October 7, 2010

Meeting Margaret Peterson Haddix

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Into the Gauntlet

Hi everyone! It seems like ten years ago that I interviewed Margaret Peterson Haddix for THE STACKS. You all helped me prepare for the interview by giving me some awesome questions! Sadly, I couldn’t ask them all. It was really tough to choose only one of your questions, but the final question I chose was submitted by marytonga, who asked:

7191129face If you could meet ANY Cahill, dead or alive, who would you pick?

Margaret was really impressed with that question and I think she had fun answering it.

She is super, super nice and fun, and after the interview, she even autographed 2 copies of Into the Gauntlet for me.

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. courtney

    omg the 39 clues books rule yeah totally love book 3 it was awsome thats some hardcore stuff right there man

  2. linsy

    lol so mayby i dident do all that stuff but who cares ttyl but i did go to a taylor swift concert but i don’t like justin bieber

  3. linsy

    hey so ready 2 hear about the concerts well so first me and my famly dorve out to the taylor swift concert and it was so cool the lights and evry body screeming and then after that i went back stage and meet taylor so then i went to a justin biber concert and meet hyim got a lot of autoghraphs well by 4 now

  4. linsy

    hey u gys i just got back from a taylor swift concert and a justin biber concert well tell u more l8r

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