March 1, 2013

Meet Jules!

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Meet Jules: Hollywood’s Next Little-Big Star!

Dear Everyone in the Whole Entire World,

Usually my lists are for my eyes only, which means they usually end up in a recycling bin or sitting underneath my bulldog, Ugly Otis, catching his drool. But since someone asked me to write one of my lists to introduce myself to you, I am already feeling distracted picturing all of you all over everywhere reading it. So, I am going to pretend this is a regular old list for my teacher Ms. Leon’s free-writing time and NOT a list for the whole entire world to see.

Now, should it be a list of ways I will get the new girl at my school, Elinor of London, to be my new best friend? Or maybe a list of the different smells that make me giggle? (And yes, one of them is my ex-best friend Charlotte Stinkytown’s rosemary anti-lice conditioner.)

Oh, wait, I have it:
Things I mostly do NOT worry about (this will be short)
by Jules Bloom

  1. I do not worry about my little brother, Big Henry, since he can handle anything as long as he’s got a scooter and some dinosaurs rain boots.
  2. I do not worry about my parents because they have reasonable explanations for EVERYTHING, even astrology.
  3. I do not worry about Ms. Leon because, as second-grade teachers go, she just plain wins—best accent, nicest, smartest, most fashionable.

That’s it. The list of things I maybe do worry about are covered in drool right now, but they include pretty much everything else—especially whether or not you’ll like me, because maybe unlike me, you LOVE orange-flavored things, and you HATE worms, and maybe you think Teddy Lichtenstein and I really are meant to be. I forgive you for that one, because I like you so much already! So fingers-triple-crossed, you will like me, too. (And Big Henry and Elinor and my parents and Grandma Gilda and yes, even Stinkytown…)

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If you’ve read the first book, see also the sequels: Starring Jules (in Drama-rama)Starring Jules (Super-Secret Spy Girl), and Starring Jules (Third Grade Debut).

  1. janie

    This is a wonderful book for kids 6-12… my 7 yr old son loved it! Beth Ain did a wonderful job at capturing the voices, and personas of the Jules Bloom, family and friends to develop an exciting and fun series for kids to read on their own or for parents to read with them.

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