February 28, 2011

Never Ending Sentence

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Rainbow_pen I got this fun idea from a Comment to Karen's Create a Caption post.

51dotfeg commented:

Why can't we have a never ending sentence that we keep adding comments too? It would be funny.

I love it!! I'll start the sentence. . .

I was on my way to school on the day of a big test, when all of a sudden. . .

Write your continuation of the sentence in the Comments. I can't wait to find out what happens next!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. werewolfcat5

    My stomach hurt really much and I felt like I was going to throw up.I walked back home slowly in case I threw up in public.

  2. Katy

    My car broke down my hair fell out and I was dropped in front of the school in my pjs,

  3. pr

    i saw batman and robin swinging from house to house i ran after them and i found myself in the bat cave……….

  4. beastlysaga1

    Sat down and cried. I cried so much I flooded th ewhole school! I didn’t know what to do so I……

  5. ranessa

    uhhhhhhhhhhhh hi yall wat up i dont know what yall talkin bout but shout out to my friend victoria

  6. serena

    purple dancing zombie chickens ran out singing
    “baby” by justin beiber
    then a orange floating giant
    ninja zebra ran out with all his barbie girls and said “you wanna play? im a barbir girl in this barbie world.. life in plastic, its FANTASTIC!” then a smart funny lovely lucky awesome yummy pink gummy bear jumped out and said “i like pie!”

  7. angel

    a big head came and ate my review! i flunked the test! i always hated that head. that is how i am in summer school! and 600 detentions!so can i go outside mom?

  8. jacy

    from #25-
    screemed and said omg im going to fail my test in 2 minutes! are you crazy ahhhhhhhh!

  9. pinknapkingirl

    a man-eating monster came my way and asked me to go to the prom with him because he thought I was Selena Gomez

  10. dizzyferret

    Totally called up my private jet to take me to the Camman Islands, and I almost got there but the jet crashed and….

  11. Esther

    I was on my way to school on the day of a big test, when all of a sudden a cat told me the ancers
    were “3 no how 4 5 6 2 and 3″
    ~I am homeschooled Esther~

  12. ashi1

    I was on my way to school on the day of a big test, when all of a sudden my enemy came in front of me and was like-Get ready to fail,loser!
    That actually scared as i thought she was a big bear!lol!

  13. lillian336

    the camra i forgot the camra then i said i could bring it in towmarrow so i started walking and heared breathing turned around no one was there then i started walking again but this time i heard foot steps tiptap slap tip tap slap i jumed looked behind me no one there then i ran what ever it was rain faster slap tap slap tap i triped looked then i saw a bloody nife screamed and then found out it was a dream

  14. nattyboo2

    my dog started talking to me and started following me to class and when we got to first period he started giving me answers to the test!!!But it turns out he studied for the test too because he got me a ONEHUNDRED!!!That was the weirdest day of my life!!!But it got me a free one hundred!!!


    ran to to the office,ready to call home and have my mom take me away from this awfull day…

  16. Pink_Ninja

    continued from original post…Justin Bieber jumped out and started break-dancing, and a purple zebra-striped motorcycle appeared with Steve Perry riding it…

  17. yoshigirl123

    I had realized a big tour bus went by that said” Lady Gaga. I immedietly chased the bus down the street all the way to Tokyo, Japan

  18. SpiritFox

    Or is it?
    When my teacher turned into a mutated evil chicken that gave me my REAL test and it was an F!

  19. crazylion

    So I went to my best friend And she decided that we can study her notes yogether at lunch because we have the same class later and then…

  20. starzz33

    a big fat gorrila jumped out of a bush and stoll my backpack and i started screaming and running and every one thought i was wacoo!! then i said its a gorrila and evryone stared right at me. then the gorrila took off his mask and it was my older brother and he gave me my backpack and every one was laghing. but i did really good on my test because when ever i didnt know an answer i thought about what happend earlier. then i got the answer.

  21. fuzzyb20

    justin bieber jumped out of the bushes and married me! i totally forgot about my test and went to move into a hamburger.

  22. Nya

    A huge guy knocked down my homework and then a MONSTER truck ran over it and it got all muuddy and i failed the test!!!!!

  23. jaime456

    ((This is a seriously messed up story. Aren’t you supposed to continue from the sentance before yours?))
    …was staring at me with gleaming, red eyes, that burnt like the ambers of a dim flame. I didn’t know what to do so I…

  24. Bubblemint8

    AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!THE TEACHER!! “Did you study hard for the test?”, the teacher said. Uh Oh what should I say…

  25. Zack Attack101


  26. Anya71

    I was on my way to school, when all of a sudden, my stuff fell down, and I had to pick it up, and then turned around and saw the school cutie staring at me..

  27. DjMackinMack

    A Huge Stuffed Teddy Bear running after me but he had fallen and couldnt get back up but wait a sec I think……

  28. monabellarocker

    a giant monster that looked like a dragon on some dude’s backpack winked at me, and thinking that I was hallucinating I ran at top super speed right into school, yelling “I have Bieber Fever” the whole way and when I finally got to the nurse’s office I walked into the door and fainted.

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