June 4, 2010

Marmaduke Movie Answers

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MarmadukeLast month I promised that Marmaduke, the hilarious Great Dane from the new movie also called Marmaduke, will be answering your questions. Well, today is the day! Marmaduke comes out in theaters today, and here at THE STACKS, we have the inside scoop from the movie dog himself. . .

Liz: Hi Marmaduke! I wish I could meet you in person! What is your favorite thing to do and do you like being a movie star?
Hi, there Liz! Thanks for your question! I still enjoy hangin' with my step-bro and all-around cool-cat Carlos and with my human fam', the Winslows. My newest hobby is surfing, which I learned (the hard way!) after moving to Orange County. Being a movie star is a lot of fun; the best part is hearing from fans like you.

Dewdrop208: What is your favorite food?
Hey, Dewdrop, My favorite food is whatever my human fam, the Winslows, are having for dinner that night. But if it's Saturday morning, you gotta love the Debster's waffles.

mirialin_moon_knight4789: Why is your name "Marmaduke?" Why not "Scruffy?"
Great question, MMK! Actually, "Marmaduke" is sort of a compromise name (or: hybrid). When I was a pup, the Winslows couldn't decide between giving me the name "Marmalade" or the name "Duke" – so take half of each name and, presto, I became "Marmaduke." Works better than "Dukemarma," don't you think?

Car Rachelt: Dear Marmaduke, What is it like being a dog? Is it fun? I would like to be a dog for a day. Would you like to be a human? PS. Write back soon please!!!!
Hi, Rachel — thanks for your question. Being a dog is AWESOME, but it also comes with A LOT OF responsibilities – like keeping my human family, the Winslows, in line. I think I'll stick with being a dog because, well, it's just cooler than being human. PS. Was that soon enough?

Aquabubblz: Hey Marmaduke! Do you have any nicknames? Are you afraid of cats?
Hey there, Aquabubblz. Nicknames? Never. Nope. Nobody ever called me Dogzilla, Bigpaw, or Marmasaurus Rex. And afraid of cats? No way! My best pal and "step-bro" is the super-cool cat Carlos, who lives with me and the Winslows in the O.C. (The only thing that scares me about him are his furballs.)

mintchocolatechip100: In the movie, is Marmaduke played by just one dog or a couple different ones? I heard they do that because dogs don't always cooperate. Also, do you like pie?
Greetings Mintchocolatechip. (What a flavorful name!) First, I love pies. Very good question. And second, there were two main dogs that played yours truly. They got along great because they had separate trailers. Also, they're fantastic actors and should start practicing some awards speeches, IMHO.

ICEDEMON96: What is the REAL name of the dog that plays Marmaduke?
Whoa, Icedmon96 – do you really want me to give away Hollywood trade secrets? Well, since it's you who's asking. . . There are two main dogs who play me in the movie, and their names are George and Spirit. I guess my personality is just too big to be played by only one dog. By the way, they are truly gifted actors – they really captured the real me!

author4evr: Marmaduke, what is your favorite thing to do in the whole world?
Author4ever, I've got two words for you: LIVE LARGE. Marmaduke is the name, and having fun is my game. My best times are always with my pal Carlos, and my new friends in The O.C.

Tatyianna: lol! You are soooooo funny & I think you make a lot of $$$$ off of this. How much money did you make acting in this movie?
Hey there, Tatyianna, If by $$$$ you mean bones, let's just say I’m a bone-illionaire now!

Wolfsong11: Do you like cats?
Dear Wolfsong, Some of my best friends are cats. Actually, my best friend IS a cat! Mostly because he looks up to me. Like all normal sized pets.

Lizzy: What's your fave movie? What's your fave chewy toy? If you smell ham, would you go running off the set and getting it?
Dear Mz. Lizzy, My fave movie: is that a trick question? MARMADUKE, of course! Fave chewy toy: I like the super-tough rubber toys – they have to be tough to last after I've gone a few rounds with them! Ham is tough to resist. . . almost impossible. . . ok, yes, I admit it, when ham was in the air, I was there. The nose wants what the nose wants!

NinjaJuice: I dare Marmaduke to act civilized for a day. Can you do it?
Dear NinjaJ, If by being civilized you mean feisty, energetic, mischievous, affectionate, nosy, romantic, even heroic then. . . YES, ABSOLUTELY! DONE!

Uhh. . .I don't think that's what NinjaJuice meant at all, but it still sounds fun. Thanks for answering our questions, Marmaduke!

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

Photos and Marmaduke's answers courtesy of 20th Century Fox

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  1. Katherine

    Omg marmaduke how are you?i want to a dog for one day do you know any dogs that will like to be a human for a day that would switch with me ?well I would really like to be a dog for a day ps take as much time as you need

  2. fireface101

    hi Marmaduke i really really love your movie but do you actually get alone with Bosco out of the movie or are you sworn enemies?

  3. hey basketball

    heyy marmaduke hows it goin how many friends do u have? are the winslows nice 2 u? do u love ur family? i love u marmaduke

  4. Bailey

    hey Marmaduke i love animals so wait if you are a dog you can’t never mind i love dogs bye bye Marmaduke.

  5. girl you don't know

    i really want to go see marmaduke. i hear that it’s really funny and people say that it’s a movie that you would enjoy

  6. just girls


  7. sk8rchick2

    You rock Marmaduke!!! but i had no idea that you are a bone-illionaire! thats so cool lol!! I love you!

  8. bubbles i lve

    i love this movie cant waite 2 see it . and i hope that some one makes a book so i can read it !!!!!!!!

  9. cheersis15

    Marmaduke! OMG you did an incredible job in the movie!!!!! i saw you on saturday june 5, 2010, and this is the best movie i’ve EVER seen!!!!

  10. pretty gurl swag

    i really wnt to see diz movie it iz very funni i sen half of it but den i wnt to sleep i waz very tired i had a lot of thingz to do.lllloooollllzzzz

  11. Grace

    I saw this movie and it is HILARIOUS!!! I love it! Good luck Marmaduke!!! You are awesome just like the comics!

  12. SoCialLY_iNEpT

    I love Marmaduke! He’s so cute and nice and helpful (even if he ends up making an even bigger mess)! I love dogs all around, but Marmaduke is one of my favorites. (P.S. I loved the movie and I love the comics, too!)

  13. AlexisandDamion4ever

    i just wanted to say good luck to felecia anad dillon i hope you and him say together 4ever

  14. Turtle Man

    hay why would this movie make u cry.isnt post to be funny or something.the movie sounds goo,funny, and i know it want make u cry.

  15. hanna love

    ok……. i just was about to see it!!!!!!!!!!! at the dive in but it rained.but SHOOLS OUT!!!!!!!! i mean out im not going back till auget i think but i got out june 4 so i think i have 4 mounts off !!!!!!

  16. mirialin_moon_knight4789

    The usual shortening of my username. Can I just be called “MMK”? Abbreviations are easier for most.

  17. Juliet

    Hi Im Juliet and I think that Marmaduke is going to be awesome! By the blog, other people’s oppinion, and some commercials this movie is going to be a great movie, it’s going to be funny, and a very entertaining movie! I hope they make a book because normally when they make books of the movie, the books are more detailed. But again that’s just my oppinion. I can only imagine the next “Marmadude Movie”. Anyways I am so glad that summer has begun and that school is over because you know us kids just need a little fun and to have a little break! HAVE A GREAT SUMMER!!!!!!

  18. iloveuk98

    This movie is going to be so good i can not wait. It is going to be the next big movie and it looks so funny!!!