December 9, 2010

On the Red Carpet at the Narnia World Premiere!

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Voyage0fDawnTreader There is big buzz in England about the newest Narnia movie, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader (rated PG). Her Royal Highness Queen Elizabeth of England herself requested to see the world premiere in London. So when 20th Century Fox asked me to travel to London, England to get the scoop for Scholastic, I said YES!!!

I know I say this all the time, but I seriously have the best job in the world. Read on for video and more about my amazing Royal Red Carpet London trip. But first, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the Carrie Underwood video for the movie theme song.

Tuesday, November 30
10am Arrive at Heathrow Airport in London after an overnight flight. I hardly slept at all last night and I am seriously tired!
12:30pm Hotel. It took forever to get through customs at the airport, get my luggage and get a taxi, but I am finally at my hotel in London!
1pm Lunch. I only have 2 hours before I have to leave for the Red Carpet. Do I eat or take a nap? I choose to eat because I’m not going to be home again until after 10pm, and I want to make sure I have enough time to get ready and look my best for Her Royal Highness the Queen!
3pm Red Carpet! A bus takes us from the hotel to Leicester Square where the red carpet is all set up. It’s snowing and the whole square looks completely magical. Even though it’s freezing and I have to stand in high heels for 5 hours straight, it’s totally worth it! Watch my video from the event.
8pm Movie. I laughed. I cried. It is an awesome movie, and it was really cool to see it in 3D. The only bad part was that I was sitting right next to one of the Secret Servicemen guarding the Queen. He kept scanning the audience with these funny-looking binocular thingies. It made me nervous and definitely distracted me from the movie. Oh well, I guess you have to put up with some things to watch a movie with the Queen of England.
10pm Finally sleep!

Thursday, December 2
I had the chance to sit down with a few of the actors. No surprise, they all love the Narnia books.
Check out my interview with Liam Neeson who plays the voice of Aslan. If you listen to this video with your eyes closed, it feels like it’s Aslan talking to you. Try it!

I also talked with Will Poulter and Georgie Henley, who play Eustace and Lucy. They were both so sweet and I love their British accents!

What did the Queen really think of the movie? Skandar Keynes, who plays Edmund, was sitting 5 seats away from her, and he said he heard her “chuckling a bit.” And according to C.S. Lewis’s stepson, Doug Gresham, she “enjoyed the movie enourmously.” Well, if it’s good enough for Her Royal Highness the Queen, it’s good enough for me!

How about you? The Voyage of the Dawn Treader opens in US theaters on Friday, December 10. Are you excited to go see it? Let me know in the Comments.

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. Laura

    This movie!! UGH!! It wasn’t like the book at all! :( So unfair.. But if I thought of it as just a movie and know that the book was way better it was good. BUT still… THE BOOK WAS BETTER! what do ya expect? :)

  2. Moki'Moki


  3. Twilightgl101

    wow that movie sounds really cool! i havent got to see it yet. is ben barnes in this movie? who are the actors? :/ i havent seen Narnia in a LONG time!

  4. b

    I have seen all the other Narnia movies but I have not ben more exited to watch this movie. Just today I was thinging that when I woke up that maybe I should see that som day why I loved all the other Narnia movies beuase they reprasent jesus’s birth to jsus’s death and rising again but some people just don’t each that point people think that it’s just a movie and there is nothing wrong with that but I think the main point you can really tell is that by the way that people dont always get to that point

  5. goosebumps king

    I loved the song i’m going to see the movie next week and you should also check out my profile my name is goosebumps king

  6. toocute4

    omg when i saw dis movie is was the worst thing i ever saw its the worst movie ever grease and revenge of the nerds was so much better

  7. 44maplesyrup

    OMGi love the narnia books and movies i can’t wait!!!! i need to see it so badly! it sounds awesome and i love edmund!

  8. bell4465

    Cooll! I wish that I could see it, it just came out today. I was waiting for this moment for like 2 months. SO HAPPY COOL! can’t wait.

  9. insaneswimmer

    is this good? I’m never relly good at picking movies!! LOL…..every one is talking about it

  10. HermioneHJG

    I want to see the The Voyage of the Dawn Treader, but I haven’t read the book or seen the movie Prince Caspian. William Mosely is sooo cute and he doesn’t even look British!!! And Georgie Henley is only a few months older than me!!!

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