August 2, 2012

Paralympics Power!

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I’m sure by now you all know about the 2012 Olympics taking place in London this week. But do you know about the Paralympic Games? They will take place immediately following the close of the Olympic Games. “Para” is the Greek word meaning “beside,” used to emphasize how the two Games exist side-by-side. Paralympians are athletes with physical disabilities (such as vision impairment, limb deficiency, or intellectual impairment) that would otherwise prevent them from equally competing with other athletes. They compete in the same sport events (swimming, volleyball, rugby, archery, etc.) as other athletes, but in their own league.

Meet an amazing Paralympian:

  • Natalie Du Toit
    At 17 years old, she had to have her left leg amputated after getting hit by a car on her way home from swim practice. In 2008, Natalie didn’t just compete in the Paralympics. She made history by becoming the first amputee ever to qualify for the Olympic Games! She swam in the 10-kilometer open water event without any kind of artificial limb, just her 2 arms and 1 leg!

Natalie and all the Paralympic athletes prove that disabled people are just as capable of accomplishing athletic feats as everyone else. As Oscar said in an interview with The New York Times Magazine, “Everyone has setbacks. I’m no different. I happen to have no legs. That’s pretty much the fact.”

Show your support for disabled athletes by watching the Paralympics right after the Olympic Games end. Tell your friends to tune in, too. Let’s cheer on these remarkable people, and be encouraged by their stories of hard work and perseverance!

En-Szu, STACKS Intern (a.k.a. MidnightMagic5)

Image courtesy London 2012

  1. Brianna

    This is a wonderful opportunity for them. It really shows how great someone can be even with a disability.

  2. surferbiking2

    This article is so inspiring. I can’t belive that they would let disabled people go in the regular olympics! That’s great!

  3. Justin

    I can’t believe that he had to have his legs amputated at 11 months. Its such a miracle that he has those artificial legs on and he is still so fast. He has to be so happy that he made it to the London 2012 Olympic games. It’s always that Natalie Dutoit can swim with one leg.

  4. lightningthief3

    they inspired many people who doesn’t have arms or legs. Also Bethany Hamilton inspired many people because of her left and still surfing.

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