April 12, 2011

New I SPY Game

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Amabel's MY I SPY Be a part of the BIGGEST game of I SPY ever!

I’m used to working on I SPY video games for Wii and Nintendo DS but as part of the birthday celebration for I SPY, I got a chance to take part in a new kind of I SPY game—one that only YOU the fans can create.

Intrigued? It’s one big celebration all week and now here’s your chance to join in! You’ve marveled and collected I SPY; now you can create your own MY I SPY and step in the shoes of I SPY creators Jean Marzollo and Walter Wick! As part of the birthday celebration, we’re looking to YOU the fans to build the biggest game of I SPY ever! With MY I SPY, you can personalize and create your very own unique I SPY picture riddle. It’s simple – just choose your background and riddle, then customize it with a library of a hundred objects to make it all your own. Your I SPY picture riddle will culminate in the biggest, user-generated game of I SPY made by fans. You can even send your MY I SPY to a friend and challenge them to solve your riddle. Even cooler than that? You can play any and all the I SPY picture riddles that were created by other fans! It’s an I SPY that keeps going and going!

Take a look at my “MY I SPY” below. Can you solve it? Amabel's MY I SPY Go now to create your own MY I SPY!

—Amabel, Scholastic Media Staffer

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