September 15, 2009

Meg Cabot’s Stage Fright

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Meg-Cabot_c_Ali-Smith Just like Allie, my class put on a play with a royal lead. I was DYING to play the part of the princess. But it went to my classmate Meera (who now stars in musicals professionally— so I guess she was pretty good, even though she was only 9)! I was stuck playing the princess’s best friend! I was so mad.

AllieFinkle_book4 But my mom and friends convinced me that there are no small parts. . . only small actors! So I played the best princess’s best friend I could. I was REALLY nervous. . . especially since, right before I went out on stage. . . my front tooth fell out! I was sure I was going to be awful (or lose my tooth and not be able to get money from the tooth fairy).

But neither thing happened. Everything went great, and we all got a huge standing ovation. And years later, in high school, I actually beat Meera to get the lead in our high school musical. She’s the one who went on to be an acting star though. . . I decided I loved WRITING the stories better than starring in them. And we both lived happily ever after.

Me dressing up Fifties-style in high school!

— Meg Cabot, Author

Meg Cabot author photo at top left © Ali Smith

  1. megan

    you are an awsome writer. sometimes I picture my self as allie frinkle. I go to a christian school and was wondering if you could make an appearance at my school. It would B awsome.

  2. funnycheering

    I love acting, and I can’t wait until the children’s theater comes to our school again! I’ve been practicing acting and I hope I get casted at all! I haven’t been casted yet, so I’ll just try until I succeed! Even if I succeed in my last year of high school! LOL

  3. Chrisya

    YOUR BOOKS IS SO COOL!!! Allie is a very good character! I love it! (sorry, my english isn’t so good) ~FAREWELL TILL THE NEXT BOOK~ May God bless u, always…>.<

  4. Ana35


  5. bonjovi333

    oh my gosh I absolutely love meg cabot!I can’t wait until next year when the new airhead book comes out I am counting the days!! I also can’t belive that I’m on the fifth book of the mediator series!!

  6. Sabrina

    I read the book,and it was amazing!! I want to be an author that writes slighly fictional biographies.

  7. Emma

    I love your series!! My parents approve of them too!! And just to ask:How many Allie Finkle books are there going to be???

  8. basketballer34

    I just started the second book today and am on page twenty six. I started reading your books a while after seeing them everywhere including my school library. So I started to read and I thought it was genius.

  9. basketballer34

    you are an awesome writer. Sometimes I picture my self as Allie Finkle. I would love to meet U some Time. I go to a christian school and was wondering if you could come to my school. It would B awesome.

  10. Cidee

    I love your books– or should i say i’d love to have one! fave author though never read any… But i will alright… I WILL! You rock!

  11. Ronesha

    omg,your books are super great i love them. u are great i love ur books so much i have read all of them so far. i also aks my mom,and dad if they can buy it for me when i first saw it. i am doing a book report on the 3rd book and then i said to myslef i hope she comes out with a book number 4 and here it is i am so happy.. please make a movie to go with the books!

  12. Savy

    I love your books my friend Allie is letting me read her copy of Allie Finkle 4 it is awesome they all were awesome almost my whole grade 5th love your series Is there gonna be a 5th book i have a idea u should do the title as School and Grades and Allie is about to fail a test while Chenneye is acting like she knows everything

  13. ziumh2

    I LOVE YOUR BOOKS MEG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i have the 1,2,and 3 books but i’ve only read the first book

  14. girly27

    I love YOUR books!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I think you are an awesome author. But are you really a princess?????

  15. twilightgirlfan17

    i love teen idol! plz write a sequel! actually, im writing a sequel right now to teen idol! ha! and a ha!

  16. readingstar5

    Great story. It just says,”Try again next time, and you will sucseed!
    Madison (Readingstar5)
    PS. I go on the Allie Finkle Boards!

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