January 16, 2010

New Fantasy Series from Cornelia Funke!

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Inkheart_130 Inkheart fans, rejoice! Cornelia Funke will be publishing a new fantasy series inspired by Grimm’s fairy tales! The first book, Reckless will be released on September 14, 2010.

I have to confess that I knew about Reckless a while ago because I met Cornelia in June 2008 and asked her what she was working on after Inkdeath. She was super-nice and told me about her next two books. You can’t see me in the video, but it really was me sitting across from her asking her questions. Seriously. I still get goosebumps thinking about it!

But now the official word is out, and Cornelia posted a message about the new book on the Cornelia Funke Fans Web site. She describes what Reckless will be about, and how excited she is about it. “I’m so much looking forward to this,” she says.

I think I speak for many many readers when I say, “MEEE TOOOOO!!!!!”

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  1. yellowsports5

    I just read a book by someone about the Hansel and Gretel tale that was supposed to be exactly how the brothers Grimm told it but it wasn’t scary like it was supposed to be. Will yours been scary?

  2. DetectiveWinner

    OMG!!! I cant wait to get it! I thought she finished writing after Inkdeath! This is awsome YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. zozo

    OMG I CANT WAIT FOR RECKLESS.just like juila said inkheart is fun book.i love it.sometimes it will be a good book 4 teachers to read out of.or parents each chapter at night.at the ind of the story it is mysterious.u want to know what happens next.and then u have to wait for the next book to be open!well thx for reading
    bye and zozo not my real name its my nickname

  4. Reader person

    Oh finally! Yaaaay, a new Cornilia Funke book! I can’t wait! She’s the most amazing writer, I hope I can write books close to as good as her’s someday! Oh man this sounds wonderful! Cornilia is my hero! I don’t wanna wait!!!

  5. Julia

    I first learned about Inkheart while listening to it as book on CD with my husbnad as we drove 10 hours between WI and Canada.
    The book was narrated by Vanessa Redgrave (an excellent choice!). It didn’t take long for me to get hooked into the story, but I wanted to have the experience of reading the story for my self after listening to 2 of the multiple-CD set.
    Reading the book was EVEN better!
    As a teacher and a parent, I’d reccomend the book to any student in grades 4 or above. It’s a quick, fun read, and by the end of the story you really want the main charcaters to succeed in their task!

  6. bookgirl201

    OMG i can’t belive it i love her books i am soooooo going to get Reckless i just can’t belive it cornelia funke is awesome i’ve read Thief Lord, Dragon Rider, Inkheart,Inkspell,and Inkdeath i just can’t wait to buy Reckless

  7. pytt aka baby boo

    omg i love this book so much i love the beginning of ink heart i think Cornelia funke really takes her time and she is really descriptive in her books. i am reading 2 of her books, the thief lord, and ink heart

  8. Meggietwin

    omg. i’m breathless with ANTICIPATION. I can’t even imagine what i’ll be like when reckless does come out… omg. I think I’m going to cry… I love Inkheart… this is amazing. I just read Cornelia’s message on the other site… I love that sort of books… I love Europe… I can’t wait. Omg!!!!!

  9. Nathan

    I haven’t read d ink death series but i want to i’m just starting 2 get into fantasy. so i think it’ll be cool.

  10. Farid_of_fire

    omg! i’m crying right now! i’ve been waiting for Recklesss for over a year and now it’s official! this is so exciting! as soon as it’s available for preorder i am buying a copy! i’m so excited! Cornelia: you’re my hero!!!!1

  11. bluecookiedough

    OMG! I loved the Ink Trilogy and can’t wait for Reckless. It sounds kinda like a dark fairy tale which I love. I can’t wait for September. It’s a shame though that the world has to wait.

  12. kayla h787

    hey this book sound really good to a preson that has not read this(me)i need to start to read this book

  13. sarah

    There is another series about Grimm’s Fairy tales. It is called The Fairy Tale Detectives I think,it is about two orphans who find out that they are descendants of one of the Grimm brothers. Then they find out half the people in the town they are living in are fairy tale characters. I’ve only read up to the second book but the series sounds good.

  14. Madison

    OMG, NO WAY!!! I totally never thought about her writing another series! It sounds so good! I love Grimm’s Fairy-tales!!!

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