October 23, 2012

Monster Personality Quiz Results

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HalloweenPersonality Quiz: What Kind of Monster Are You?

Last week we gave you the Monster Personality Quiz questions. This week, we reveal your results! Read on to find out what kind of monster you are. . .

Mostly A's: VAMPIRE 
Congratulations! You are a vampire! You sleep in a coffin by day and haunt the night. You have a pale, white complexion, and people are always telling you that you should get more sun. (If only you could! You would burn to ashes if you did.) When you look in the mirror, you have no reflection. Legend has it that you live on blood alone. And watch out for anyone with a wooden stake, because that is the only thing that can kill you! You love going to Halloween parties . . . because you can just be yourself.

Mostly B's: WEREWOLF

Congratulations! You are a werewolf! You are usually in human form, but when there’s a full moon, watch out because this is when you transform into a werewolf. You also may transform when you get super angry, super sad, or if there is a vampire around. Vampires and werewolves are immortal enemies. You have long hair and sharp teeth, and love to howl at the moon! You prefer to hang out in the cold, dark woods (or air conditioned rooms) because your body temperature is always hot.

Mostly C's: ZOMBIE

Congratulations! You are a zombie! You are actually dead (undead, technically), although you don’t like it when people keep reminding you of that. You have pale grey skin, and shuffle and moan a lot. You like to hunt people and try to eat their brains. You feel no pain, and sometimes lose body parts without even realizing it. The only way to destroy you is to go after your brain.

Mostly D's: EVIL ALIEN 
Congratulations! You are an evil alien! You have superior intelligence and advanced body capabilities. You may look like a robot, or giant insect, or have an upside-down triangle shaped head with huge, glowing eyeballs. You don’t require oxygen to survive, hence your ability to travel in outer space. You would have lots of friends if you weren’t always trying to destroy humans and take over their planet!

Mostly E's: SLIMY BLOB

Congratulations! You are a slimy blob! You have one eyeball and look like a giant amoeba (made of jello). Some people would say you were cute if you weren’t so . . . well, gross. You live in a swamp, or any other dark, slimy, gooey environment. Your formless body changes shape and grows larger whenever you suck up a new victim. All it takes is for a tiny part of your slime to touch someone, and you are able to instantly suction and devour him or her. And you are always hungry!

I hope you enjoy your monster personalities and use them to scare your friends and family this Halloween!

— Ratha, Stacks Writer

  1. purplewizard50

    WooHoo! Vampire! I luv ya Dracula!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Marisa

    Im gonna be a vampire.
    Lace up gloves
    skull tights
    red and black wig
    vampire dress with bat medallion
    and, last but not least, my stylish black boots!

  3. Marisa

    Wait? I didn’t get to take the test! I’d hate to be a slimy bob, evil alien, or zombie. They don’t have good wits.

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