October 3, 2009

Naked Brothers Band Bloopers and Interview

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Alex and Nat

Way back in April, Nancy was the luckiest STACKS Staffer here, because she got to see IN PERSON the Naked Brothers Band film some videos for Scholastic. But she’s not so lucky any more. Because I got my grubby little hands on the interview and bloopers from the shoot first! Take that Nancy! :P

If you haven’t seen them yet, you should totally check out the videos they filmed for us 1) because the bloopers aren’t nearly as funny if you don’t know what they’re supposed to be saying, and 2) because they are AWESOME. So check out . . .

All in all, a wonderful four minutes. But to get those perfect 4 minutes, The Naked Brothers filmed lots and lots of takes, including almost three minutes of the funniest outtakes you’ve ever seen.

I think my favorite thing about them is the way they remind me of my brother. We don’t have a band. And we’re not on a hit Nickelodeon show, but all you older siblings know that the best thing about being older is picking on your younger sibling. Not in a mean way, just in a funny way. And based on these videos, I would bet Nat agrees.

(NOTE: As an adult, I am required to tell you not to pick on your younger siblings.)

And that hilarious one-upmanship is my favorite thing about the interview they did after filming wrapped (plus they have great taste in books)! Take a read:

Q: So Nat, how old are you now?

Nat: I’m fourteen.

Q: Alex, how old are you?

Alex: I’m eleven.

Q: Tell me why you think reading is important.

Nat: I think because it enhances you so much intellectually and also because it’s always been fun. Also I can’t sleep that well. I can’t fall asleep till late always, I don’t know why.

Alex: He’s an insomniac.

Nat: That’s not true. Insomniac- that’s too intense a word, but now I have a head lamp so I can always read which is good. What do you think Alex, what’s good about reading?

Alex: Alex thinks that it opens your vocabulary big time.

Nat: Yeah. Especially when we have to do so much song writing and lyric writing, poetry. It’s helpful.

Alex: Alex agrees.

Q: Alex, if you could take only one book with you when you go on vacation what would it be? Why?

Alex: I’d bring Coraline because I think that book is awesome. I read that in a day.

Q: Nat, what three books would you recommend to a friend?

Nat: Catcher in the Rye, my favorite book of all time and I love To Kill a Mockingbird which I read in school and when I was Alex’s age, I think fifth grade or fourth grade, I read all the Hardy Boys books and Holes which is a great book.

Catcherintherye   Tokillamockingbird   Holes

Q: If you could be in a movie and play a literary character who would it be?

Nat: That would be so great! Holden Caulfield [from Catcher in the Rye]. That would be fantastic. I think it would be perfect for me. The author is fifty years dead I think.

Q: No he’s still alive.

Nat: No, Salinger’s dead.

Q: I thought he lived up in Vermont?

Nat: Really? This could be embarrassing. We have this on tape! One of us is definitely wrong.

[Carly: I looked it up. He's still alive. He's 90. But he lives in New Hampshire, not Vermont.]

Q: Believe me I’ve been wrong about stuff like this before.

Nat: So have we. We both had a ten dollar argument last night about the stupidest thing: if Bjork was at a concert. I won.

Q: Was she there or not?

Nat: He was saying that she was on the David Letterman show and I was saying that she wasn’t. She ended up not being there.

Alex: And then there was this one time when our friend told this joke and I said he didn’t make up that joke that’s an old joke and he was like, “No it was real. That really happened.” And I was like, “I promise it’s not.” And then I won $20.

Nat: Okay, the one I told was last night and that was like a year ago.

Alex: No it was like two months ago. It was during the tour.

Q: Alex, what literary character would you want to play in a movie?

BudnotbuddyAlex: I don’t know. I would love to be one of the Hardy Boys though. That would be cool. To be one of the Hardy Boys, but they’re older. There’s not many books about- oh Bud, Not Buddy. But I’m not- I’m Caucasian so I don’t know if I can play that part, but mentally I think like that kid. He has rules and things. That’s why I think it’s genius.

Nat: That’s a great question. Because I would love to play a literary character, especially- from a book, because it’s so much more detail and it gives you so much more to work with and so much to do.

Alex: I would also play Harry Potter, even though there already is someone, I would definitely want to play Harry Potter.

Q: Alex, do you remember the very first book you read yourself?

Alex: Yeah, it was yesterday. The very first book was The Cat in the Hat Comes Back. I read it first before I read The Cat in the Hat. Which was kind of stupid. We read it and I thought that that was the first one. My mom saw me with The Cat in the Hat Comes Back. She’s like, “Oh you already read The Cat in the Hat?” I was like, “No, this is the first one.” And those to this day are in my top ten.

Q: Thank you guys I really appreciate it. It was good seeing you again.
Nat: Goodbye!

Alex: Alex says goodbye too.

Do you agree? Aren’t they hilarious and awesome? And what do you think of their favorites? If you have thoughts on Coraline, Holes, or even The Cat in the Hat Comes Back, leave us a comment and let us know!

—Carly H., STACKS Staffer (and HUGE Naked Brothers Band fan!)

Photo Credit: Lisa Rose/Nickelodeon

  1. Heaven B

    I love that blooper video.I mean everone makes mistakes once and a while.Sometimes thier funny and sometimes their stupid.

  2. amber

    do you have a brain teaser our teacher gave us one of your maganize to do for home work please help me get an a instead of a F!please please help me out!!!

  3. mila

    oh my gosh alex you are 11 im 11 too and when i watched the naked brothers band movie you were like 9years old and ive been waiting and waiting for you to turn my age and here it is you were so cute when you were talking about milk in the movie i adore milk too we have so much in common and the biggest thing we have in common is being a little sister or brother cuz i know how nat picks on you any way i love you so so so much

  4. 11monae

    bud not buddy is a very good book because there is a lot of funny parts, and us kids like funny things.

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