July 30, 2012

Olympic Athletes Funny Photos

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London2012The Olympics are now underway, and we are eager spectators of every thrilling minute! We’ve saved some of our favorite photos from the first few days in London. View below the athletes battling for Olympic gold, giving their all in practice and competition. I include the official “serious” captions for each photo, but you can have fun creating your own captions in the Comments.

Diving3German diver Sascha Klein doing a cannonball into the Olympic swimming pool. . . Well, actually, that might be a lie. He’s probably doing something much harder than a cannonball.


Jana Berzko-Marggrander trying to tie her leg to her arm with that pretty ribbon. . . . or maybe she is performing her Rythmic Gymnastics routine.


A soccer ball miraculously explodes out of Honduras player Alfredo Mejia’s head while Zakaria Labyad from Morrocco looks confused about this strange event. . . OK, I admit I totally made that up.

HatsBrazil vs. Great Britain in Round 1 of a new Olympic event for 2012: Crazy Hat Wrestling. (Um, I don’t need to tell you that’s not really an Olympic event, do I?)

While the Olympic Games continue, leave YOUR captions to these photos in the Comments.

image from kids.scholastic.com— Sonja, STACKS Staffer

Images courtesy London 2012

  1. Lindsay O.

    Photo 1 Caption: This hurts.
    Photo 2 Caption: Ow.
    Photo 3 Caption: Oof!
    Photo 4 Caption: (Overlapped) Brazil Hat Guy: Go Brazil! England Hat Guy: Go England!

  2. s face

    arent olimpics so talented i think i spelld something wrong on my comment tell me if i did signing off by

  3. dolphincloud25

    same here jaquiline. they all are pretty much some of the most redicilous olimpyc photos i have ever seen.

  4. BookishMermaid7

    Love them all totally funny! I wish I could go the Olympics on the US equestrian team or volleyball team!

  5. cheesecake81

    wow the gymnastics it looks sooo awesome.wish i could have a flexible body like that.haha guess that won’t happen.

  6. k

    those are funny i cant beleive you got those pics cant wait to tell all my friends about em thell be shocked unless theyve already seen em! well i guess thats it so peace out home roomies!:)

  7. funny3

    That is so hard to do. trying to tie your leg to your arm
    that takes time to do But…… incredibly awesome
    those hats are so cool
    the soccer players (well the confused player) so funny
    these Olympic athletes funny photos are hilarious (and maybe taken out of context a little bit)
    i loved the caption for the 1st, 3rd and last picture

  8. Gerbildog

    For the third one…… the levitating soccer stars are going to get bonked on the head.

  9. Isla Silvercresent

    lol they all look hilariously serious about their sport. i wish i could go to Olympics and do either equestrian or fencing

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