July 7, 2014

More What Would You Do If

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what-would-you-do-ifRaining money, an alien invasion, and a 20-gallon ice cream-eating contest. Only on the STACKS!

AquaLadybug7 gave us a What Would You Do If. . . Quiz a few weeks ago and it was awesome. Now she’s back with another one, so think about these questions and give your answers in the Comments.

What would you do if . . .

  1. It rained money?
  2. Your math teacher turned into a werewolf in front of you?
  3. Aliens came to Earth just to see you sing in front of your bedroom mirror?
  4. You ate 20 gallons of ice cream in a contest and you LOST?
  5. You went to school and it turned out to be a holiday and you didn’t know that?
  6. You got horribly pranked by your best friend and worst enemy TOGETHER?

These are awesome questions, right? Send a shout-out on AquaLadybug7′s profile, and visit her on the Reading Buzz Board.

image from kids.scholastic.com— Sonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. Lindsay O.

    If it rained money I would collect the raining money. If my math teacher turned into a werewolf in front of me, I would call the office to say that math is cancelled until the math teacher is human again. If aliens went to planet Earth to see me sing behind my bedroom mirror I would sing behind my bedroom mirror. If I ate 20 gallons of ice cream in a contest and lost I would go home. If I went to school not knowing it was a holiday I would look for help. If I was pranked by my (imaginary,I do not have this) BFF/ worst enemy I would ask him or her to become my worst enemy.

  2. Kylene

    1. I would catch it.
    2. I would be the teacher until somebody finds a potion that can free spells.
    3. I would sing louder to scare them.
    4. I would take the prize away from the winner saying, “This is my prize!”.
    5. I would stay in there having fun, breaking rules, and playing music.
    6. I would ditch my friend until she apologies.

  3. chloe

    I would try and catch all the money and spend it all
    I would run to my friend and we would hug each over
    I would show them all my great talent of singing
    I would run to the toilets and be sick
    I would scream and shout
    I would run to the toilets and cry

  4. Valkyrie C

    Ans to Ques. 1: I would travel around the world and choose England as my new home,settle my life there.
    Ans to Ques.2 : If it’s not a dream, I’ll kill her and make a roasted broast out of her.
    Ans to Ques.3 : Well, I would do something else, instead of singing in front of them .
    Ans to Ques.4 : I would vomit on the face of judges.
    Ans to Ques.5 :Spend alone all my day in the school library.
    Ans to Ques.6 : Never mind, I do not have any Best friend’s like this at all.

  5. cj

    1. catch the money 2.scream 3.laugh at the aleins and probably join them in singing 4. throw up 5.go home and laugh about it the next day 6.be mad, forgive, and explained to them what they did I didn’t really like.

  6. tyrome m

    get a garbage bag the run outside
    pet her and call her mrswolf
    kick there butt
    liked it
    run home
    laugh with them

  7. brandon

    1.i would by games
    2.i would ask her to bite me so i would be a warewolf to
    3.idont sing
    4. i would be fat
    5.i would get so mad
    6.get mad

  8. dylan

    i would go out of school and go home plus i know how to get home even without driving i can walk home

  9. Matt

    1 I would give money to homeless people so they could have a place to stay.
    2 I would tackle the teacher then tell someone to call animal control.
    3 I would say Ive been to space and back and dont judge you do it to.
    4 i will go home and what to digest and eat heathy food.
    5 I would cry at home.
    6 I would be sad and smack them.

  10. Caleb

    1. I would grab all the money and give half to homeless
    2.I would run for my life and call animal control
    3.I would do it and tell them to get lost
    4 I would jump into a pool of sharks or the ocean
    5. I would call my mom and say come pick me up
    6. I would punch a wall and be my best freinds worst enemy and never talk to eather of them ever again

  11. jayden

    it will be a rainy day with no math teacher because she turned into a wolf why lising to alines sing and relax why being sad because i lost run in the halls get beten and be sad

  12. clark

    1. I would grab all the money.
    2. I would run.
    3. I would run for my life.
    4. I would be so mad.
    5.I would be realy mad.
    6. .

  13. daniel

    1 go to hollywood
    2 i wounld ..get scared
    3 it wounld be funny
    4 i willl get mad
    5 i will sad
    6 i wounld turn bake on him and find and a best friend and move on.

  14. Kaylee

    1. I would get alot of money
    2. i would run away
    3. i would scream
    4. i would be mad
    5. i would storm out of school
    6. i would not be there friend

  15. landon

    if i was pranked by my best friend and my worst enamy i would prank them back so hard i would laugh at that same prank for years and if i had kids i would tell them and they would laugh

  16. bearcity32

    1 Use it to buy books of course!
    2 Are you Remus Lupin?
    3 Well I don’t like singing so…..
    4 I love ice cream!!!!!
    5 School’s awesome! Reading!
    6 Hex them if I had a wand but I don’t so Id ask them why they betrayed me!

  17. fashionconfidence68

    1.I would run to my best friends houses only, and tell them what was happening so we could become super rich!!!
    2. Turn into a vampire of course!! :) #twilight
    3.Sing for them so they wouldn’t take my brain out and eat it!!

  18. Winterwonder9300

    1. I would collect the money and invest it in stocks. Then, I would collect some more and donate it to my local hospital.
    2. Run out of the room as fast as I could and call for help.
    3. I would greet them and give them the show they came for.
    4. I would probably never touch ice cream again. Fro-yo from then on!
    5. I would go back home and sleep to my heart’s content!
    6. I would ask for an explanation from my best friend.

  19. hazeafternoon11

    1. Idunno…
    2. I would SCREAM, admire, SCREAM, and then run!
    3. I would tell them “Umm… I don’t sing…” Then they’d probably chase me down or something XD
    4. I would (1. Have a stomachache (2. Go home (3. Tell my brother not to try it DX (6. Probably just… Roll on the floor with a stomachache…
    5. I would do what do what Jenny did in Wayside School XD Wait until a mustache man comes… O.O

  20. crazyplatinum13

    1. Find a BIG bag and fill it with all the money I could catch 2.Run and tell the Principal what happened but not to hurt my Math Teacher 3.I’d do it! 4.Aww! Good thing I LOVE ice cream 5.Oops! I forgot, no school today. I might as well go home 6. Tell an adult and talk to my friend and ask them why did they go to the dark side

  21. gigglyplatinum7

    1) grab all i could
    2) Scream Yes no more math
    3) i would do my whole singing and dancing act
    4) say no way i should have won the eat more ice cream
    5) i would call my mom and tell her she should have told me
    6) i’d laugh and tell my best friend that was awesome and tell my enemy oh there will br revenge just wait

  22. AmberBrown358

    1) Get as much as I can
    2) Run
    3) Scream
    4) I would be ok
    5) Go back home
    6) Laugh

  23. Anonymous

    1. Bring the money for other poor people
    2. Hide
    3. Sing?
    4. Sit and think what I would do
    5. Put it on my calendar
    6. I’d say don’t do that again to my friend. I’d say what on earth do you think your pranking to my enemy.

  24. AQUATIGER357

    1. collect as much as I can.
    2. Run to where there are a lot of people, so even if I get eaten, there will be witnesses.
    3. turn it into a performance
    4. that’s ok, at least I get to eat free ice cream.
    5. go back home
    6. get a new bff

  25. Hira

    1.i’d pick as much as I can
    2.i’d make her a tuna sandwich
    3.i’d invite them 4 breakfast
    4.i’d kick the contest manager in the buns
    5.i’d put up a party at school
    6.i’d laugh

  26. chattyindigo41

    1.GRAB THE MONEY 2.Run 4 my life 3.JUST SING 4 THEM 5. (i dunno) 6. So? Pretend i DID know that

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