March 21, 2012

One Dog and His Boy Book Review

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New Dog Story by Eva Ibbotson

There is nothing more special than the bond between a boy and his dog. I got my dog when he was only a puppy. I took him on walks every day, fed him twice a day, and even taught him some cool tricks. My dog wasn't only my pet, but my best friend. It's this special bond between a boy and his four-legged friend that is wonderfully captured in Eva Ibbotson's novel One Dog and His Boy.

All Hal ever wanted was a dog. Hal, the central character of Ibbotson's book, lives in London with his mother and father when his dad isn't away on business trips. After switching schools and struggling to make friends, Hal wishes for a canine companion for his birthday. But when his birthday comes and goes with no new pet, Hal's father comes to him with surprising news: Hal can have a dog.

The next day, Hal is at a pet shop where he meets Fleck, a mixed breed who has an instant connection with his new owner. But what Hal doesn’t know is that his father only plans to rent Fleck for a weekend, not adopt him. After Hal and Fleck forge a friendship over a weekend of walks and playtime, the boy learns that Fleck must be returned to the pet shop. 

But this time, Hal won’t take no for an answer, and schemes to rescue Fleck and run away to his grandparents' house. Follow Hal and Fleck on this captivating journey as they fight to stay together. If you love books about friendship, adventure, or you just really love dogs, One Dog and His Boy is the book for you.

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  1. blackable109

    I want to read this book
    i don’t care if this is for 10 year olds
    i have 1 year inutil i can read this

  2. pnkdolphin908

    One of my freinds is reading that I need your help should I read it or not

  3. luigi

    That looks realy good.I want to read that book really badly, i’m going to try to get that book at the Library today, well if I find it!

  4. aquafly25

    My school does AR reading AR stand for Aclederaded REader AR well this book looks like a 5.7 on AR have fun reading this book and have fun with it

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