August 29, 2013

One Direction:This Is Us Movie

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1DMovieOne Direction: This Is Us Movie

You might probably know this already, but One Direction: This Is Us (rated PG) comes to theaters tomorrow!!!! I am a little bit excited so I wanted to share some beautiful photos from the world premiere of the film in London, and a few behind-the-scenes secrets. First a photo:1D_Premiere1 Global superstars, Niall Horan, Zayn Malik, Liam Payne, Harry Styles and Louis Tomlinson introduce to you their big screen debut: One Direction: This Is Us! YAYYY!!!

World Premiere Of  'One Direction This Is Us'From X-Factor in 2010 to instant smashdom, their debut album, Up All Night, released in October 2011, achieved a feat never before achieved by a British band: entering the U.S. Billboard chart at number one with their debut record. I first fell in love with them in February 2012, when they gave us this awesome and hilarious interview. (Notice how interested Niall and Louis are in Marie’s New York accent. . . . foreshadowing “Best Song Ever.”)

The band’s sophomore album, Take Me Home turned 2012 into World Premiere Of  'One Direction This Is Us'a banner year for the boys. The album’s first single, “Live While We’re Young,” went straight to number one, and Take Me Home topped the charts in “turty-seven” countries (spoken in Niall’s Irish accent).

In July, they released “Best Song Ever,” a track written specifically for the film. The fun and cheeky video for the song broke records on VEVO with 12.4 million views in one day, making it the most viewed debut video ever on the platform.

World Premiere Of  'One Direction This Is Us'The director Morgan Spurlock filmed in various locales for almost six months, including the band’s performance in Mexico City in early June, 2013. The behind-the-scenes footage, which runs the gamut from backstage mischief before the show to touching hometown scenes, like Harry working at the family bakery, amounted to 500 hours of material. The boys were instrumental in helping Spurlock and the editors pick the most choice moments. Says Spurlock, “They’ve given really insightful feedback about things that are very personal to them . . . to things that they remembered that we shot that we have World Premiere Of  'One Direction This Is Us'forgotten about, and to remind us to dig and find. It was like, ‘Oh my gosh, you’re right, that was a great moment.’”

Adds Spurlock, “You feel like you really do get to become a part of this journey and these boys and this band. I think every One Direction fan should take someone who isn’t a One Direction fan, because I think when people see the movie, they’ll see a different side to these boys that they probably didn’t think World Premiere Of  'One Direction This Is Us'existed or they didn’t think they would enjoy. And I bet they’ll convert a lot more fans than they think they will.” (Harry says, That means YOU!”)

Is Spurlock a 1D fan? It’s not enough that they’re “five good looking guys that get put together in a band. That happens all the time. But the fact that, you know, they actually had the talent and the ability and the drive to kind of push it as far as they have, and continue to do, is remarkable. I’ve seen thirty-plus One Direction concerts at this point,” says Spurlock. “I am like a hardcore Directioner now!”1184625 - ONE DIRECTION

You and me both, Spurlock! I hope you all have a lovely time watching the movie. Leave a Comment to tell me if it lives up to your expectations. And PS, happy 20th birthday today, Liam!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

Photos courtesy of Sony Pictures

  1. Pegasus

    Not to be mean but they need to shave. Niall is the only one who has kept his mind about his look. Zayn and Liam look better shaved and Harry and Louis looked better with their old hair dos. Not to be mean but sometimes I can be a fashionista on how people change their looks. If 1D is reading this don’t be offended, but take my fashion advice, I promise it will help. (once again, please, nobody be offended, I can understand why anyone would be)

  2. seapiglet4

    i wish i can see your movie one direction this is us. I ask my dad but he said he going to get but he never got it for. all i want to see is harry, he cute. Man!

  3. FashionVolleyball33

    One Direction’s This Is Us Movie Was Awesome! It Really Was Toughing And Sweet As Always!

  4. platinumpaw23

    I’ve actually played ‘One Thing’ on violin, My friend, she’s a huge 1D fan, and she went NUTZ! -Platinum

  5. Damaris YOUR BIGGEST FAN:D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    I LOVE 1D!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING AND I LOVE YOU MY SISTER LOVES NIALL I LOVE ALL OF YOU MY BFF TOO I WOULD LOVE TOO SEE YOU GUYS IN CONCERT.PLEASE NEVER RETIRE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!BTW my name is prenounced (duh-mair-iss)I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. Imari

    Dude that movie was so awesome i cant even explain it!!! They are my LIFE and i cant and wont stop loving them!!!

  7. lovetheheart_24

    hey 1D i love you guys and i wonder if you are going to stay as a group or break up and go solo? please let me know so i can can get your auto graphs and hugs before you go love you all byee!!! ohh and one more thing i can’t see the movie im so sorry about that it’s ok because i can ask my friends to get me a copie if they watch it i hope so if not then that’s a bummer .

  8. n

    i love u one direction i wish i could meet u guys one day i am a huge director fan i love u guys. i am your biggest fan.

  9. nylah

    i love niall hes super cute i hope one direction sees this i have all your cds pplzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz coment YOLO=YOU OBELSLY LOVE ONEDIRECTION anyhow im 11 and i love em

  10. Fuschiakitten80

    First of all I want to know if it is a good movie, cause I am not SO crazy about 1D. But I still like the band . By the way my top favorites are Zayn , Harry , and Niall.

  11. whitebird64

    i love your songs, they are sooooooo awesome. plus i absolutely love the movie. it was the best movie EVER! YAH

  12. sabine

    i’m not a 1d fan so i am not really excided but my sister wanted to see it for her birthday but we could not find it in theters

  13. Lauren

    I am a massive directioner and if they came to where I live then any other thing on that day would be cancelled, I would spend all my pocket money on a ticket and we would be there in less then 2 seconds!

  14. chyanne

    OMG i LOVE 1D i have over 94 outfites and i have over all there cds and over 5436 posters and my room is all them and i have whent to all there conserts

  15. silvia

    I love one direction so much that I can’t wait to see this is use so bad i’m dieng inside to watch it so bad I love harry styles his mine

  16. bluebird5630

    O my goodness i can not belive it. the movie was great.i am a huge directioner Louise’s my boy!!!!!

  17. fantasticmystery22

    OMG!!!!!!!!!! Thank you for posting this I am so in love with Niall Horne because he is so cute and I just love One Diretion because they are a really awesome band and have awesome music!!!!!

  18. aquamoonlight57

    I’m not a big fan of One Directions but oh my friend IS!! And she’s gone totally mad for this movie! :)

  19. GorrilaPolorBear757

    i will be seeing this! i am a huge Directioner! i love Liam Payne the best!! I like them all except Harry is my last fave But I do love his hair!

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