December 31, 2009

New Year’s Eve Writing Prompt

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It's the last day of 2009, the last day of the year, and the last day of the DECADE! But this year we have a problem — what to call this decade? 

The years 1980-1989 are called the Eighties. The years 1990-1999 are called the Nineties. So we can say, "I like Eighties music." or "I was born in the Nineties." But what about this decade that's almost over? How are you going to say that you like the music from this decade? or whatever from this decade!

What should we call the years 2000-2009? Give me your ideas in the Comments. 

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— Sonja, STACKS Staffer wishing everyone a Happy New Year!

  1. Destiny

    I think we should call anything that has 2 at the front the 2000′s. So from 2000 all the way to 2999, we call it the two-thousands.

  2. kellbel98

    i would say the 100′s because 1990-1999 was the 90′s so since there was 50′s then 60′s 70′s 80′s then of corse the 90′s wel after 90′s would be 100′s! but thats a really hard question i just think 100′s is the only reasonable answer!

  3. cp224

    I think it should be called the zero’s. I agree with obiwancrazy. It was hard to think of my own! lol

  4. morissa123

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  5. GliterPupy

    we should call it the wrap aje. because people wrapped a lot you no. there’s konyay wes and all of those. wrap has been a big part of this decad.

  6. sunnymay : < )

    Yeah, the 2000s are the beginning of a new millennium. This new millennium should be called “the Pop age or the Country age” or maybe the 2000

  7. Emily

    I think this decade is going to be remembered as the tech decade because we’ve come so far technologically. So I think we should call it the Techs!

  8. BkwormSarah

    I agreed with emma, it should be the 200s, or maybe the iYears, since EVERYTHING was worked by computer. I say the iYears.

  9. peachtree1

    Maybe we should call it the new year of Twilight, because that is the most seen movie this year. But actully that is a very good question. I have no idea , so you may not wanna take that advice moderater

  10. peachtree1

    OMG! I have no idea like thats a hard qestion. Mmm…. the tenies i don’t no! Ha Ha happy 2010 everyone at stacks!!!

  11. 161636

    hey you guys this is me my new profile i am glad to be here with you today and thatnk you for your nice comments

  12. Peachtree1

    You seem to be happy! Happy 2010!!!! Are you peeps happy? I am 2009 was a rough year. First my grandpa dided. I have had a lot of stuff happen, but i still shead a tear every once and a while. But you no somethings just happen naturly. Did you have a good year or a bad year? just let me know i am peachtree1. Please let me know

  13. ShortyThing

    We should call them the ”Newades”! Ades as in decades and new because so so so so many new things are coming out.Or we could call them ”The Years of all Music” because all music, not just 1 kind is popular!

  14. Dollar

    Excuse me, Dewdrop208, laptops were actually invented in 1973, the first laptop for commercial sale was in 1975, so no, laptops were not invented in this decade.

  15. UserofSTACKS

    I had an amazing new year hope everybody else had a good one too and I hope you all have good luck with the new year!!!!!!!!!!!!! :)

  16. alexis.m.

    lol now that’s a hard question what do you think we should call 2009???post back .haha I just ask my dad he’s said I don’t know

  17. moontrek

    The eighties music ruled!
    At least i think it did.
    Anyways, I wish everyone a GREAT NEW YEAR!Who knows? This year could be better than the eighties. That’s my opinion.

  18. Anonomys

    i think we should call it “the zero zeros” since all the years have two zeros in the middle.

  19. TheLooker23

    I think we should call them the 00′s! Doesn’t it sound cool!? YEAH, LEMME HEAR YOU ALL SAY, “WOOT WOOT!!!” Sorry moderator I’m in a silly mood.

  20. James

    I think we should call it the two thousands.
    It’s not a bad idea in my opinion. People will go all loquacious about it!!!

  21. HeroineHiding

    We should call it the O-blanks because were always using the last 2 digets of the year. 00,01,02,03,04,05,06,07,08,+09.

  22. Lucy

    Probably the 2000′s. Because I’ve heard the decade 1900-1909 been called the 1900′s. (Wow, great grammar…) Anyway, since it’s New Year’s Eve, Happy New Year! (Even though it’s still the old year right now!)

  23. Rosamy4

    Maybe we should call this decade the twoies, or two-thousandies, two-thousand-zeros/zeros. What did they call 1900-1909? We should call this decade that, only refit for the first decade of the 2000s.
    It’s so interesting that we’re thinking about this and naming this decade for ourselves, versus historians or future decades, like the one starting tomorrow, naming it. Although techincally it probably would be our future selves naming 2000-2009. It’s techinally the birthday of everyone in the world–one decade older! If you were born in the 1980s, this is your fourth, 1970s, fifth, 1960s, sixth–six decades versus forty-something! (1980s, 1990s, this one, 2010-2019.) I have a question: if you call the 1920s the twenties, what do you call the 2020s, for example? The twenties again? The two-twenties or two-thousand-twenties? And do they call the 1820s the twenties too? It’s so confusing I think it should just be nineteen-twenties, nineteen-thirties, eighteen-fifties, exedra.

  24. grkgrl246

    omg we so have 2 call this year the two thousands anyway were their 1000′s and if so wat were they called but the truth is 2000-2009 should seriously be called diffrent than twenties eightys ninteys and all tthat and if i had 2 name this month it would so be named snow thousands!!!!!!!!!!!!!!;)

  25. doe a deer a female deer

    maybe you could call it the units because in school you learn about units are basically digits and the numbers do not go past ten in this decade

  26. Haylee

    LOL!!! That is something to ask….. I guess we could call it the ….. the….. 20′s…. it sounds good!

  27. obiwancrazy

    Great question! I’ve wondered about that before, too… maybe we should call it the Zeros? Or the Two-thousands? IDK! :)

  28. toylollipop

    Hmmmm…the milleniums? The singles? ( #s ) That IS a mindboggling question! There’s something to think about at night… :)

  29. Dewdrop208

    How about the Techade? I mean, the ipod touch, the nano, mp3 players, laptops.
    They were all invented in this decade!

  30. Abby

    Huh, I never thought of that. I always assumed it was called the 2000′s, but, you know, I never fact-check stuff I don’t think about.
    Why not call this decade, like, the Millenium Birth? Wasn’t 2000 the start of a new millenium or something?

  31. James

    the hundred’s is a bad idea,the 60′s were about the blue’s, 70′s were rock’n'roll, 80′s were disco, 90′s were hip hop, and from the begginning of music to the end of the 50′s was country. the only thing we havent included is beep what do we call it?? the beep bop age?

  32. Madison

    OMG, that’s a good question! I have no idea, LOL!
    Hope everyone had a great year! I’m so glad I found this blog!

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