November 16, 2009

NaNoWriMo Writing Prompt

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Rainbow_penNaNo what? If you missed Carly's post about National Novel Writing Month, then you probably have no idea what I'm talking about. But for all you writers out there (and I know you guys are amazing writers. I've seen your fanfic on the Message Boards!), the goal for NaNoWriMo is to write a novel by the end of November. I have no doubt you can do it. After all, it can be as long or as short as you want! So here are a few suggestions from the NaNoWriMo Young Writers website to get you started. . .

  • Write a story where the character's meal talks to him or her.
  • Write a story where the character has a camera that can take pictures of the future.
  • Write a story where the character has a cute little brain-eating zombie kitten as a pet.
  • Write a story about an unusual afterschool club.

Do you have other ideas for great stories? Tell us in the Comments! What will YOUR next story be about?

Sonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. mushroom ninja

    I dont even know what a NaNo is!! But i have a few story ideas.
    1. A kid that gets dared to get bitten by vampiers
    2. A wolf that can read minds
    Ok thats about all i got!

  2. horsedogwolf

    its almost the end of november, so i probably won’t write a novel. I am writing a story that i hope to get published by xmas, wish me luck!

  3. Aly

    I like magical stuff too. High 5! abc12344
    I started 4 days ago. My dad’s also doing it, but he’s going for 50,000 words, and I’m going for 3,600 cause there’s so little time left! :)

  4. manga eyes

    the 1st idea sounds odd the 2nd how can u have a camera that takes pics. of the future? the 3rd a zombie kitten!?!?!?!the last idea wouldnt the principal no bout a “unusual” afterskool club?-Manga eyes p.s. ur probably gonna say i should answer these ?’s and comments my self in a prompt rite?

  5. tatnai is cool

    OMG what are you talking about in new and smart how wired i just got back from school my 3 year old brother is anoying he wont stop squirming how funny :)

  6. swimmer1297

    I’m already a NaNo user. =) It’s not too hard, you just have to concentrate. These are pretty good prompts though. :D
    Luck to anyone else who’s trying this!

  7. Reashadoodle

    This site seems ok so far but i just started and am still exploring this web stite but i can tell i am realy goinig to like this site.

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