January 29, 2010

Meet Annabeth from The Lightning Thief Movie

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Pjato_130 OK, people, the Percy Jackson movie is just 2 weeks away. The Lightning Thief (rated PG) is coming to theaters on February 12. Yay!! Between now and then, we will be bringing you interviews with some of the cast. . . starting with. . . Annabeth played by the 23-year-old actress, Alexandra Daddario. I know, Annabeth is only supposed to be 12-years-old in the book, but we have to remember what author, Rick Riordan says: “Try to enjoy the story without getting too worked up about any differences.” (For more on that subject, read our movie vs. book comparison.) So for right now, let’s meet Alex with an open mind, ok?

Q: Were you a fan of the Percy Jackson books before you were cast?

Alexandra: I actually had not heard of them before the audition. I read the first book before my screen test and loved it. I’m glad that I got introduced to them because they’re amazing.

Q: Do you have a favorite character besides your own in the books?

Alexandra: My character’s pretty great. I mean Percy is of course a great character. Poseidon is a great character as well. The gods are very interesting and the great thing about Greek mythology is the gods make mistakes, they’re more human. So they do mischievous things and they have arguments and get jealous. So some of the gods are very interesting, Ares especially. In the movie he’s a very fun character.

Q: What’s the best memory that you’re going to take away with you after this experience?

Alexandra: There’s a lot. This movie completely changed my life in a great way. It’s a once in a lifetime movie and working with some of the greatest people that you can work with. Chris Columbus [the director] is amazing. So many wonderful actors. Besides learning so much, from all the different people I got to work with, it was just a really fun experience. The sets are huge and epic, the visual effects are incredible and when you make a movie like this, the movie is so fun and we had so much fun making it just because we had so much wonderful stuff to work with.

Q: There are absolutely die hard fans of this. Did you feel any pressure about living up to their ideas of your character?

Alexandra: Not really. I hope — I take that back. I do in that I hope that I do the character justice. I love the character — I love Annabeth. I had a lot of fun playing her and I think that people will be happy when they see the movie even though it is different in some ways than the book. I think that Chris has made a really really great film even with the changes and I hope that I’ve done the character justice and I hope that people love her as much as I do.

Q: How would you describe Annabeth?

Alexandra: She is a great combination of strength and weakness I think which is interesting because what you see her as at first is just very tough and very strong, and you start to see that she has this sweetness and this weakness underneath that. Which I think everybody does. So even though she’s half god, she’s also very human and that makes her a lot of fun to play because you get to be really [tough] and do awesome sword fighting and jumping out of trees and archery, and then you also get to play the soft sweet side of her that misses her mother and is struggling to be happy just like everyone else.

Q: If you woke up one morning and you were a demigod, what would you do?
I don’t know. I guess I got to experience everything that a demigod would get to experience just by doing this movie — sword fighting and wearing armor and running through the woods and stuff like that. I can’t imagine. I mean I’d love to go to Olympus, to really see real Olympus. And meet the gods in person.

Percy_jackson_armor Q: Did you do a lot of your own stunts?

Alexandra: Yeah. When I first got there I sort of — I’m not that awesome in real life so you’re a little intimidated at first. “Can I pull all this off?” But once you get into it and the people that I got to work with, the stunt people were really incredible, you get exactly the right tips and tricks and I think I pulled it off. It becomes a lot of fun after a while.

Q: What was the most difficult scene to film?

Alexandra: A lot of times when you have an ensemble cast like this, there are scenes where the movie is so huge and there is so much other stuff going on as far as visual effects and sets and shot set-ups and things like that so sometimes there’s not much to do. Even if you’re in a scene you might not have lines or you might just be in the background. That’s actually the most difficult to do, just spend a day where you’re standing there or doing one thing and not really getting to do much.

Q: Was there a favorite scene or a favorite costume?

Alexandra: I loved doing the stunt stuff. We went up to Lake Alouette in Vancouver and we filmed right on the lake and it was just beautiful. It was a beautiful summer day and I had this scene where I basically fight off five guys and we’re all dressed in armor — of course in real life I never would have been able to win that particular fight but we choreographed it wonderfully and it was a lot of fun. You get to just dress up in this great armor and kick butt all day. So it was a lot of fun.

Q: How heavy was this armor?

Alexandra: Not that heavy. It didn’t have a lot of metal on it or anything. It was a little bit tight at times but it looked awesome.

Percy_jackson_group Q: When you think of Brandon and Logan [the actors who play Grover and Percy], what is the first thing that comes to your mind?

Alexandra: They’re funny. I actually am a very lucky girl. Working with Logan and Brandon was a lot of fun. They are great actors, very focused, very talented and they’re very lighthearted so they find humor in a lot of things. So it’s a very awesome experience to work with them.

Q: Is there an obstacle in your life that you have had to work to overcome?

Alexandra: Well there’s so many actually. I mean there’s just so many things. No matter how difficult something may seem at the time, if you stay positive and look forward and work hard, you will achieve whatever your dreams are I think. I worked very hard to be an actress and sometimes it was very hard and you get rejected a lot and you go for long periods of time without working and then all of a sudden something comes along that can really change your life that is exactly what you always wanted. It doesn’t mean that everything becomes perfect, but as long as you work hard and don’t get discouraged if there’s something you want or believe in. My nerves, I mean a million times I was so nervous I literally used to get panic attacks. Especially on screen tests. My first screen test I was seventeen and I flew out to L.A. and I went into the room to read for a TV pilot and it was like an audience of network executives and I had a panic attack and couldn’t breathe and I didn’t get the part, needless to say and I was very upset and very discouraged. Sometimes things happen that can teach you. You make a mistake and you learn from it and then you don’t make it the next time. And then my next screen test was a lot better, because you learn to think differently so that you don’t have a panic attack in the audition room.

Doesn’t she sound so nice? Completely humble and sweet. And I like that she totally respects how awesome Annabeth is. Age difference aside, I think she will make a great Annabeth. What do you think? Let me know in the Comments.

And be sure to come back next week ’cause we got interviews with Grover and Percy too!

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Interview by Marie Morreale
Photos courtesy of 20th Century Fox

  1. Dude dude dude

    I like both but Percy and annabeth should be older in the book and it should be more alike it shows way too much drama between annabeth and Percy that should hold of til the third and Luke should be with Thalia (thuke & percabeth)

  2. ceci

    sorry alexandra, I don’t think you’re right for annabeth. I’d rather have some blond, twelve year old play her. ):
    I really tried to like the movie but i really didn’t.

  3. Luke

    I really loved the series and I loved the movie.I can’t wait until The Sea Of Monsters comes out.I think Annabeth is my favorite character.It really didn’t really bother me that in the movie Annabeth has brown hair,and in the book Annabeth has blonde hair.I really just liked the movie and series because both movie and books are just too good for words.

  4. Eunice

    oh my! you can’t make a movie the sea of monster yet! you have to make like this here it gose………
    glover can’t get in troble!you need ooooppppps! sorry I can’t think about it. well I know in the last olympians it’s ….no! WHY DID YOU AND ANNABETH kissed!

  5. Eunice

    Percy! I know you have a lots of girlfriend bla bla bla bla bla! And you sing bad! He he he he! bla bla bla bla bla bla bla! Ha ha ha ha ha ha ahhhhhhhhhhhh!

  6. Cherrybelle Rocks!♥

    Please don’t be dissappionted you guys! Annabeth is Annabeth…I know she’s supposed to be blonde but wouldn’t a brown-headed girl like Alex look better than a blonde? Alex is so pretty it doesn’t matter if she doesn’t have blonde hair…you can’t try to make her dye her hair and she can’t help it her natural hair isn’t the same in the book…IIII wish I had hair like Alex even though she’s not blonde.

  7. flapnforjoy

    i mean, really? a 23 year old brunette playing annabeth, who is supposed to be a 12 year old girl with blonde curly hair? really? and a black guy for grover, who is white and has brown curly hair?i mean , come on. and for percy, some random 17 year old who is definetly not the one to play percy. i loved the series. it is totally awesome. but the movie producers totally ruined it!i am so mad!

  8. koala

    Well, the movie didn’t exactly match my dreams, but it was still really good. Rick Riordan even said that he hasn’t even seen the movie. He wants to stay with his imagination.

  9. Annie

    I think Alex would be a great actor for Annabeth. I mean, have you ever seen someone with blond hair and gray eyes? If you have then good for you.And would you want the person to play Annabeth to be really young and hasen’t been a actress for that long yet?I would rather have someone that dosen’t even look like Annabeth than someone that does and do a really bad job acting Annabeth. I wish Alexandra all the luck playing Annabeth.

  10. Gella1596

    I watched the movie now and a big thumbs up to Alexandra Daddario, Logan Lerman, Brandon Jackson and other casts. The movie was really great!!! And by the way, Age doesn’t matter for Alexandra Daddario. Even if she’s already 24, it doesn’t mean she couldn’t be Annabeth Chase. Alex did a great job. I hope they would finish the book until The Last Olympian. More cheers to the movie and books!!!!!!

  11. Lilliey


  12. Hunter

    Don’t like the books are you kidding Lukas. I still wish them to make more percy movies but there were AlOT of changes. Not to spoil but it looked like luke die at end of movie. still great though. thanks percyj99.
    P.S. did not think about age diff. ;)
    P.S.S. I love the series 2.

  13. olivia

    Answer this for me. what the heck are they gonna do for the second movie? they never mentioned kronos, luke died, and persephone doesn’t live with hades in the summer. duh. I know no one cares about my opinion because i live in wisconsin, and am too “POOR” to matter, but some people had good chances of being in the movies that are the right ages, and there dream was crushed because 20 year olds got the part. Tell chris columbus to get it right, and good luck making the other movies, because you guys will be too old.

  14. Luka

    Annabeth looks AWESOME.
    I hate her as a blonde, it sounds really stupid.
    And I saw the movie. I think that Alex being 23 is actually a nice touch for the movie, because it gives Annabeth a more slender look, and more appealing to Percy. XD
    And who cares about the hair color?~ Like I said I love her as a Brunette!
    Alex, don’t let the haters get you down! You are an amazing Annabeth/Actor!

  15. sydney

    Okay will evryone just take a deep breath in… and out. Good! now honestly think, ‘Would Alexandra Daddairo look good with blonde hair?’ The answer is ‘No’. And I saw the movie and LOVED it! love the scene where Annabeth first distracts Percy then totally kicks his butt.

  16. yareli

    Ok it dosnt really matter what there name is. what he said
    There are only two things i don’t like about her. 1. Annabeth has blonde hair in the book and it will really bother me to watch the movie and not see the Annabeth that i expected to see. 2. She is really old. So are the other main characters. This movie might turn out a great movie even though it is different from the book or a huge disapointmant from me and everyone else who had the characters and the whole movie pictured out in our heads. Thats my opinion.

  17. Surfrockgirl

    The movie rocks! I saw a screening and it was so cool. It’s different from the books so you might like it !=)

  18. uptown_angelxx

    ..you could have at least made an effort! First of all she’s supposed to be BLONDE. second whoever said she doesnt look 23 she looks 15 who cares, she’s SUPPOSED to be 12. And whoever plays rover looks like a grown man! seriously. they could have done better.

  19. bob

    u look NOTHING like she is supposed to!AND u r supposed to look like a tomboy! WHY DON’T YOU DYE YOUR HAIR BLONDE?

  20. Kari

    i think the movie will be great. of course, there are many noticable mistakes but i think that’s alright.

  21. Emma

    The movie looks sooooo good and they are playing 17 year olds (which i think is the perfect age) not 23 year olds. I think Alex is perfect for the part, she and logan look perfect together! And so what if they werent supposed to kiss until the 4th movie they are diff. things one is a book and one is a movie! And why doesn’t anyone complain about logan he is way older to!

  22. moviewatcher

    Not much room to follow up with the other books…
    You missed your audience of young readers by casting High School students. It might make a great movie but my kid cringe every time the trailers come on and say “Annabeth is supposed to have blond curly hair”. It won’t keep us away from the theater but the movie better be good enough to keep our nagging thoughts of miscasting from over shadowing the experience.

  23. Emily

    I think this movie is going to be great! I dont think it matters that she is 23 or that Brandon is black. I think they are great for the parts!By the way shes not playing a 23 year old she is playing a 17 year old.

  24. Laura

    Yeah, Annabeth is supposed to be 12 and have curly blond hair, but you know what, as long as she is like the character Annabeth and the story is right, I don’t see why it’s a big deal. :)
    But they did a good job with Percy. Honestly, in the books he acts more like a 10 year old then an almost 13 year old. It seems to be better in the movie.

  25. Dim

    I don’t care about the age difference, i just can’t wait to see the MOVIE!! Be happy they Made a movie, Alexandra Daddario is my Favorite actress and Logan Lerman is my favorite actor! If you were a true fan, ignore what’s different and just relax! I CANNOT WAIT!! I’ve been asking ALL my friends and neighbors to watch the movie! I think they’re getting REALLY annoyed! I KNOW ITS GOING TO BE AWESOME!!!

  26. hhviolet

    mirlan_moon_knight4789 u shoul go for you dreams. Im 11 and I want to audition forBianca di Angelo. But I am just wondering is thi movie going to work?

  27. iread2u2

    Interesting. I’ll have to read the books. I liked Logan Lerman in Hoot, so this should be good.

  28. hhviolet

    u shoudnt be discouraged. If you are tall and your parents approve(duh) then I think u would have a good chance. I want to try out for Bianca di Angelo and I am 11too!

  29. Olga

    ARRRRGGGGGHHHHH! Annabeth and Percy are going to kiss? Thats not supposed to happen until the 4th book!!!! And Annabeth is supposed to have blond hair!!! I totally agree with you Leslie.

  30. 80's my little pony

    I love this series! I am also a major horse lover! my friends and i plan to see it when it comes out.

  31. cavyheart

    Looks like the movie is going to be majorly different from the book, but like it’ll be good in its own right. I’m definitely still excited to see it. :)
    And for all who are pointing fingers at the director for casting actors who are so much older than the original characters, look different, etc, it’s not the director’s choice. It’s the casting directors and sometimes the producers. I agree that I was really surprised to see how old the actors were, and I was a little annoyed when Annabeth had brown hair, but all movies are different from the books they’re based off of.
    I don’t know… I guess I’ve just sort of come to expect it, you know?
    I’d like to wish the cast and crew of the Lightning Thief an awesome opening weekend… I can’t wait to finally see the movie!

  32. Victoria

    23 years old?! Oh, so they think a 12 year old couldn’t do all those stunts? And they could at least put a blond wig on her!! Come on! And are they going to have a teen play Nico, who is SUPPOSED to be ten? If they make Nico that old, ugh!!!

  33. Rachel

    I am really looking forward to this movie, although I had hopes that they would recast Annabeth and Grover. They just don’t seem like they fit the character very well. When I read the books, i had a vision in my mind. I knew that they couldn’t fit the characters to my visual of them, but they should have at least followed the books descriptions! Annabeth is supposed to be 12 YEARS OLD, not 23!! She also has brunette hair instead of blonde, I am disappointed in the casting directors, and hopefully they change that if they make a 2nd movie.

  34. s

    I can’t wait to see the movie. I’m reading the book in language arts, it is so cool. I’m really not into reading much but this book got me thinking.

  35. lilyfan101

    okay i was a little upset about her not having blond hair but i think she’ll do great as annabeth. I mean seriously she may be 23 but she looks 15. I just hope her and percy dont kiss in this movie cuz their not supposed to kiss till the forth book! Other than that everything is good and i cant wait to see the movie!

  36. Jessy

    I liked the books…Really…I love the books but the cast…Just dissapointing..Sorry but it’s true…I just agree with Leslie…

  37. AJ

    I hope their going to make a sequel all the kids at my school hope so too but there angry at the choice of actors. I mean, it was a great choice but maybe they can make it a little more like the book. But i’m cool with it. ***POSSIBLE SPOILER***: And BTW Annabeth and Percy aren’t supposed to go out until like the 4th or 5th book.

  38. Dani

    I’ve never read the books but now I feel rlly left out! I haven’t read that great of books since I finished the Harry Potter series! I want to read the book before I see the movie because it seems REALLY good!

  39. wolfsong11

    she doesn’t look 23 anyway and also the harry potter peoples are older too ( i know not as much) but who cares???? complain about how bad it is compared to the book after you see the movie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Thats my rant for today thank you very much

  40. carissa

    Annabeth looks nothing like you in the books and that is nothing like Grover I have read all the books I maen people should read the sieres before the make the movie I bet the movie will stink

  41. manga eyes

    before i thought alex was a horrible choice for annabeth but after reading this i think she is way more than a perfect fit for this part she could even be annabeth in real life!!!

  42. Stephanie

    At first I was like, “Annabeth is 12 and Alexandra is 23? Whats up with that?” But I realize that Alex fits the part: Sweet, Smooth, and very much human on the inside. And for everyone who cares about what color her hair is? I think she looks better as a Brunette anyways. Who cares about her age? It’s not like she’s PLAYING a 23 year old, she only is one. Overall, there are just a few chhanges from the book.

  43. PercyJacksonLover!

    Well its A bad Idea To Have Older Character For the role…. dont get me wrong i love logan and brandon and maybe alexadra but what if they make the 2nd or the third movie ! they will even look more older and i dont think the story plot will fit to the book you kno

  44. Dana

    There are so many things “wrong” with this movie.
    I don’t want to be mean.
    I personally think the book is so much better, because you can imagine Percy or Annabeth.
    In the movie the characters are already “made” for you.
    It’s like saying; “Here you go, here’s your characters imagine them like this.”.
    I also think that these actors are a little bit to old. But you’re not going to have a 12 year old play in a movie like this. I’m pretty sure no 12 year old has the potential to act at such age.But otherwise, I think the movie will be HUGE!

  45. awesomeness

    first of all the characters in the book and movie, they have different ages. in the movie they’re 16 so actually the actors’ ages are just fine… as for her hair… do you think she’d look good blonde? and it doesn’t matter at all it will still be awesome! :D

  46. Rachel :)

    When books turn into a movie, that means they are truly great books right? If The Lighning Thief was such a good book, why is there ANY need to change it? I would really like to know Chris Columbus. I would really like to know.

  47. M.S.champ3

    I am only on the second book and I LOVE!!! this serise! but annabethis supost to be blond, grover dosen’t look like I pictured him in the book, they are all supost to be in grade going to grade seven. I think the books will be alot better then the movie.last year, when i was in grade five we leaned about the gods, It was so fun!!!I wish I could be the child of a god!Ok back to the movie, I think they keep making the books into movies(even though the books are ALOT better)with the right characters with the right looks and ages.

  48. Dustfingers fire

    Who cares about the age difference if it doesn’t show in the movie? I seiriously think you guys should give her a chance, she seems really nice and its cool how she respects the character she’s playing. :) I’m soo excited!

  49. Dustfingers fire

    Woah, at first I wasn’t too happy with her playing Annabeth but after this interview she seems really nice and I think she’ll make a great Annabeth!

  50. d

    the people who are saying things because the girl who plays anabeth is to old ( who is extremly pretty) will do fine. the movie will be better when their older.

  51. Lukas

    SOME (2) people here seem like they really like the books, but may not really like the movie, no offense, but I don”t really like the series, but I may like the movie,
    we’ll have to see about that. ‘:(

  52. Leslie

    I’m super disappointed! Well first of all they are suppposed to be twelve and in middle school! NOT in High School and Annabeth is supposed to have blond hair! Not brown! And they’re not supposed to kiss until the 4th book! And Poseidon is supposed to have BLACK hair! Not dirty blond! But I’m still gonna watch the movie! Honestly I think they should recast a lot of people but I like Logan Lerman as Percy! :) Sorry about my complaints but they are true!

  53. percyj99

    I agree with mirialin_moon_knight4789,103mintchocolatechip, h, and Crystal about Annabeth, but we all have to remember what Rick Riordan said,”Try to enjoy the story without getting too worked up about any differences.”. I also agree with Hunter and Uma.
    I <3 Percy!!!
    P.S. Uma you accidentally spelled is *si*. :)

  54. blueberrybook

    Wow, now I’m really upset. Not to be offensive(if you are reading this Alex I’m not criticizing you,I bet you’re a really great carator) but Alex looks nothing like Annabeth. Annabeth has curly blond hair and Alex has straight long brown hair. I’m not really worried about the age differance, they use makeup to make her look younger anyways. And same with someone else here, I really want to play Thia in the third book but I don’t think I would be good with that roll. I’d rather be Olivia if and when they make Midnight for Charlie Bone, I look exactly like her and I’m the same age! Yippe! I wonder when they’re going to do aditions, if anyone knows can they tell me?

  55. karmiahh

    Yay!! Alexandra sounds great for Annabeth. I’m really glad that they’ve aged up the characters for the movie. It makes the story make a lot more sense and it makes sense for the actors to be older. And I think Alexandra can pull off Annabeth, but that’s me being really optimistic! :)

  56. Grandesong

    I love Annabeth! She is my favorite character! (Other than Nico!) At first I was
    bugged that they had someone who was 23 playing Annabeth, but I think she can pull it off.

  57. TwinkieBlinkie

    She may be likeable and amiable and humble and all, and a very nice person. But really, she’s not Annabeth. It’s like the director looked at all the people he auditioned (if he auditioned any, seems like he spun around and put his finger on a random picture) and chose the person the least like Annabeth. I can see the Brandon playing Grover and Logan playing Percy but I can’t see her playing a young 12-year-old girl. It’s not her fault, but now Annabeth in the movie has really dissapointed me. It’s like casting Cho Chang in Harry Potter with Lindsey Lohan from Mean Girls, it just doesn’t work.

  58. Abbie

    The movie previews are so awesome!!! If the previews are awesome than I’m sure that the movie will be the best ever!!!:)

  59. biblomania123

    Why does Percy always have his hood up? in all the trailers i have seen he has a hood on. just wondering if anyone noticed that:)

  60. Hunter

    3 things.Logan’s going to be great at Percy. Can i play as Nico di angelo if they make a third movie? and i remember their older/younger than the character only when I’m not watching the movie:)!!

  61. Crystal

    Logan Lerman is 18… She’s 23… there aren’t any 12 year old actors anymore? :( I hope that the movie isn’t too messed up; I love and am obsessed with the series, and I would hate for it to not be brought to justice.

  62. eminem

    OMG i cannot wait 4 that movie 2 come out i am soooo excited in my reading class we r studing mythology!!!!!!!

  63. 103mintchocolatechip

    I can’t wait for the movie, but I don’t like the actors. Annabeth is blond, and Grover dosen’t look right. The only decent actor is Percy’s charater:)

  64. mirialin_moon_knight4789

    Okay, I’m going to try not to make this sound offensive, so bear with me.Thanks. I mean, really. Thanks a lot for crushing my hopes.
    Yeah, okay. So the Lightning Theif is a great book. Now, I’m really unsure as to whether I want to see the movie now. But 23 years old? That’s crazy. I wanted to try out to be Thalia in the Titan’s Curse, but now I know their cruel tricks. I’m only eleven. Why should anyone care?

  65. h

    There are only two things i don’t like about her. 1. Annabeth has blonde hair in the book and it will really bother me to watch the movie and not see the Annabeth that i expected to see. 2. She is really old. So are the other main characters. This movie might turn out a great movie even though it is different from the book or a huge disapointmant from me and everyone else who had the characters and the whole movie pictured out in our heads. Thats my opinion.

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