August 2, 2009

Patrick Carman Posts!

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Sc_gitm If you’ve read Skeleton Creek then you probably have a very good question on your mind: what happened to Ryan and Sarah!? Skeleton Creek ends on quite a cliff hanger, but have no fear the answer is here! Ghost in the Machine, the conclusion of Ryan and Sarah’s story, doesn’t begin with words . . . it begins with a chilling video.

Did they make it out of the dredge alive? Are they trapped in the secret room forever? Did the ghost of Joe Bush get them!?

For the uninitiated, Skeleton Creek is already available and there’s still plenty of time to join a revolution in storytelling. Read Ryan’s journal, watch Sarah’s videos, and read Ghost in the Machine.


—Patrick Carman, Author of Skeleton Creek and Ghost in the Machine

  1. boxer4356

    That was SWEET!!! I LOVE Skeleton Creek! I can’t wait untill Ghost in the Machine! Patrick Carman ROX!!!!!

  2. boxer4356

    I’ve been waiting for six months for ghost in the machine to come out! I can believe the video! It’s so creepy….

  3. toni

    The book is great and its freaky but good i was a big chicken before i read the book but it was sssoooo good still

  4. guitaria

    Ok now it is a bit scary i saw the video is very very very very very very scary i will get bad dreams about this

  5. Mikayla

    2 me tht was totally FREAKY! i am going 2 have nightmares for the rest of my life! i hate scary books and movies cause it is just freaky!

  6. ecogirl_1498

    My friend read the Skeleton Creek series and said they were ultrascary. She told me about the videos and I FREAKED OUT. Don’t read these if you know what’s good for you (no offense, to Patrick Carman, awesome author, awesome Lucian.)

  7. sarah

    i love the goosebumps books.I bet ghost in the machine will be good.Ps i bet it will
    Your friend,

  8. yarie l

    this video is so cool i love i think is great and it a litte scary i like but at the same time i dont

  9. Madison

    OMG,I’ve never heard of this book before, but I just watched the video.
    OMG that scared me when he looked in!!!!

  10. o thats bad!

    i love the seies.
    did they die!??
    who opened the door for them?
    did joe bush open the door?
    if he.. maybe he is like dr. jycl and mr hyde. that would be so scary!

  11. mikej

    heyy i read some pages then i looked internet and i saw old man on the window this is scare me and i almost got nightmare

  12. A Major Bibliophile

    OH MY!!! That video was COMPLETELY AWESOME! But I still have a question: what happens to Ryan and Sarah? I mean, sure, they got out of the room, but they still didn’t make it out of the dredge!!!! I am SO EXCITED for the book!!!!!!!!

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