April 5, 2011

NCAA Basketball Tournament Trivia

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Trivia Tuesday:

NCAA Basketball Tournament Trivia Quiz

If you're a basketball fan, chances are you are looking forward to March Madness, leading up to the biggest night in Men's Division I hoops – the NCAA college championship game! The two best teams in the country will face off.

The 2011 tournament started with the best 68 college teams. In an elimination process it came to the best 16 teams. Then came the best 8 teams. Then the Final Four. They were the University of Connecticut, the University of Kentucky, Butler University, and Virginia Commonwealth University. Then the final 2 played each other to determine the national champion.

How well do you know your college hoops? Take our NCAA Basketball Tournament Trivia, and see how many points you rack up!

  1. In what month does all the tournament "madness" kick off?
  2. What are the Final 16 teams playing in the tournament known as?
  3. What are the Final 8 teams known as?
  4. When was the first NCAA championship basketball game?
  5. What team has won the most championship titles ever?
  6. An NBA basketball game is played with 4 twelve-minute quarters. How is a college basketball game played?
  7. What team did Michael Jordan play college hoops for?

So give it your best shot, and rebound here for answers! Ok I'll stop with the puns. Anyhow, let us know your answers in the Comments below.

—Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. ablechorus2

    2.Sweet 16
    3.Elite Eight
    5.UCLA (Eleven)
    6.NCAA is divided in two halves,all being 20 min. long
    7.UNCCH(University of North Carolina on Chapel Hill)

  2. smartchocolate

    2.Sweet Sixteen
    3.Elite Eight
    6.2 halves, 20 min. each
    7.UNC at Chapel Hill

  3. chandler

    I wonder if the Bengals can beet the Steelers I don’t think they can there to bad of a teem to win and steelers lost the Super Bowl I couldn’t Watch the last Qourter it was to bad.So I went to bed and you’ll never gess what I dreamed about I was a player on the Steelers team it wasthe best dream I ever Had.

  4. chandler

    I won my baseball game!!! It rocked till we had to stop playing the news said we had a Tornado wath

  5. Mintybeef

    1. March
    2. Sweet Sixteen
    3. Elite eight???
    5. I THINK it was ULCA.
    6. 2 halves
    7. University of NC.
    Well, UConn won!! Better luck next time, Butler. :-)

  6. cheetahdancer

    So happy UCONN won!!!!
    0. March
    1. Sweet Sixteen
    2. Elite Eight
    3. 1939
    4. UCLA (11)
    5. 2 halves, 20 mintues each
    6. University of North Carolina

  7. TJ

    1. March
    2. Sweet 16
    3. Elite 8
    SORRY! I don’t know thev rest. I’m only a baseball fan. SO LETS GO NEW YORK METS! YANKEES STINK! Uconn and Texas A and M ROCK!

  8. Harrypotterfan101

    1.All the tournament “madness” kicks off in March!
    2.They are known as “Sweet Sixteen”!
    3.They are known as “Elite Eight”!
    4.The first NCAA championship basketball game was in 1939!
    5.The team that won the most champion games were the UCLA (11 games)!
    6.An NCAA game is divided into 2 halves, each 20 minutes long!
    7.Michael Jordan played in The University of North Carolina on Chapel Hill!

  9. SF GIANTS FAN 283855

    1) March
    2) Sweet Sixteen
    3) Elite Eight
    And I don’t know the rest of them sorry I’m only a baseball fan! GO SAN FRANCISCO GIANTS!!

  10. Timothy

    2.Sweet Sixteen
    3.Elite Eight
    4.March 1939
    5.UCLA (11)
    6.2 halves
    7.University of North Carolina

  11. Starrninjarawr

    1. March.
    2. Sweet Sixteen.
    3. Elite Eight.
    4. 1939.
    5. UCLA (11 times).
    6. An NCAA game is divided into two halves, each 20 minutes long.
    7. University of North Carolina on Chapel Hill.

  12. Cam

    Ucon Is the best team and the best won and the best did win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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