April 25, 2013

National Volunteer Week

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BebigBE BIG during National Volunteer Week!

This week is National Volunteer Week, so what better time to discuss how you can make a BIG impact in your community? Service comes in lots of shapes and sizes, and can be as simple as helping your librarian put books back on the shelf, or as BIG as organizing a camp for young people with disabilities. BIG or small, what matters is that you are helping make your community a better place for everyone — and becoming a good citizen at the same time!

Here at Scholastic, we’re often inspired by a very BIG dog . . . Clifford, of course! While we remember him from our earliest reading experiences, what sticks as we get older are his 10 BIG ideas (Share, Play Fair, Have Respect, Be Kind, Work Together, Be Responsible, Be Truthful, Be A Good Friend, Help Others, and Believe in Yourself). They are particularly relevant this week as we think about what it means to serve and volunteer!

Try 1 or several of these ideas in honor of National Volunteer Week:

  1. SHARE: Donate your clothes or toys to a hospital or shelter.  
  2. PLAY FAIR: Make sure that everyone is happy and no one is left out when you play.  
  3. HAVE RESPECT: Show respect for veterans by sending them Thank You cards!
  4. WORK TOGETHER: Organize or contribute to a canned food drive. When everyone puts in a little bit, together you will have a lot of food to donate!  
  5. BE RESPONSIBLE: Volunteer to help plant new seeds or trees in a community garden. These small actions today will have big effects in the future.  
  6. BE TRUTHFUL: Commit to giving a gift or baking some cookies for a local drive to benefit the needy; then, make sure you follow through with your promise!  
  7. BE KIND: Say "please" and "thank you" to everyone.  
  8. BELIEVE IN YOURSELF: Tutor classmates who are struggling in a particular subject. You will help them to not only learn, but to believe in themselves!  
  9. BE A GOOD FRIEND: Adopt a “grandfriend” at a nursing home, and make regularly scheduled visits just to offer company.
  10. HELP OTHERS: Rake leaves, clean the gutter, or wash windows for a senior citizen.

BE BIG this week! And if you have other ideas on how small actions can make a BIG difference, tell us! Enter you BIG service idea in the BE BIG In Your Community Contest for a chance to win $5,000 in grants to make your BIG idea come to life!

  1. joyfulbreeze26

    i will take my volinteering serios so i can help them and those in need.say I! very loud if you want to help people in need and i would be happy if you could say I! ttylxox bybye

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