April 1, 2009

Monsters vs. Aliens Gets Big Laughs

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MonstersvsaliensWhat if you were hit by a meteorite and suddenly grew to about 50-feet tall? Probably people would run away from you in fear. You would become a social outcast. That’s what happens to Susan Murphy in the new 3-D animated film Monsters vs. Aliens (rated PG).

When Susan becomes a giant, she is locked up in a secret government compound with a group of friendly and strange monsters, and she is given a new name: Ginormica (as in Gi-normous!). When a giant alien robot attacks San Francisco, the U. S. army is unable to defeat it. So, the President of the United States decides to send in the monsters!

While watching Monsters vs. Aliens 3-D, I couldn’t help but flinch. Objects on the screen looked like they are coming right at you. I must say that it was the best 3-D animation that I’ve ever seen!

Although the characters are based on scary monster movies from the 1950′s, the monsters in this movie are funny, loveable, and entertaining. I spoke to Seth Rogen, who is the voice of Bob (a blue one-eyed, gelatin-like creature), about his character.

“I wish I was that funny in real life!” he said. Honestly, his one-eyed monster stole the show.

ReesewitherspoonandkidreporterReese Witherspoon, who lends her voice to Susan/Ginormica told Scholastic News that the best part of making the movies was, “getting to take my kids to a movie I’m in and having them think I’m actually cool.”

The film isn’t just about monsters and aliens, however. It is about the challenges people face when they are different from other people. Kiefer Sutherland, the voice of General W.R. Monger, told Scholastic News that he wanted to be a part of the movie because as a child, he was different from other kids and that scared him.

Many kids find it difficult to be different, he said. “What I liked about this movie,” he explained, “is that it taught children and young people that it was all right to be different.”

When watching the movie, however, viewers will not be overwhelmed by message. Monsters vs. Aliens is a hilarious film with great 3-D technology. Period.

— Mariam El Hasan, Scholastic News Kid Reporter

Photos: Kid Reporter Mariam El Hasan with Reese Witherspoon, one of the stars who lend their voice to the new animated movie Monsters vs. Aliens 3D. (Photo courtesy Mariam El Hasan)
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