February 25, 2010

Olympic Women’s Snowboarders!

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Hannah_teter I know not all of you are sports fans, and I have to admit, I don’t really *follow* snowboarding, but there is something about the Olympics that just gets me so pumped! I get so into it, I’m in my living room jumping up and down and cheering like a crazy person. OK I’m not so crazy that I would paint USA on my stomach and go running around in the snow, but I still get pretty excited.

It’s been a great Olympics for the U.S. Snowboarders. Shaun White took Gold in the Men’s halfpipe, and Hannah Teter and Kelly Clark went 2,3 in the Women’s halfpipe. We had a chance to talk to Hannah before the Olympics started. It turns out she’s really big into saving the world. How cool!

Somewhere really far away from snowboarding, in a country you’ve probably never been to, down a road you’ll probably never travel down, there’s a town you’ve probably never heard of. Thanks to Hannah’s charity, Hannah’s Gold, that town, Kirindon, Kenya has clean drinking water and a higher quality of life. After she won a gold medal in the 2006 Winter Olympics, Hannah started a charity called Hannah’s Gold which has raised more than $60,000 for this village. On top of that, Hannah donates all her contest winnings to the charity.

Q: What is your most memorable experience snowboarding?

Hannah: I have been provided with so many memorable experiences, it is tough to narrow it down. One funny one that stands out was when I was a crazy teen (would never think of doing this now!) and was at my second X-Games in Aspen. I had this intelligent idea of doing a victory lap wearing only my jersey in the 0 degree night pipe contest. Everything went great besides the face plant on my last hit.

Q: What has been, hands down, your scariest experience on a snowboard?

Hannah: Getting landed on, squashed, and broken by an oversized Japanese man at a World Cup in Japan.

Q: What would a 2010 Olympic Gold Medal mean to you?

Hannah: It would mean feeding a lot more hungry babies in the third world countries, and creating bigger opportunities to work with programs that make a lasting difference in the lives of those that are under-privileged and suffering greatly.

Well, she didn’t win gold, but that is not stopping her from continuing with her awesome charity work! Hannah is still working to raise money to help people all over the world.

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

Photo by: Todd Korol/Reuters/Landov

  1. werty345

    i totally love how women are stepping it up now. It seems that hannah not only is part of the symbol that women can do whatever sport they want. But she is also an inspiration to girls, young snowboarders, and me. Ur cool hannah!

  2. misstiara08

    I like the Olympics tooo… ( by the way, my caps lock is NOT broken) :)

  3. tootiey

    i love watching it with my dad we all ways bet each outher on the game an its mostly him who wins.lol…

  4. newmoon1245

    hey i need friends alot and write on my message boards and me as a friend and i love the olmpics!!!ya go canada ya !!!!!

  5. Lila

    Hi guys! Sports are so cool… who knows when the Harry Potter movie will come out? I know, nothing to do with the subject, but… ooh! I’ve got to watch Olympics on my Apple. Bye!

  6. Megan

    I am really glad that it happened! I’ve read about it, you know, the newspapers. I think it’s really important, because, like, you know, ski’s? Anyway…

  7. kaykay112

    i think hannah is an amazing skier and all but personally if i had to learn how to ski and snowboard i would snowboard plus it sounds like fun and most people at my school love it even my crush <333333 so sounds like fun i’m up for it!!!!!!!!!!!!
    little kids idle,

  8. bibliomania123

    I LOVE the olympics!!!! I watch them every night!! LOVE the snowboarders. my favorite is Kelly Clark cause she has Jesus on her board. GO JESUS LOVERS!!!!

  9. DanceRox!!

    I LOVE the O games!!! they r the best! im watching it right now!!! my fav. is Shaun White!! i just want 2 say to all u O game fans GO 4 THE GOLD!!!!!! get it!!

  10. writersrule101

    omigosh the Olympics is the best!!!!!I love speed skating. My dream (other than being a writer) is to be in the summer olympics.

  11. bmw3bug

    ya go olympics!!!!
    GO TEAM CANADA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ya! anyways good job hannah. and so sorry to chris del bosco!!! he was so good!

  12. Olivia

    No way! You got to interview the Golden Girls! They are awesome and my inspiration! Actually anybody who snowboards is my inspiration but especially these girls!
    ps I think shaun white is CUTE!

  13. gummibear27

    Personally i thought the snowboarding in the olympice was sweet!!! i colud not believe all of the awesome tricks they could do. the americans did really well…we got medals in the men’s and women’s events…shaun white was absolutely amazing!!!

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