November 18, 2013

Name Your Device Day

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Name Your Device Day

iTouch, iPhone, iPad, tablet, Mac, PC, Kindle . . . chances are you spend time cozying up to your favorite device (that is when you’re not busy with school, family, sports, and a million other things). Well Wednesday, November 20th is officially known as “Name Your PC Day.” We thought we’d make it fun, and change it to “Name Your Device Day.”

C’mon, take the plunge. Let us know what you’d name your device! Or maybe you already have a nickname for your device? Let us know in the Comments below.

BONUS – what’s the device you use the most? Curious Splotters want to know!

—Ratha, STACKS Writer

  1. Johnc833

    Enjoyed examining this, very good stuff, thankyou . While thou livest keep a good tongue in thy head. by William Shakespeare.

  2. catgymnastics173

    Make it Samsung Galaxy Tablet 2. It has so many great apps! And it’s cool. But, I’m pretty sure I use my PC the most.

  3. Amelia.

    I use a bunch, actually. Xbox and PC are what I kind of use the most, though, heh. I have a Dell XPS 15 and an Xbox 360 (I’m getting the Xbox One.) I have an iPhone where I keep all my music (My Chemical Romance, etc.)

  4. opalathena30

    I personally like the tablet. I use more than I use anything else, and it has all of my games and the internet! What can any one else wish for?

  5. dolphincaution10

    I probably use my iPod more than anything else because my iPod has ore music on it than my other devices.

  6. BookAmber28

    My device is my DSI. In fact, every time I begin a new book/book series, I take a picture of it,on my DSI.

  7. ivy

    i call my i pad – the ivy pad its bad- the si bad is already copywrited so………….. i jst go with ivypad

  8. Agentexplorer1

    I have a Samsung Galaxy II Tablet, and I use it the most. It’s one of my best friends, and I’ve had it for a year! My nickname for it has been “The Wise Pad”. I know it may seem lame, but that’s what it is to me!

  9. Nevaeh

    i really would like Name Your Device Day i think its an awesome idea! My favorite devices are iphones , ipads , laptops , galaxy phones and plenty more.

  10. confidentemerald31

    Something really creative, like Tabitha. Something inspiring, because I write a lot on my devices :)

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