brunette! This Grover is too old! But then I feel if the actors really act into it, they might make it work. I can’t wait! I am a HUGE bookworm and Percy Jackson fan! WHOO!

  74. puppy9298


  75. estefany

    i am obssesed with Pjo Series i think they are awesome…. i cant wait for the movie. i have read all the books and i fell in love with them..
    when i first saw the movie trailer i didnt recignize it..but then im like OMG!!!!!!! i coulnt breath..i was shocked and i started screaming …. i just cant wait iam really excited

  76. MythTeacher

    I hope the movie is good. I think of how much Eragon the movie differed from the book and cringe. My students are upset about the changes-especially that Annabeth is not blonde, and that the actors are older-and they have not even seen it yet! How fast they forget what made Harry Potter great was that the cast was as described in the book! Ultimately the vote will be cast by ticket sales.

  77. halley

    i am a really big fan and i can not wait for the movie!!! the cast really is cast well and i really like logan lerman as percy!! Everybody knows movies and books never are the same. someof the little things may bugyou but just enjoy that they made it a movie!!

  78. karen

    I AM SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO exited. hi, i am karen iam a 10 year old i have read all the books at least 5 times!THE LIGHTNING THIEF is the one that started it all!

  79. Amber

    I am one of the biggest PJO fans ever!!! I found it Last year because everyone was reading it so i decided “sure? Why not?” I LOVED it! when my friend and I went to see Harry p. 6, the commercial started and we were both squealing and jumping in our seats! But then I saw the other trailers and went online I found out how awful it would be! I’m only glad now that the movie will give it some much-needed fame.

  80. Madison

    The only thing bugging me is appearance. I don’t necissarily mind grover, i think he actually looks pretty snazzy! but annabeth….idk, it wouldn’t have killed them to dye her hair blonde! and, i’m sorry but in the trailers i’ve seen she seems waaaaaay to warrior…i mean annabeth was always a fighter but i don’t recall her being so agressive! her biggest strength was always her logic….so idk….and they don’t kiss till later i don’t like her whole “I definantly have strong feelings for you, i just havn’t decided if there positive or negative”

  81. :(( sad

    What the heck, im super disappointed, i didnt think Grover would look that.
    Annabeth is supposed to be blonde. Logan and Alexandra dont look good together.
    Besides the cast everything else seems good.
    The gods pretty much looked like what i thought they would, LOGAN IS CUTE! I mean Percy :) I enjoyed the series. I HOPE MR. RIORDAN WRITES MORE :D

  82. Madison

    I’m very excited for this movie! my cousins introduced me to the books, and my eleven year old cousin let me borrow them. at the time she was staying at my house for that present week. she’d allready read the books, but as i read them, she insisted i read them out loud. withing 5? or was it 4? days we had read all five! it was one of the funnest weeks i’d ever had! i’m a reader to the max, and this story was everything i love in a book, romance, action, mystery, friendship, bravery…you name it, it has it! Anyway, the movie deffinantly won’t be the same, but like others have said, the movie will still be good in its own, unique way.

  83. N

    Percy jackson and the olymians is the best book I read so far I mean its awesome Rick Riordan makes everything look so real I imagined it in my brain i hope the mmovie is at least a little the same and I hope they make a sea of monsters movie and all the other books in the series

  84. Marisa

    I saw the trailer and Annabeth is way different. She was supposed to have curly blonde hair not straight brown hair. Oh well. Even if it isn’t as good as the book, it will be better than the first Twilight.
    Hail the Olympians!!

  85. case girl

    the movie looks ok i see some big mistakes and tiny mistakes in the movie but the books they are great

  86. Dionna144

    hey, i didn;t get to read the book and that im not trying to read the book but i have it in my class room but i want to see the movie. i agree with carl that the book will teachyou about many greek gods that you never knew about. I hope that when you see the movie or read the book that it will truly tell about many greek gods that we didn’t know about.

  87. case girl

    So I am in love with the ligtning thief book.It was one of the books on the school reading list and all my friends read it so i gave it a try.Turns out im on my way to the 5th book!Now I got my cousin in it and we cant wait for the movie!!!!!Just like you.

  88. Muttman

    I think Chris Columbus is putting a council in it, because there are 12 gods and goddesses, but he put PERSEPHONE AND HADES on it!

  89. Rachel

    I don’t care if they change minor things or not,it’ll just be amazing to see my favorite book on the big screen.Other than that,I have 3 things to say.One,will they mention Thalia? 2,me and my 2 best friends are uber-psyched to see it!Only 50-some more days!And,finally,I really hope they make movies of the other books.Tyson,Nico,and Thalia rule!

  90. Teddy

    I only saw two trailers but it still looks like a pretty good movie but Im still waiting for my mom to get me book four and five so Im not sure how the whole series will turn out personaly i think book two is the best

  91. Abby

    I could totally see “The Only One” by Evanescence on the soundtrack for the movie. Especially because of this:
    “All our lives
    We’ve been waiting
    For someone
    To call our leader.”
    Doesn’t that sound like how people at Camp Half-Blood think of Percy and the whole prophecy, since he’s supposed to, like, save Olympus?

  92. Chrisya

    Sorry for all of the guys here…I even don’t know what the story’s about. Can you tell me what kind of story is it? Is it an adventure??? Thankz…~.~

  93. Annabeth

    I think that it looks ok, but they are screwing some stuff up pretty bad. I know that the movies are never the same as the books, but they are just changing too much.

  94. sydney

    i still want to see the movie but i really think they screwed it up.annabeth is a brunett so is percy and grover is black

  95. spider

    this is my favorite book and the movie is poopy! I know they have to change some things. but changing age hair color props storyline and even the monsters! unacceptable

  96. Athena

    My friends and me have already decided we are going and yet it’s fells like it will be FOREVER until the movie comes out i really don’t care what the movie looks like but if you want to see the trailer go online most of the trailers are pointless though the don’t tell you anything by the way the movie comes out Feb. 12,2010! :)

  97. Anna

    I can’t wait for the movie! I’ve read all the books. I wish they hadn’t increased Percy and Annabeth’s age though. The actress who plays Annabeth is 23!

  98. percyfan

    I agree. It might be different but that doesn’t mean it’s bad. As a big fan of the series, I can already see many changes in the movie trailers alone, but it still looks awesome! It looks like the kind of thing readers and non-readers of the book will both like. I just want it to be a good movie, which I’m sure it will be.

  99. Abby

    People should try to keep the criticism to a minimum. I have no problem with someone saying, “The special effects weren’t the best,” but no movie based off a book or series is JUST LIKE it. Even in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, they deviated from the original text sometimes.
    Anyway, I can’t wait to see this movie! I just saw the new trailer, and it’s AWESOME!!!!

  100. Lupin2000

    I thought the books were amazing! But, like with Harry Potter I know that I’m not going to like the movie because they always cut out my favotite parts!

  101. the eminater

    my reading teacher won’t let us see the traler 4 the movie cause it is not rated soooooooooo RATE THE MOVIE!!!!! please ^_^

  102. Goat

    i think that its going 2 be so cool,
    and the percy jackson seiries ROX!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    thats my opinion. B)

  103. Maddi

    I just want to say I LOVE the books! I know the movie will be good but I also realize that there will be disappointments but thats what happens when you make a book into a movie. I love all the actors and actresses they chose but I think age could be a problem. What I’m worried about is that age is a really important thing in the books what with the proficey so if they make him older in the first movie in ruins the whole thing! But still- YAY!!

  104. Abby

    Another thing I thought the first time I looked at it was, “Okay, WHERE ARE THEY GETTING THIS?!!!” As far as I knew, the whole elevator-in-the-clouds thing was never in the book. But I guess it’s really up to the writer of the movie to decide what’s in and what’s out about the book. Besides, if you look at movies like Lord of the Rings, where they were predominantly faithful to the books, there were some things that still deviated from the original text. It’s because the screenwriter, director, editor, producer, and anyone else involved in the pre-production phase of filmmaking decided that some things were a necessary sacrifice and would be better subsituted to interest audiences of today. I mean, I’m not saying Percy Jackson is old stuff, because it’s not. But they still have to look at what people want to see and incorporate that – as best they can – into the movie version of “The Lightning Theif”. Yes, there will still be nit-picky people who will scream that it isn’t right, it didn’t happen like that, et cetera. Even I’m tempted to do that sometimes. We should try to keep the rough criticism to a minimum, though. I mean, feel free to bash the special effects, but just because they had to change a couple things is no reason to discredit the movie. It could still be good, you never know till you see it.

  105. Twilight fan girl

    Gosh I love Percy Jackson! That is why I can’t wait to study Greek Myths in Literature this year!I think Logan Lerman is a really good choice to play Percy!

  106. Connor

    When I sarted reading the series and I still love them but all of the books that I have read that became movies I liked the book so much better. So I think that without the exact same story I think the book is going to be so much better than the movie like every other story.

  107. Littlebighead99

    I am a big fan lightning thief is my favirote book Iwant to own the whole percy jackson series

  108. Muttman

    I watched that trailer sooooooooo many times, and my dad, sister, and cousin are taking me as soon as it comes out! I love the books too, but the movie is alot better. My question is, are they going to do that scene where Percy sees Thalia in his dream, or is it going to be left out?

  109. Bluecookiedough

    @Cal Yeah I was pretty bummed that they left out hat whole scene. I so want HP7 to be like… 8 hours. Yep a lot of popcorn and soda. In 8 hours you may only get 3/4 of the way through though =( Okay Cya
    (I CAN’T WAIT!!!!)

  110. Matthew

    I REALLY want to see The Lightning Thief movie. I thought the book was REALLY good. I can`t wait for the next Percy Jackson movies.

  111. Dollar

    Hey, I never read any of the books, nor am I planning to see the movie, but I’m bored, so here it goes. Cal, I do agree with you there, but people who love the books hate to see something so dear to them change just a teeny bit, so I think that’s why so many people are nitpicking the movie, but I do agree with you, not everything in the book can be in the movie, and some books don’t have enough plot or character development to make it into a movie, so they add to it.

  112. BronzeKnife1

    I love Percy Jackson! All I hoped for was that the Lightning Thief movie would be as close to the books as the Harry Potter movies were, because I think those movies were pretty good, but I don’t think this Percy Jackson movie will be as good. At least the movie will probably increase popularity for this series. Go PJO! :)

  113. Marissa

    *_* I am so excited to see this movie! I’ve read all the books at least twice…so when the trailer first appeared, I was really happy!
    There’s a certain scene that didn’t appear in the book until “Sea of Monsters” (book 2), but, hey, it’s a really good scene. I admit that there is a lot of things that can (and most likely will) be changed. Let me just say this to all the bookworms out there who are reading this: If you know anything about Greek or Roman mythology, whether you like it or not, will LOVE this series. :D Well, there’s my opinion~ can’t wait!

  114. chatterbox27

    plus another thing is that rick riordans percy jackson books are amazing so if rick isnt involved in the movie and if they change any thing from the books i will personaly be very disapointed.

  115. chatterbox27

    The book always tops the movie is what i think i mean ill go see the movie but just out of pitty

  116. mirialin_moon_knight4789

    First thing: Go Rick Riordan! The Lightning Theif is awesome! (Unfortunately, The library didn’t have The Sea Of Monsters, so I had to go on to The Titan’s Curse) I like the way Rick incorporated so many points and emotions into words. I felt what Percy felt, heard what he did, saw what he did. Rick showed humor in his story, while still making the rest of it inevitably dramatic. There are so many things I could say, but that would ruin the book for the rest of you.
    Also, I think that Rick is right about books and movies. As fun as the movies are, they just aren’t the books, When I saw Prince Caspian, from the Chronicles of Narnia, I was stunned. They just completely ruined the plotline! I really and truly hope The Lightning Theif will better portray the plotline.

  117. Jubkid

    I don’t know about this because I see a movie based on a book I read and I’m like “Wow, i thought they would have this” or “I didn’t think it looked like this when I read the book” so we’ll just have to see how it turns out.

  118. Kelsey

    I love the series and I’m really excited for the movie. I know it will be different, and I’ll accept that. The only thing I’m worried about is too much Percy/Annabeth romance in the first movie.Other than that, I don’t really have a problem with the changes I’ve seen so far. I’m so excited for the movie!

  119. Chelsie

    Logan and Rick are both so well spoken. But I do agree with them.
    A movie and a book are never exactly the same, so long as the plot and main idea are the same, odds are the fanbase- readers or just movie fans- will enjoy it.
    And especially since the characters in the movie are older than the written characters, and that theyre trying to keep it original while staying true to the books.
    As far as the new ages go, I think Logan was the best choice for Percy. He’s a phenomenal actor and I think he’ll do it justice.
    However, everyone should wait until they see the movie to decided whether or not an actor/actress was a good or bad choice for the role. No one knows whether or not these people- Like Alexandra Daddario for Annabeth, or Brandon T. Jackson for Grover- may or may not do the characters justice.
    Either way, I’m excited for this movie, and I have faith that Chris Colombus and all the cast & crew will do the books justice.

  120. AmataHP7

    I don’t think that there has ever been, nor will there ever be, a movie that captures everything in the book it was made from. I’ve seen a couple trailers from the movie, and it looks pretty close to my idea of the book. The only thing I would change (that I’ve already noticed) is that I would have a COMPLETELY different cast. (No offense to the actors that were chosen, I’m just very picky)

  121. Crystal

    I love the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series, and I do understand that the movie (and other coming movies) will be a lot different from the book. I will still love the series, and I look forward to reading more work by Mr. Riordan, but I am interested to see where the movie goes. :)

  122. Mistwolf13

    I CANT WAIT FOR THE MOVIE!! i dont care whether it’s like the book or not! its still titled: The Lightning Theif which is my favorite book and will (hopefully) become a favorite movie!!

  123. WildCrazyDoubleAgent369

    I’m soooooooooooooooo excited about the movie coming out.Other than The 39 Clues,Percy Jackson is my favorite seiries.I’m not quite sure the movie will be excactly like tne book.I saw the preview, and it wasn’t anything like the book.

  124. Abby

    The first time I saw the trailer and looked at the actors online, I was all like, “What on earth is this? That’s not Percy!” But, as I looked at Logan Lerman a little more and saw another movie he was in, I realized that nobody could probably play this part better than him. True, he is older than Percy’s supposed to be, but he still looks twelve, sort of. I’m not sure if they’ll change Percy’s age or not, but Logan Lerman is definitely fit to play the part.

  125. Cal

    Hey all you guys on The Stacks! My name is Cal and I’m 10 years old. I never really started liking Percy Jackson and the Olympians into a few weeks ago. You see I was really into the Charlie Bone series and my friend reccomended the series as a great action packed series where you can learn about many Greek gods you never knew about. So I said I’d check it out and let him know if I liked it. I loved it! So far it is my second favorite series after Charlie Bone. Rick Riordan is as good a writer as stars such as jenny Nimmo and J.K Rolling and Dan Gutman. I am so looking foward to the movie and I hope you guys are also. Hopefully it’s rated PG and not PG-13. As for if it is going to be exactly like the book- NO WAY! Have you ever seen a movie that’s exactly like the book? Harry Potter and The Half Blood Prince; Anyone? They left out a whole battle! It doesn’t matter if it completley follows the exact script of the book- what matters that they are making a movie. Harry Potter, The Rohd Dahl books, The Indian and the Cupboard are all examples of great books that were made into great movies. When the first Charlie Bone movie comes out are you looking for an exact replica? No- your looking for good actors and actresses who potray the characters, Tancred Torsson, Charlie Bone, Emma Tolly, whoever- galiently. My guess is that with Cristopher Columbous’s awesome directing and with Rick Riordan’s marvolous book they can come up with a exellent book. But whatever one thing stands clear- It’s readers like US who make a difference.

  126. HeroineHiding

    Wow. I know that the movie won’t be exactly the same as the book. i’ve already found, like, 1,000,000 mistakes in the commercial already, but this will probably be a good movie just the same. But…yeah.

  127. tinypanda98/Julianna

    I am SOOOOOOOOO excited to see the movie! I read all 5 books within one week! Even though it might be alittle different from the book, it’s going to be great! :)

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