January 7, 2009

Meggie’s Declaration

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Inkheart_poster_130Inkheart Movie Song

I suppose if you can read stuff out of books, it should be no surprise that you can sing well, too. So when I heard the star of the Inkheart movie sing a tune from the soundtrack, I wasn’t exactly shocked.

Sixteen-year-old Eliza Bennett, who plays Meggie, belts out “My Declaration,” which is basically her character’s anthem about growing up, being fearless, and kicking a little Capricorn butt. And she’s got a fantastic voice — though we’ve heard nothing about plans to go into the music biz.

Check out the video right now.

Oh yeah, and the best part? The video is filled with clips from the movie, including lots with Meggie and Farid. And Farid is WAY cuter than I pictured while reading the book. Totally crush-worthy. Though if you’ve read all three Ink-trilogy books by Cornelia Funke, then you know that at the end of the series . . . oh, never mind. I don’t want to spoil it!

— Jessica, Scholastic Staffer

Video and poster courtesty of New Line Cinema

  1. swimangel101

    i loved this book and im in the middle of reading the 2nd 1!!! if any1 knows where 2 get this song downloaded plz tell me cause i luv it!!!

  2. Emy910

    Awesome.I just got Inkheart book and can’t wait to read it (hopefully before movie comes out) :)

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