April 10, 2009

Pen Names Trivia – Answer!

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Questionmark_130A big thanks to you Splotters who answered my last trivia question about pen names. But also a big thanks to those of you wrote in just to say how much you love Ink Splot 26! That really warmed my heart. No, seriously, I had to take some Tums after reading your comments. (Get it? You warmed my heart and I got heartburn! Anyone? No? Anyhoo . . . )

Back to the trivia! I asked you guys to match up pen names with real author names. And lucca4 got it right!

The matched-up answers are:

Lewis Carroll = Charles Lutwidge Dodgson
Dr. Seuss = Theodor Geisel
A. M. Barnard = Louisa May Alcott
Lemony Snicket = Daniel Handler
Mark Twain = Samuel Clemens

Congrats, lucca4!

— Karen, STACKS Staffer

  1. lucca4

    Yay! Thank you!
    I totally guessed on Dr. Seuss and A.M Barnard =] !
    Thanks for posting your trivia!!!

  2. Karen, STACKS Staffer

    @jasmine: I like the enthusiasm! And you’re in luck — we’ve got another trivia question for you guys coming up this Sunday! And it has to do with a very famous, very beloved author. I won’t reveal who, but let’s just say, she has almost royal status . . .

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