May 28, 2014

May Books of the Month

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Kids’ Favorite Books this Month!

Do y’all know what time it is? Oh yeah! It’s BOOKS OF THE MONTH time!!! Not gonna lie: this is easily my favorite post every month. I can’t wait to find out what books you guys are reading and to get your recommendations!

At the end of April we asked you to share what books you were reading. Then we made a word cloud so we could see which titles were most popular. This month saw some surprising new contenders for the top spot. You Wings of Fire fans really came out in support! Check out the results below:

May Books of the Month

We’ll be doing this again for next month, so show your favorite new (or not-so-new!) book title some love and tell us what you’re reading right now. Leave the name of the book (or books!) in the Comments section below. Can’t wait to see which title reigns supreme in June!

Till next month,

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  1. ChorusArtistic19

    39 clues is my favorite books! I am reading ‘a king’s Ransom’ by Jude Watson. SO COOL!!!

  2. laylah

    Rowan of Rin is an amazing series the first book may start a little borng but, if you Give it a chance I am absolutely sure you will LOVE it.
    If this book/ series was a movie I know I would give it 5 stars and two big thumbs up!!!!!!!!
    P.S Rowan of Rin is a fantasy book!

  3. electricitydelightful8

    i really like the percy jackson series but i kind of think it is a copy of harry potter. does anyone else agree?

  4. seekerartistic10

    -Killer Pizza
    -Percy Jackson
    -Heroes of Olympus
    -Kane Chronicals

  5. Parisa

    Harry Potter series, Percy Jackson , Diary of a Wimpy Kid and especially The Dork Diaries!

  6. Prachiti

    The Harry Potter Series
    The Hunger Games Trilogy (teens)
    The Fault In Our Stars (teens)

  7. rattlesnakebird29

    I LOVE THE HUNGER GAMES! They are my favorite trilogy next to the Divergent series.

  8. duskangel100

    -My Life with the Walter Boys by Ali Novak
    -Ruby Red by Kerstin Gier
    -Sora’s Quest by T.L. Shreffler

    These are ALL really good fast paced books, but Sora’s Quest outshines them all!!!

  9. lizzie

    I like ever after high,warrior cats ( a lot) ,and I really want to read that kingdom keepers series . Man I love books !

  10. dolphinclub186

    The best books are The Magic Tree House and The Magic School Bus. They are fun and educational. Read those two series book.

  11. volleyballathena14

    I LOVE almost all of those books! Have you read Children of the Lamp, it is the third best series behind Percy Jackson and Heroes of Olympus of course. I’ve read all these books, and I’ve finally found someone else that has read Tuck Everlasting!

  12. volleyballathena14

    Percy Jackson, Hero’s of Olympus, The Kane Chronicals, Children of the Lamp Wait ‘Til Helen Comes, Deep and Dark and Dangerous, Guy’s Read Other Worlds, The Missing Children Series, Wonder, The Revealers, Imperfect Spiral, See you at Harry’s, and MANY, MANY more. In other words, reading is my life this summer.

  13. cassandra

    i like the book stranded 1st because it has an adventure to it and a cliff hanger.
    you never now what will happen next.
    so you will want to keep reading

  14. Gabi

    Ok, Maximum Ride series (Age 12 and up) by James Patterson, Divergent (Grade 9 and up), Gregor the Overlander, and Fang (Grade 6 and up) which is part of Max Ride series!

  15. peekingship14

    Divergent (Teens), The Hunger Games (Age 12 and up), The Lunar Chronicles (Age 12 and up), The Fault in Our Stars (Teens)

  16. yellowlabrador138

    Divergent (Teens), The One (Grade 9 and up), Vampire Academy (Age 12 and up)

  17. Rachel

    Nancy Drew series, Hardy boys series, the royal diaries series, and dear America series

  18. Samantha

    Percy Jackson, Wings of Fire, Kane Chronicles, Son of Sobek, Staff of Serapis, Remarkable, Narnia, Number the Stars, Tuck Everlasting, The Whipping Boy, Bud not Buddy, 39 Clues, A Wrinkle in Time, Heroes of Olympus, The City of Ember, War Horse, The Name of This Book is Secret, and Ginger Pye!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I LOVE books!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. karina

    hunger games (age 12 and up), dork diaries, the fault in our stars (teens), savvy, cinder, and the percy jackson series :)

  20. Grace

    How could you not put “The Children of the Red King” in the book list? In my opinion they are the second best book sees ever. Next to “Harry Potter” of coursed

  21. dreamtimedetermined14

    Awesome! I’m reading Kingdom Keepers, The Kane Chronicles, Infinity Ring, Secret Series, The 39 Clues, A Series of Unfortunate Events, and All The Wrong Questions!

  22. sapphirequest24

    My favorites are A Felicity Mystery: Lady Margaret’s Ghost, Moby Dick, Little Women, Minecraft Handbook, and I Survived Hurricane Katrina. I like a lot of books!

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