April 10, 2009

Naked Brothers Band Members Nat & Alex Wolff Visit!

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Alex and Nat

Some things, just by themselves, are pretty cool. But combine it with something else, and it becomes TOTALLY AWESOME. For instance: Peanut Butter. Jelly. PB+J? TOTALLY AWESOME.

Here’s another example: Nat Wolff=pretty cool. Alex Wolff=pretty cool. Nat+Alex=totally awesome!

Nat and Alex Wolff of Nick’s The Naked Brothers Band paid a visit to Scholastic a few days ago and filmed some videos for The STACKS. Both Nat and Alex were really funny — I LOLed a lot during the taping, and we got plenty of outtakes footage. We’ll be sharing the vids with you soon, so stay tuned to The Splot!

Plus, here’s some more behind-the-scenes scoop:

  • Nat’s cell phone was vibrating nonstop during the shoot, and I heard him mutter, “It’s weird, no one ever calls me.” — Um, I find that hard to believe.
  • Alex recorded a book review of Coraline, and his review was so good that it made his dad want to read the book.
  • Nat came by and introduced himself to me, so I didn’t feel too much like a paparazzi the whole time, snapping photos on my phone.

I’ll be tuning in to watch The Naked Brothers Band movie — I can’t wait to see who Nat takes as his date to the premiere of their movie (within the movie)! And apparently, Alex has discovered he has the ability to predict the future with his hair. Yes, you read that correctly. His hair. I wish I had known before our video session. I should have asked Alex for some hot investment tips . . .

— Nancy, STACKS Staffer

Photo Credit: Lisa Rose/Nickelodeon

  1. jumpstar3

    if i could date one of them it would be nat! he is so cute and the band sounds really good!

  2. kathy

    i love your band sooo much!how much albums have you sold? you guys are the only band i listen to!lol see you later bye

  3. Nirvanaa

    that was funny… I wish I could predict the future with my hair… actually I don’t. Time comes to fast, and Superman’s not there to stop that train (i said this on a message board) speaking in parenthasies of the message board, are you ever tempted to pronounce them “Massage boards”?

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