August 16, 2010

Ask an Author: Margaret Peterson Haddix

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Hi guys! I have AMAZING news!! Margaret Peterson Haddix will be coming to Scholastic and I will have a chance to interview her for THE STACKS!!!!!!!! Do I have the best job ever, or what? Yes, I do, but stay with me here, because I need your help.

If you have read Margaret Peterson Haddix’s books, then you understand why I’m so excited. They are AWESOME! If you haven’t read them yet, you should definitely check them out. They are un-put-down-able action-filled page-turners. Read our reviews of Running Out of Time, and Found to see what I mean.

And, of course, Haddix is the author of the final book in The 39 Clues series, Into the Gauntlet, coming out on August 31. 39Clues

But now, coming to the part where I need your help. . . What questions should I ask? What would YOU ask her if you were in my place?

Please help me by writing your questions for Margaret Peterson Haddix in the Comments, and I will choose the best one to ask on August 31 when I interview her. You don’t have to limit yourself to the same old standard questions that authors always get asked. You can think outside the box and be as creative as you want with your questions. Go crazy!

Thanks for your help! (YYEEEEE! squeals in delight)

image from kids.scholastic.comSonja, STACKS Staffer

  1. addicted reader girl

    OH MY GOD!!!! I forgot to tell you guys! The 39 Clues authors are starting a new 39 clues series that is a sequel to Book 10! It’s called “Vespers Rising.” HOW COOL IS THAT?!

  2. addicted reader girl

    I LOVE your books! And I LOVE The 39 Clues!!!!!! Cool! There are “39″ Comments! It’s too bad I have to ruin it though…

  3. posidon7

    i would ask: what or who gave you the idea of being an author? and i absolutely adore your books!!!!!

  4. DorkQueen

    Oh my gosh, I wish I could meet her! She is my absolutely favorite author! Ask her how many books will be in the Missing series. Also, does she plan on writing sequels to any books she already published?

  5. sarahskn

    This is so cool! I love the 39 clues books, and they should totally make a movie out of this!

  6. MacKenzie

    I LOVE the 39 Clues series!!! it is absolutely the best series ever. I think the best question to ask the auhtor is… what really happened to Amy and Dan’s parents? Who started the fire? What does the big picture on the back of the cards mean?

  7. Shayvon

    you should ask her:
    Is she in the middle of writing a book right now?
    What made her want to write books?
    Did you like reading when you little?

  8. Hannah

    I love your books especially the Hidden series. Never read 39 Clues. When looking at it it seems interesting! What is it about and where did you get the idea?

  9. snow_is_awesome

    I would say:
    Was it hard to write Into the Gauntlet?
    Was it fun to write the 10th book?
    And I love your writing!!!

  10. Amy

    I would ask her…
    What inspired you to become a writer?
    Could you give a sneak peek for your latest book?
    Is it fun to be a writer?

  11. need to read

    what do you think about writing the last book in this series. Is it harder or easier to write a book with the plot already thought up for you

  12. mital

    i would love to ask her:
    - If she could give us a little sneak peek at the last book
    -is this the last 39 clues book or will there be another series because Amy and Dan or only half way there

  13. Kiki87

    ask her who she is most like and who her fave character is.tell her i luv her books. and does she have any tips on clue hunting? :) thanks

  14. bibiosamo

    ask her what advice she should give to all the 39 clues readers or ask her if she has an interseting sneak peak to give us all. Or maybe ask her what she thinks about writing book 10 in the 39 clues series, does she like the series?

  15. WinkyGoMoo

    Um, can I rephrase my question?
    What is the weirdest question you’ve ever been asked about your books/writing career.
    Sorry, I’m REALLY braindead right now. X_X

  16. WinkyGoMoo

    WOW! This is AWESOME! Yet another thing to look forward to on the 31st! Let’s see, a question… ah, I got it!
    What is the weirdest question you’ve ever been asked?
    Yeah, I’m kinda braindead right now. But YAAAAAY! ^.^

  17. chaninoodle

    i would ask:
    1)is it harder to write the last book in the series or the first
    2)is it harder or easier to have the characters already written for you
    3)what would you suggest your other readers to read besides your books

  18. Alison

    I loove her books! Here’s what I would ask:
    How do you get your ideas for books?
    Are you nervous anymore when you give something to your editor?
    What advice do you have for a writer that can never seem to finish a story?

  19. Maryssa

    I love her 1st book i have not read the second book and i am dying to read it, it looks awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. bibliomania123

    I love her books!!! I would ask:
    How do you pick such interesting topics for your books and how do you get ideas for stories?
    What is the first thing you do when you know you want to write a book about a certain thing?
    Would you ever want to write a graphic novel? (I just was wondering and I think she would be good at it.)
    What kind of things do you like to read?
    What advice would you give to someone who is haveing trouble actuly getting the stroy down on paper and what motivation do you use to help yourself?

  21. asas47

    heres some questions:
    out of all the books you have written what one is your favorite?
    do you like being the author of the last book of the 39 clues?
    could you give us a little sneek peak about what the last book is about?

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